Why you should not miss this psychological horror movie

2022 has been an excellent year for horror. From barbaric to me The end of HalloweenAnd the Scream to me Terrifying 2Horror fans have had their fair share of creepy flicks to write home about. But one movie managed to make audiences uncomfortable without getting into killer emotions the entire time it ran: smiling. Continuation of the short film Laura did not sleep by Parker Finn, smiling It follows Rose Cotter, a psychiatrist who witnesses an unstable patient take her own life. The event unleashes a series of disturbing apparitions that lead Rose to question her own sanity, or the supernatural power behind what she is seeing. clever and chilling, smiling Not just another horror movie. It is a commentary on the things that linger in people. Here’s how smiling Deep wounds.

Today’s movie

Scary opening

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Horror films are famous for reeling audiences with their frightening openings. smiling It delivers with a scene that results in an amazing experience while setting the tone of the movie just right. Takes place immediately after the events laura did not sleep, Laura is brought to the psychiatric ward where Rose works. Rose tries to calm Laura about her apparent nervous breakdown, causing Laura to go into detail about what she is seeing. As Laura goes into a panic, Rose calls for help only to witness Laura brutally taking her own life – the scene then pairs with the opening title, smiling. This graphic landscape is hit even harder by Laura’s shifting emotional phases – she is restless, helpless, terrified, and finally unshaken.

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Psychological regression

Smile 2022
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Blood and gore excels at making squeamish audiences curl up in their seats as they watch helpless characters fall at the hands of a killer – but the exploration of the human psyche is an equally effective way to unnerve audiences. Laura’s death is only the beginning of Rose’s ordeal as she immediately begins to see what Laura saw – threatening and smiling in the image of everyone around her from her co-workers and her therapist to her closest family. Rose begins to question her own sanity and tries to justify the apparitions through logic – possibly being stressed by everything going on in her life.

While it’s deductive that this is the product of a supernatural event (it’s a horror movie), the narrative lends itself to Rose as a potentially unreliable narrator; She turns from a professional into a mentally tortured person. The opening shot of the film shows a young Rose caring for her mother while the woman is surrounded by medication, implying that Rose and her sister allude to mental illness throughout the film. At several points throughout the film, viewers can ask themselves, “What if it was all in Rose’s head?”


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Trauma is a major theme in smiling. Rose became a psychiatrist to deal with her own unaddressed issues related to her mother’s death, particularly memories of her mental illness. The film’s climax has Rose secluding herself in her abandoned childhood home to avoid passing the curse on to someone when her time comes; This self-imposed isolation forces Rose to deal with her trauma. In a continuation of the film’s opening flashback, it is revealed that Rose’s mother immediately regretted her decision to commit suicide and begged a young Rose for help. Overwhelmed by her mother’s illness and its effects on their family, Rose is of no help. With no one around to show themselves as such, the curse turns on Rose’s mother and attacks her. The curse itself is a metaphor for a variety of traumas passed from person to person. In Rose’s case, that trauma was personified as her deceased mother.

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complex characters

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Every major character in smiling Complex. Rose endures childhood trauma but finds comfort in helping those who struggle with their own trauma, either due to mental illness or the circumstances of their lives. Her sister, Holly, is a detached and shallow person, but she deals with the emotional aftermath of breaking up with an abusive mother in order to live a better life. Rose’s fiancé, Trevor, tries to support Rose through her ordeal but proves that he is neither equipped for nor wants to. Rose’s ex-boyfriend, Joel, is supportive of Rose and goes against his work ethic to help her. Rose’s mother is not necessarily evil, but rather a victim of her own mental illness and lack of a proper support system. And Laura, the film’s opening victim, is one of the most complex characters introduced.

During her brief screen time, Laura reflects on the consequences of a traumatized person; Once a promising graduate student, Laura quickly descends into chaos with no one able to help her. Whether on screen in every scene or for a few minutes, each character is brimming with depth and a match for audiences. smiling deep wounds because trauma is adaptive; Everyone has dealt with a traumatic experience that has lasted a short time or a lifetime.

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