You must watch 5 movies to get into the Halloween spirit

As the leaves change colors and fall and smoke rises from their burning piles into the air, a hint is missing or perhaps this is what your next door neighbor is doing. Regardless, Fall and All Hallows Eve is a good time, well, a horror time. Bad pun aside here, there’s a mix of movies you can watch to get in the spirit. Viewer beware… You may be in for some real fears.


We all grew up knowing not to talk to strangers, to look both ways before crossing the street, never leave your drink alone and never go down to a dark and scary basement. And we all know not to say “I’ll be right back” after dark. Or go somewhere, especially going down the stairs alone, when the lights suddenly go out even if you’re not in a horror movie. What was said,

I went to Barbarian thinking it was the usual horror movie. It begins with a supposed booking error that results in Tess (Gorgina Campbell, Krypton) sharing an Airbnb with Keith, (Bill Skarsgård, It). To be honest, I’ve done everything, well, almost everything, most people including myself, would do in the same situation. In response to my question, Campbell said, “I feel like when you watch it, I hope there are many moments that you can sort of live with, like you’re almost in an Air B&B with her.” And trust me he does but then

I found the movie to have more twists and turns by the Pacific Coast Highway – just when you think you know where it’s headed, you don’t. This movie made me constantly go “wait what?” He leads the audience through many emotional moments where you feel comfortable only until the story takes another turn.

But to be fair when I asked star Justin Long (he’s not with you) who plays AJ, what the audience should be prepared for he said “Elizabeth, well, they should be willing to totally live up to their expectations and be cool, eerily surprised.”

It is currently in theaters.

terrifying 2

I have not personally seen this movie but I personally know the directors who have praised it more than once for the sheer horror found in Terrifier 2 as well as the horror of Art the clown. If that wasn’t enough to include her in this piece, she landed on Stephen King’s radar! It is now in theaters.

The end of Halloween

This article would be remiss if you failed to mention the end of Halloween. By far past the last girl and screaming queen, Jamie Lee Curtis is back to finish what her character, Laurie Strode, started in the 1980s for what is purported to be the final chapter of Michael Myers. This is a promise we’ve seen before. However, given its predecessor last year – Halloween Kills, which is available on HBO Max, it looks like Michael’s sister will (hopefully) get the last thing, let’s just hope Michael stays forever.

It is now in theaters.

werewolf at night

If you are a fan of Supernatural, this might interest you. It’s about who will own the bloodstone, the stone that helps “hunters” to kill monsters. But this is where the comparisons more or less end. This Marvel feature will once again have you guessing who’s chasing who and possibly even making you go “Huh – so there are people with more dysfunctional families than mine.” This special is a mixture of suspense rather than horror that swings with comic and heart-warming moments despite the bloodletting going on. Moreover, there is no need to leave your home! You can stream it on Disney+.

hocus pocus 2

We’ve all grown up in Hocus Pocus and their spells but there may be some new wizards in town. Aside from the Sanderson sisters and a short homage to directors brothers Gary and Penny Marshall, none of the original cast has returned. It takes a similar direction to the original, but in this new one someone really wants the witches back. So they use someone else to light the black flame candle. Disney+ not only has Hocus Pocus 2 but the original Hocus Pocus as well as the Halloween 25th Anniversary from 2018. All of the above makes for a great Halloween movie marathon. You can stream them all on Disney+.

Whether you’re looking for some spooky scares or a little Hocus Pocus, there’s a Halloween movie for you! Have you seen this? Did we miss a favorite? Let’s know! But be warned, it could be a bunch of Hocus Pocus movie magic and some of these can leave you with some nightmares and some laughs.


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