Westen Champlin prepares his classic Ford Bronco to find a big foot

The stronghold The Bronco is one of the most popular off-road vehicles in the world, both in its classic form and in its modern form that has caused a lot of hype. Classic Broncos are still incredibly capable machines despite their age, and they actually respond well to mods. Maybe better than you think. So much so that YouTuber Westen Champlin has gone ahead and built his own classic Ford Bronco to take on some of the fiercest off-road challenges ever.

Champlin himself is from Kansas, and his Instagram bio says he has a PhD in thrust and is all about Redneck Science. At the beginning of this last video, he talks about how he bought his Ford Bronco and decided to take it “a little off-road.” It definitely wasn’t lightly what he really meant, but we digressed. Champlin wants to modify the truck a little more, so when he’s traveling across the country with it, he’s more prepared for the rough terrain you’ll encounter. In fact, he wants to be good enough to go find Bigfoot.

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There are a lot of promotions to go on to the Broncos. First of all, a six-inch lift kit is run on the Bronco, and they will weld the rear differential as well. Next steps will include new Beadlock wheels, 35-inch tires and a winch as well. Then do a montage where they struggled to remove some old parts. It certainly didn’t take them two days of ways to get the old goodies out of the car. Fast forward a couple of days later, and we see an interesting design.

Pull off the Bronco’s very unusual look with just the new front wheels while the rear stays low. So before Champlin and his team climbed into the back of the car, they did a few tweaks with the car with the original rear wheels and new, larger front wheels and tires. Champlain is a bit puzzled as to why anyone would willingly do this with their car. Then we get an eerie sight of Champlain driving this half-lifted Bronco through town and off-road to see if it works at all. In a way, it doesn’t collapse under the stress that puts it through.

Taking Bronco off the beaten track

The Westin Champlain Bronco Front Quarter Width Adjustment for Mud Jump
Via Westen Champlin’s YouTube channel

Amazingly, after taking the Bronco off-road with only half the car lifted, it still worked. Champlin even ran it a jump, more than once, to get a little air under the truck. It didn’t quite work, so he went back to the workshop to try and finish the lift kit. And then we see a slightly curved front axle. It’s not really meant for the front right to point diagonally. So this is another job that you need to do. New lift kit repair.

Some of the big six-inch lift springs are going into the Bronco, and it looks like they can do the work. While trying to weld the differential, they kind of set this part of the car on fire. Not perfect, but the differential is now locked, so move on to the springs and the rest of the lift kit in the Bronco. eBay Motors sponsors this video, hence the new wheels and tires. They arrived within a few days and Champlain and his team threw them on the Broncos.

Ready to go with new Bronco wheels and tires

Westen Champlin modified front quarter view in Bronco
Via Westen Champlin’s YouTube channel

Champlain drove the Bronco straight to an off-road park after the wheels went on. No test, nothing. So there is no pressure, right? Though, Champlain believes in the car, so that’s all that matters. On the trail Champlin goes with a Bronco and well, he definitely does better than you might expect without a test. Although the almost sheer drop and then the absolute steepness are two things Champlain doesn’t trust to take on the Broncos. Especially since the surface is very rocky, very bumpy, and probably not the best for an untested car.

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Proving the skeptics wrong about heroic performance

Westen Champlin A modified front view of the Bronco over the off-road track
Via Westen Champlin’s YouTube channel

Surprisingly, to Champlin and probably many viewers, Bronco goes downhill and then back again on the other side as well. Even with the Bronco, it sways off the hump. It performs similarly to that of its new Corvette off-roader. It’s not a pretty sight from the outside, nor does it look very comfortable. But this untested machine with its new wheels and tires makes it up the hill. After a run, they found that two parts had come out of the Bronco. Despite this, the Broncos seem to have done well on that first effort up the hill.

Source: Westen Champlin YouTube Channel

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