What is more important in a good slasher?

While horror fans disagree about what kinds of movies they like best, with some preferring “high-pitched horror” and others like slasher horror, there’s another debate to be had: whether the kills or characters matter most in a slasher movie. It’s easy to say that without the bad guys racking up body counts, it wouldn’t have been so wobbly at all… but it’s also possible to say that audiences need people to care about or that the movie isn’t worth writing home about.

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In the end, while horror fans will always remember the creative kills found in their favorite movies, it’s the good character development that’s most impressive and important. The characters in these films are what people remember most.

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The Halloween And the Scream The franchises are perfect examples of how characters matter more than killing in a slasher movie. Scream And the Halloween The show traces final girls Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), which is one reason they’re such memorable characters. But the movies also introduce other memorable characters who make these stories what they really are.

Gina Ortega holding a phone and shouting Tara Carpenter's name in Scream (2022)

Horror fans don’t necessarily like it Halloween (2018) and there are problems with Halloween killsAnd the which was released in 2021, but it’s still exciting to learn more about Laurie’s family. Karen Nelson (Judy Greer) and her daughter Allison (Andy Machak) are kind and intelligent, and they deal with what happened between Laurie and Michael Myers in different ways. Karen agrees not to talk about this horror, but Alison is tired of lying and pretending and ignoring the truth. These new characters make this new trilogy worth watching, even if there’s a lot of fan criticism.

While there is the question of whether scream 6 It will feature so many characters, the fifth movie does a good job of introducing new characters who are fun, smart, and add something to the franchise. deaths in Scream Movies are only meaningful because of the people you know the audience. The best example of this is Tatum Riley (Rose McGowan). When Ghostface traps her in a garage door, it’s arguably the most memorable death in the entire franchise, but that’s only because of Tatum’s sense of humor and impressive sense of self.

funniest Fate The death scenes also prove that the character is king. When Ashlyn Halperin (Crystal Lowe) and Ashley Freund (Chelan Simmons) die by tanning bed, it’s terrifying to watch, but memorable because the characters are uptight and hilarious otherwise. The deaths make an impact because fans of the franchise know that the characters try to cheat death but they just can’t. In this case, both the character development and the overarching story are why fans love the movies.

Katie Stevens looks frightened as Harper in the 2019 horror film Hunt

While the big franchises prove that audiences need to care deeply about the characters and that’s why they come back time and time again, some of the other pieces make that point as well. Underrated horror movie haunt Katie Stevens stars as Harper, who remembers the terrible trauma of growing up in an abusive home. While there are plenty of murders in this movie, with sadistic killers wearing horrible masks that make them look like deformed clowns, it’s Harper who makes the biggest impression. Harper is one last girl who unfortunately isn’t talked about, but she has to be who she is to stand up to the killers in an incredible way.

Harper She deserves so much credit for gathering all the strength she could and finding a way to get through a truly miserable and terrifying moment in her life. If the movie focused on killing and didn’t develop Harper, it would feel like a dud. When asked if the characters or the killings matter more, all fans have to do is think of the worst teen horror movies, many of which are slasher films. With shadowy characters who don’t have much going on, it’s impossible to remember much about the story, even if there’s a lot of killing involved.

The horrifying The movies might seem like the exception here, because they’re exceptionally bloody and the killing might seem to matter more than anything else here. But the villain is a solid character, proving that this will always be more important. clown art from horrifying He is a memorable villain due to his totally evil looks and personality. While the other characters in horrifying (2016) and Terrifying 2 (2022) may not be quite as fleshed out as some other slasher films, Art The Clown lives up to its level. horrifying Noun.

While horror fans will always talk about killings that are particularly gory, there’s something to be said for creating intelligent, sexy characters with interesting lives that keep fans rewatching certain horror movies over and over again.

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