Why don’t the Broncos go to a playoff after farewell week?

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Farewell week came at a perfect time for the Broncos. He fell after eight games, as close to the mid-point of the season 17 games. It arrived after a flight to London, which gave the team the opportunity to recover from two nine-hour flights. This happened after the win, allowing Denver to enjoy his time instead of lamenting the loss.

These are the easy reasons to find out. But the truth is, farewell week has provided the perfect time for reflection. It allowed Broncos to recharge, reassemble, and reset.

Hopefully this will include some self-assessment. It’s clear that Denver needs to improve a lot of its operations. They are the most sanctioned team in the NFL. They have one of the lowest scoring offenses in the league. Obviously, they need to adjust their plan.

It’s hard to do in the middle of a season, especially a season that has seen as many strange weeks as the Broncos during the first eight weeks. They had short weeks after the Monday night and Thursday night matches, as well as travel associated with the trip to London. There wasn’t much time to make quick changes.

But farewell week is the perfect opportunity to make those adjustments. The break provides the breathing space needed to figure out what needs to be fixed, as well as come up with a plan to correct these issues.

If the Broncos don’t make any changes, and if they maintain the “status quo” as they used to under Nathaniel Hackett, this will be a missed golden opportunity. Not only would they have missed a goodbye, but they would have bet on the remainder of the season.

Denver sits at 3-5, which is a disappointing record by eight games. But things are not as bad as they seem.

There is no such thing as a moral triumph, but assessing how the losses occurred provides a reality check. It provides a roadmap for how to turn losses into gains.

The Broncos don’t give up 50 points each week and blow up. Quite the contrary. Through the first eight matches, the team is constantly playing in single-class matches. They frequently participate in competitions of up to a play or two.

Losing opening night in Seattle? That was two goal-line plows, something that hadn’t happened since 1987 in the NFL, and a 64-yard field goal that barely missed.

Defeat in Las Vegas? The Broncos were about to take control of that match before Melvin Gordon put the ball to the ground and give the Conquerors a chance to land and score which swayed the momentum.

The inexplicable loss of Indianapolis? Five hits on goal range in the second half netted a total of three points, in a game Denver lost three times in overtime.

A second straight defeat in overtime, this time in Los Angeles? The Chargers won without taking their first loss in the overtime period after Montreal Washington put down a penalty kick.

What is the loss for New York? That was a seven-point setback for the darn good Gates side with Brett Rebian in the middle.

In other words, Broncos can easily be 4-4, 5-3 or 6-2. They play coin flip games, but they get it wrong often.

Over the course of 17 games, playing this type of football should result in an 8-9 or 9-8 score. This means that the Broncos go 5-4 or 6-3 after the farewell.

Is this possible? Well, a weekend of watching the rest of the league offers a simple answer: why not?

It’s my cycle where anything can happen on any Sunday. The planes won the bills. The Lions beat the Packers. It’s crazy. every week.

Thus, there is no game in the Broncos’ schedule that it is impossible for them to win. Not one.

The Giants are a one-trick pony, even with Ryan Tanehill in the quarterback. Raiders go around the cesspool. The leopards have already made the hunt this season.

Cardinals are not very good. Rams have major Super Bowl hangovers. And chargers don’t scare anyone.

Those are six matches to be won there. The Broncos also plays the Chiefs twice and in The Ravens. If they manage to steal one of those games, exceeding 0.500 is very realistic.

And if Denver can get to that point, there’s no reason why they can’t win a playoff. Currently, there are nine teams that have winning records in the AFC. In order to get a place like no other, the Broncos will need to track down planes, dolphins, Patriots, Bengals, and Chargers; These are the five non-division top teams currently on their way. These teams will have their share of the struggle in the long run.

Is it possible? Well, this is debatable. But the answer will become clear really quickly.

If the Broncos can find a way to beat the Titans on Sunday, they’ll be back in the mix. If they lose and fall to 3-6, they are probably in a very big hole.

Thus, the Tennessee game is the turning point of the season. It’s the game that everything depends on.

Which brings everything back to farewell week. Did the Broncos make the necessary adjustments to correct the things that hit them during their first eight games?

If so, they could save their season. If not, they would probably be toast and Hackett would be a one-time head coach.

With the Broncos back in action, we hope they make good use of their time.



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