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Universal’s publicity machine is quickly gaining momentum ahead of the December release of the highly anticipated film for Super Mario game franchise, possibly as a prequel to the Nintendo Cinematic Universe. It’s a good time to watch video game movies with HBO Max’s Mortal Kombat box office record last April, which has a sequel currently in development, and what appears to be the second installment in a series sonic the hedgehog The films premiere early next month.

New, animation Super Mario Bros. The movie still lacks a title, but what it doesn’t lack are popular stars. with The Avengers Alum Chris Pratt voices Mario and Anya Taylor-Joy (Poor disguiseAnd the Queen’s maneuver(as Princess Peach, Charlie Day)It’s always sunny in PhiladelphiaAnd the lego movie) like Luigi, and the ever-reliable Jack Black as Bowser, Universal has certainly succeeded in attracting some of Hollywood’s biggest hitters to the project.

Today’s movie

Plot details are kept tight, however Mario Lovers will have a good idea of ​​what to include and what not to include in their December extravaganza.

Don’t change the main characters

Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Buena Vista Pictures

This isn’t the first time New York’s most famous plumber has appeared on the silver screen. The former film seemed a sure bet on paper when it was released in 1993. Bob Hoskins then enjoyed a career high after stellar performances in Who framed Roger Rabbit? (1998) and Hook (1991), playing Mario with John Leguizamo (when they see usAnd the The Mandalorian) as Luigi, and Dennis Hopper as King Koba.

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What went wrong with the movie was the liberties he took with the main characters. Whereas King Koopa was a turtle-like creature prominently known in video games, Hopper played a creepy gang leader, albeit with some rudimentary prosthetics — sort of the prototype for the paranoid Deacon he would go on to play two years later in the Kevin saga. Costner water world. Even worse, instead of including Princess Peach from the original game as an icon for the two main characters, the game makers decided to introduce Princess Daisy instead. Princess Daisy was a relatively new character known only to Nintendo Game Boy users and players of the critically panned NES spin-off. Mario open golf game. Samantha Mathis, who will quickly move on to better things (How to make an american quiltAnd the American Psycho), performs competent work of a one-dimensional character. However, it’s hard not to conclude that Daisy would have made a more compelling title role.

Expand the universe but don’t change the hypothesis

Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Buena Vista Pictures

in sky fall (2012), the character of Naomie Harris is eventually revealed to be none other than Moneypenny, M’s usually office-bound secretary and Bond’s boss in the earlier films. Why not make her a field agent? virtual drum head In the Warranty Movies of the 60’s and 70’s, makers sky fall no one. He didn’t contradict any character’s background background by creating one of their own. The Moneypenny case is an excellent example of how the introduction of a story element can be changed in a sympathetic way.

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A more productive way forward for video game adaptations is to expand the universe instead. The My voice The film manages to do this with aplomb, setting the action in the fictional town of Green Hills, Montana, in an affectionate nod to the original game, but more importantly placing Sonic’s blistering speed, ring-collecting, and Jim Carrey-obsessed Dr. Robotnik at the center of the game. plot. In other words, all the usual ingredients for My voice The game was there, but in an area that allowed them to develop and grow. Again, makers Mario The film would do better to avoid the mistakes of the 1993 production, which set the action in Dinohattan rather than the familiar surroundings of the Mushroom Kingdom and made Mario and Luigi actual plumbers in a bizarre hub that didn’t endear the movie to fans. The new movie would benefit from focusing on developing the Marioverse rather than changing it wholesale.

Get the right tone

Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Walt Disney Studios

If Mario is known for anything, it’s his joy and happiness in gaming. And while the 1993 movie did this well, it was also a tad awkward in tone, oscillating between family-friendly thrills and bawdy humor. Among the scenes that felt powerful and out of place were Bob Hoskins burying his face in the lap of Big Bertha (Francesca P. Roberts) and Dennis Hopper, who gasped at the fixed script change, proposing to Daisy. Positioning the film more strictly as directed at children should avoid such pitfalls and allow the likes of the characters to come to the fore.

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