Top 10 magical or supernatural villains yet to make it into the MCU

The final MCU endeavor of 2022 is fast approaching Black Panther: Wakanda Forever And the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Not only the year is ending but also the fourth stage. Many of the following Disney+ movies and shows Avengers: Endgame It led to some mixed reactions from fans and critics with some claiming the content is overdone and rushed, while others celebrate the gritty storytelling and color shifts along with a plethora of fun new characters.

Recently the MCU’s first Halloween special, Werewolf by night Show how the magical and supernatural side of Marvel Comics has matured with possibilities and many fans want to see more. There are some projects we’re looking forward to, like Agatha: A cove of chaos And the code, which could open the door for new, powerful villains to join the likes of Dormammu, Agatha Harkness, and the Hood. As such, these are the main mystical antagonists perfectly suited to the future of the MCU.

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One of the most publicized issues of theorizing during Phase Four concerned the introduction of Mephisto, the delivery demon. It all started with WandaVision And so far, rumors have it that he may finally be playing himself Iron heartplayed by Sacha Baron Cohen – this is just a rumor and an incredible fan error.

Mephisto is one of Marvel Comics’ most prolific villains, having encountered the Avengers, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man frequently. He’s an immortal cosmic being with massive magical powers and would be a great long-running character in the MCU, unlike the one-and-done antagonist. Hopefully, Marvel can put an end to all the rumors and finally bring Mephisto into the MCU soon.

Doctor Doom (Victor Von Doom)

Doctor Doom in the Marvel comics

At the moment, there is only one evil fan who is counting down the days until his introduction – Victor Von Doom aka Dr. Doom. Some believe it will appear at the end Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but this is another case of rumors being taken as fact. However, it is incredibly important until the upcoming projects in Phase VI with Fantastic Four to me Avengers: Secret WarsSo his arrival must be in sight.

Doctor Doom is a very interesting case of magical villains because he is also technology-based, having created many machines and weapons, and uses technology to control them. His special blending of science and magic will be something to watch as his magical abilities are so powerful they could rival Doctor Strange – or in the case of the MCU, Wong – for the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

Amora the witch

Amora the Witch in Marvel Comics

Asgardians are indeed powerful and durable but add magic, and they can be incredibly dangerous. Such is the case for Amora the Enchantress, one of the few key Asgardians still missing from the MCU – even though she looks like Sylvie from Loki They are being prepared to fill their role. However, as the first witch and one of the most prolific villains in Thor, it’s surprising that Amora hasn’t been introduced yet.

Amora is one of the most powerful witches in the comics along with the Scarlet Witch, Morgan Le Fay, and Karnilla, using her powers to oppose Thor and The Avengers on several occasions. She’s a key member of the Master of Evil along with Baron Zemo and is also involved in the origins of Wonder Man, so maybe she’ll play in miracle man.


Chthon snarls from Marvel Comics

Despite its apparent destruction across the multiverse in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessDarkhold may still have a role to play in the MCU. It was first created by the evil god Chthon, written in Mount Wundagore, who sought to create a powerful being, the Scarlet Witch. The Darkhold is also responsible for the creation of werewolves, vampires, and zombies – all of which have become prominent parts of the MCU.

Although there is no official word yet, many fans are speculating that it will be a Scarlet Witch The movie is running. Chthon would be a perfect villain for such a movie as she returns to fight against his dark influence on her to become the hero many fans love.


Nightmare smiles with evil intent from Marvel comics

With more magical tales coming to the fore in the MCU, hopefully they’ll soon start delving into more supernatural realms like the Dream Dimension, home to the villain, Nightmare. The dimension is referenced by Mobius in Loki Nightmares and dreams were an essential part of the plot Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessso they were teasing him – all they had to do was stop pestering him and actually submit.

He is a consistent opponent of Doctor Strange and would therefore be a logical inclusion in the series Doctor Strange 3. Nightmare would also be a great opponent for a future Halloween special if they keep making more, which they should.


Best Dracula Picture Books (Marvel)

Unfortunately, code He was pushed back after losing his director, which likely means that vampires’ introduction to the MCU was pushed back as well. However, when they finally arrive, there are some great vampire villains to use in the MCU like Deacon Frost, Baron Blood, Baroness Blood, and of course, Dracula. He is the King of the Vampires and one of the most prolific and powerful monsters of Marvel Comics.

Dracula would be a logical choice for a villain in code or a Midnight Sons Team-up movie. However, like Mephisto and Amora the Enchantress, Dracula will really shine as more than just one villain. His adventures in the comics include heroes from Werewolf by Knight and Moon Knight to the X-Men, so he should have the opportunity to interact with all of them.

Nicholas Scratch

Nicholas Scratch in the Marvel comics

It came as a huge surprise to many MCU fans that Agatha Harkness would get her own Disney+ show next WandaVisionbut Agatha: A cove of chaos It could greatly help expand the mystical side of the MCU. While characters like Mephisto or Nightmare would be logical suggestions for the show’s antagonist, the better choice is definitely Nicholas Scratch. He is Agatha’s son who seeks to destroy her after all.

Having her take on her son – and potentially her grandchildren, the Salem Seven – would be the perfect masked narrative that could see Agatha Harkness become an antihero in the MCU. Scratch’s magical powers rival his mother’s, making him an extremely formidable opponent. Overall, he seems like one of the more likely new Phase 5 villains.

Unrelenting Omar

Omar meets the Hulk in the dark dimension

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Doctor Strange and Clea ended up entering the Dark Dimension to hold back any upcoming incursion. This can either create their engagement in the future The Avengers movies and/or Doctor Strange 3 If it is one of the sixth phase films that have not been announced yet. Whatever the case, it seems very likely that he will play the relentless Omar.

Most importantly, she is Clea’s mother and Dormammu’s sister, though they often oppose each other for control of the Dark Dimension. Omar’s powers are so formidable and opaque that she can defeat Doctor Strange quite easily. Whether he’s the main antagonist or just a supporting character as they traverse the dark dimension, the time of a lifetime must come.


Zarathos seen in Marvel Comics.

Mephisto isn’t the only demon ruler of Hell who could have a big future in the MCU. There’s also Zarathos, who is famous for being associated with Johnny Blaze, which led to the creation of Ghost Rider. While Ghost Rider became a prolific heroic figure, Zarathos was always fighting for control to wreak havoc and destruction on Earth.

This makes for a very interesting hero-villain relationship because it all takes place in one entity – which is a perfect fit for a future project, be it a movie, a Disney+ show, or a special presentation. If he is separated from Ghost Rider in some way, Zarathos might also be a good opponent for Midnight Sons Team-up down the line.

Celine Gallio

Selene Gallio uses her powers in Marvel Comics.

Many mutants develop all sorts of magical powers, but none are as dangerous as Selene Gallio. She is primarily a vampire, but instead of sucking the blood of victims, her touch absorbs their life force. This gives her strength and near immortality while being the oldest living mutant at over 17,000 years old. She complements these powers by being a highly efficient witch.

Celine Gallio is often associated with the Hellfire Club as one of the group’s more prominent members along with Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw. As such, it may come into play in the future X-Men movie or show. While that may be a long way off at this point, we’re hoping Celine gets plenty of attention to show the true range of her abilities.

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