‘We’re laying the groundwork for a lot of people’: Endor creator Tony Gilroy subtly attacks former Star Wars directors for not being ‘brave enough’ to take things to the next level

star Wars is an ever-expanding cinematic universe with so much to uncover and discover that it’s honestly surprising how Lucasfilms hasn’t gone mad with exploring new horizons with the franchise. The original trilogy, along with the trilogies that followed the main timeline, are so vast that they’re kind of intimidating, but the fandom is always, always hungry for more, which in turn gives the creators a lot of incentive and a lot of creative autonomy to work while creating something new from the existing one. , it could be a new movie or a new web series for Disney +.

Andor Creator Tony Gilroy

It should not be an exaggeration to say that this is the reason Star Wars: Endor He dominated the scene with his bold creative choices by creator Tony Gilroy.

And now, it looks like Gilroy is ready to talk about and advise future creators of bold creative decisions they want to make something new and unique in this vast galaxy far, far away, while carefully searching past creators for being sacred. Do something outside the box with their works in the Star Wars Universe.

The Star Wars: Andor Creator wants creators to make even bolder decisions with the franchise

Since the Disney+ OTT platform came onto the scene, there have been dramatic developments in the web series segment, especially with shows related to the MCU and Star Wars franchise. Starting from very popular Mandalorian In the series, Lucasfilms has been pumping out quality content with rapid intensity. despite The Mandalorian It worked, it wasn’t something fans or critics would call unique because it was a PG-13ed version of the Empire ruling over the galaxy, something that obscured the nitty-gritty of reality for everyone’s approval.

Star Wars: Andor, Diego Luna
Star Wars: EndorDiego Luna appears as Cassian Andor

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However, with the arrival star Wars: andor, This content creation rule has been radically changed, and with it great progress has been seen. This was something that could be considered a hack in every sense of the word. Not only have we witnessed a more mature version of the rule of empire, which would depict what tyrannical dictatorship looks like. With so many high-stakes decisions to be made, as well as so much graphic content to take in, it’s no wonder why Andor It easily topped the charts. Tony Gilroy said in an interview with Collider:

“Oh, we’re laying the groundwork for a lot of people who haven’t been able to catch a break trying to change it, or being brave enough, or even what are the odds, like we’ve said before, it’s like taking the Latin Mass out of the Roman Catholic Church in a way What. Once you do that, it’s like, ‘Wow, everything changes.’ Well, what are other people going to do with it? That would be the coolest thing. The coolest thing would be if other people would come in and start taking the next level, or the next road. There’s all The kinds of things you can do with that.”

Previous creators’ Gilroy outbursts were something most would call overbearing or overbearing, but this dig highlights the fact that due to censorship rules, creators had to take a safe approach to making it accessible to audiences. But the next generation was notified of these fossils as well star Wars Creative people should not hesitate to make bold decisions to really make something stand out.

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Why was Andor so successful in the Star Wars film series?

Cassian Andor
Cassian Andor with Jyn Erso in Rogue One

As OG fans of the series may already know, star Wars It was the franchise to take a safer, more accessible approach of toning down the antics to make the films as audience-friendly as possible while caressing the margins of what tyranny on a galactic scale would really look like. Andor On the other hand, he moved on to depict what corruption would look like when something like a dictatorship rules over the masses of an entire galaxy, something fans have been craving for for a long time.

Andor may just be the beginning of a long line of series or movies that will capitalize on this potential, and fans will welcome it with open arms.

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Star Wars: EndorStreaming exclusively on Disney+

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