What do critics and viewers say about Marvel’s werewolf at night?

For the first time since it all began, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Indulge in horror with her new movie werewolf at night, And it’s Halloween too. Based on a story from Marvel Comics, the story begins with the gathering of a secret gang of monster hunters after the death of their leader, Ulysses Bloodstone.

werewolf at night It marks the directorial debut of Michael Giacchino, who is best known in Hollywood for his work as a film author (he won an Oscar for his work in higher). With critics having mixed opinions about projects based on the comics and viewers suffering from superhero fatigue, how did Werewolf by Night teeter between the two?

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The Night Werewolf has been approved by critics

The Marvel Special received an impressive rating of 91% with critics praising Giacchino’s masterful work behind the camera with film-authority.com writing it, and San Francisco referring to the special as “an hour of pure cinematic delight.” On the other hand, some also believe that while Jiashino’s direction could have been better, werewolf at night It works, though.

“It’s not always a cohesive mixture, swinging wildly from really rich and impressive in one moment to purposely tacky in the next, and I would say Giacchino and cinematographer Zoe White could have pushed the aesthetic extremes even further,” The Hollywood Reporter Writes.

“However, if you take everything werewolf at night As proof of concept that the Disney+/Marvel brand could include this crazy corner of the comic canon, it works.”

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At the same time, many would agree that it’s a fun addition to one’s Halloween fun collection. “The groups are back in the old ’30s, and the black streak of humor made this an irresistible viewing for Halloween season,” San Jose Mercury News wrote.

“It’s something Giacchino wanted to do, and Marvel gets the benefit of putting her name on the list of fun for adults to do, once the kids are asleep,” Movies and Shakers said. “We think Werewolf by Night is the perfect new addition to the Halloween-watching tradition. Spooky and spirited fun!”

Viewers’ opinions about the werewolf at night are mostly positive

Remarkably, the film’s audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 92 percent, and while some viewers claimed the special was a bit boring, most thought it was one of the most interesting MCU releases to date.

“Different than any other show so far, and it was really good,” one reviewer wrote. Another pointed out that werewolf at night It’s a welcome respite from the standard MCU superhero movies and shows.

“This kind of variety is what every Marvel fan wants to see. We don’t always need the bubble-comedy Marvel has been throwing at us,” wrote one reviewer. werewolf at night. The vision and guidance of this was top notch, and I hope Marvel takes note of that. We want more of this less than they were throwing out.”

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Another user also wrote, “Best thing coming out of Marvel for a while. They were really slacking like crazy and I was surprised at how good that was! Bloodier and more interesting than anything they did in Phase 4. Highly recommend if you enjoy horror.”

One viewer also wrote: “I came to it with an open mind expecting it to be an hour and forget Marvel has been out for a while on Disney+.”

“Instead, I found a short story with a strong horror character with some strong character moments.” Meanwhile, one user summed up the whole thing simply by writing “perfect in all the weird ways”.

How does a night-time werewolf communicate with the MCU? Viewers may have an idea

While it seems so werewolf at night It’s meant to be a standalone project (it’s Halloween special, after all), and it didn’t stop fans from trying to connect the dots. For example, there is a theory that the movie is related to a recently introduced hero and character coming from the MCU.

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One Redditor pointed out that “there is a huge supernatural aspect to a greater marvel.” “This monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone (think Van Helsing) appears alongside the titular character, and what appears to be the first appearance of Man-Thing. Blade and Moon Knight are both part of this supernatural aspect.”

At the same time, critics may have gotten to grips with Marvel’s potential plans to bring more characters from this world into the MCU. As Empire magazine noted, werewolf at night “Hints to the Business of a Greater Beast to Come.” Meanwhile, JoBLo Movie Network wrote that the film “ignites a new direction for the MCU that opens up a lot of possibilities.”

So far, however, Marvel isn’t saying anything about a sequel or even a possible appearance of Elsa within the MCU. For now, just enjoy the special.

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