Weight loss expert Dr. Mohit Bhandari talks about how Allurion designed a scientific method that is making an impact around the world

Blockages and subsequent work from home have led many young people to compromise on their physical activity. The result is an added burden on their body, which they often struggle to shed. While most people wish they could lose it quickly, real success lies in losing weight gradually and steadily. Healthy weight loss is an ongoing lifestyle that includes portion control over meals, healthy eating habits, and regular physical activity.

We all know that losing weight isn’t easy and takes a lot of effort. However, if you’re ready to get started, Allurion is a brand that has designed the right way to help you achieve weight loss and better health. Remember that even modest weight loss of 10 to 15 percent of your total body weight can produce health benefits such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar, among others.

To break this concept better, we spoke to Dr. Mohit Bhandari, a renowned scientific weight loss expert who has helped many people lose weight over the past 15 years. Here, he shares his views on the Allurion weight loss method and its availability in India.


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D.1 There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about weight reduction procedures. What do you think potential consumers should look for before clearing a particular procedure?

Gaining weight due to a sedentary lifestyle and other habits like playing video games, watching movies, eating snacks, and partying with friends is not something anyone wants. To lose those extra pounds, people generally recommend following a regular diet, maintaining an exercise routine, walking, running, swimming, going to the gym, doing yoga, or opting for Ayurvedic treatment or liposuction and surgery. The list is endless and sadly the irony is that different people lose weight differently and none of these methods can guarantee weight loss.

D.2 Tell us how Allurion’s weight loss method is developed and how effective it is in changing the scales?

In 2009, in their second year at Harvard Medical School, Shantanu Gaur and Sammy Levy began rethinking popular perceptions of weight loss. Being a qualified doctor, I really appreciate the innovative thinking they brought. To better understand the travels of overweight people or those struggling with obesity, Shantanu and Sammy did something unusual. They started listening to their patients’ stories and, with that, their product and method continued to evolve and have now been reduced to a simple 15-minute walk-in method. It is now transforming thousands of lives around the world.

D.3 As a weight loss expert, what other steps should a person take to manage their metabolic health?

There are specific steps a person can take to help boost their metabolism to some degree. For example, they should eat more protein, eat a nutritious diet, have an adequate sleep cycle, stay hydrated, exercise, and also pay attention to their fitness.

D.4 Tell us about Allurion’s research and clinical trials on weight loss and metabolic health.

Allurion prepares you for long-term weight loss success. After approximately 16 weeks of adapting the method, numerous clinical studies have shown that patients lose an average of 10-15% of their total body weight. Enhance the metabolic function of the body to initiate weight loss. Allurion has successfully treated more than 80,000 people and has been accepted in 58 countries. It is a weight loss method that claims and has recently made its way to India.

D.5 Can you tell us how you can expect to lose weight through the Allurion Method?

Start with an easy-to-swallow Allurion swallowable capsule, a slightly larger vegan soft capsule that can be taken with the help of a glass of water. Once taken, a simple x-ray is taken to make sure the capsule has reached the correct position. This proprietary capsule is a technological breakthrough that took years of research and hard work to develop. It contains a deflated balloon (made of extremely safe and medical quality materials) and is fixed with a thin catheter, through which water is filled into the balloon. Once filled, the balloon occupies a volume of approximately 550cc in the patient’s stomach. It creates a feeling of fullness and reduces food intake to that extent. Of course, it eliminates hunger and means that people eat less food with meals. The initial BMI to undergo the Allurion Method is 27 and above, with the best results between 27 and 35. And yes, the Allurion balloon degrades within the stomach. In about 16 weeks it deflates and empties automatically, leaving no traces.

Q.6 Can Allurion help maintain metabolic health long after the weight loss method is finished?

The best part of the Allurion method is that it trains the body during the duration of the method so that once the term is over, the body is still trained towards a healthier and better lifestyle. Clinical studies have shown that most people lose 10-15% of their total body weight through the Allurion method in 16 weeks. Up to 95% of weight loss can be sustained for over 12 months after ingestion.

D.7 Tell us about your journey in the field of weight loss and metabolic research.

As a young doctor, I realized that obesity is a disease that also carries several comorbidities. In 2008, I decided to help people who wanted to lose substantial body weight. I am happy to be called one of Asia Pacific’s most experienced bariatric surgeons. I specialize in bariatric, metabolic and robotic surgery. I also perform endoscopic procedures for the same purpose. I am credited with having performed nearly 17,000 bariatric surgeries. I have also introduced endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG), a non-surgical weight loss procedure in India.

Q. 8 Help our readers understand the scientific reasoning behind the Allurion weight loss method.

Unsurprisingly, studies have found that hunger is the driving factor behind diet failure. Dieting is difficult and often affects different aspects of your life, including your social life and relationships. The Allurion method reduces the feeling of hunger during the approximately 16 weeks it is in the stomach, which means you will feel more confident and reduce the risk of overindulging. As the saying goes, it takes three weeks to break or break a habit and then self-control takes over. Allurion gives you the power to take care of yourself.

The method, combined with your health and nutritionist team that supports you, allows you to recalibrate your relationship with food. Allurion is more successful than dieting alone because patients feel less hungry, fuller more quickly after eating, and will not have hunger pangs typically experienced while dieting.

When combined with intensive weight loss strategies, the Allurion method leads to almost 2.5 times more weight loss in 16 weeks than when embarking on an intensive weight loss plan alone. 17% of patients who embarked on intensive weight loss strategies along with the Allurion method achieved weight loss greater than 20% of their total body weight.

Q. 9 Help us understand what weight loss through the Allurion method entails. How does it differ from weight loss surgery?

Allurion is a comprehensive weight loss method that encompasses a combination of various weight loss approaches it advocates. This innovation is a scientifically proven swallowable capsule that is easy to take and helps you shed those stubborn pounds quickly.

Swallowable capsule helps you lose weight as you train your body towards a better lifestyle focused on sustenance. On the other hand, weight loss surgery is an invasive procedure that causes permanent changes in your system to push your body to lose weight by changing the absorption and consumption of food in your body. In my opinion, and as an advice to my patients, bariatric surgery is a last resort.

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