Three exciting new horror flicks to check out

by Aidil Rusli

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 1:50 PM Malaysian time

November 15 — With October upon us and Halloween movie season now in full swing, there’s finally time to check out more of the horror movies that have dominated internet chatter these past few weeks.

Some I’ve only been able to watch now that it’s finally available on VOD after playing it in US cinemas, while some remain untouched on my watch queue due to my (and the band’s) hectic schedule.

You will only be able to find most of these movies on VOD platforms, and with the help of a VPN, so if you liked any of these movies, you know what to do!

Terrifying 2

The most unexpected sleeper horror of the year so far, Terrifier 2 is a crowd-funded small budget ($250,000 USD or RM1.1 million) that started out as a streaming platform exclusive (on Screambox, a smaller platform powered by Bloody Grouchy).

It was only supposed to be in US cinemas for three nights, but somehow it became a word-of-mouth sensation that has so far grossed $10 million at the box office, and remains in the top 10 at the US box office. Fifth weekend in a row.

It’s a huge triumph for the small-budget indie horror scene, especially since it looks and plays like one, with all the shaky/amateur acting one would expect from such a low-budget effort.

It’s a huge improvement over the first Terrifier from 2016 (and no, you don’t need to see the first to enjoy this one), thanks in large part to a more focused attempt at crafting and sticking to the narrative (focusing on a pair of young teenage siblings). ).

He even goes so far as to hint at a backstory for the film’s unquestionable character, Art The Clown, while also setting up franchise possibility during a post-credits scene, but it’s the gore here that totally makes the movie (and one that has led to audiences flocking to see it – Reports of people throwing up during shows will do!), and Terrifier 2 has some of the coolest practical effects (smashing skulls, gouging out eyes, smashing chests, slashing faces, etc.) you’ll see in this year’s movie.

It’s clear where all the budget went, and the movie is even more surprising for it.

If you’re a gamer and can excuse some poor acting from some of the cast, this is pure gold.

Screenshot of a scene from the movie “Barbarian”.


Another sleeper hit in the US this Halloween season, grossing nearly $41 million in the US and Canada from a paltry $4.5 million budget, this small (mostly) single-site shocker has divided opinions, thanks to At that mostly to the logic-defying third. The acting, but at least almost everyone agrees that the film’s first two acts are a cracking piece of horror filmmaking.

A great movie from writer and director Zack Krieger (who previously directed Miss March and the Civil War on Drugs), this is one of those movies that delights audiences with lots of twists and turns and of course some red herrings too, so talking about the plot of this movie means disenfranchising the viewer. For the first time the sheer erotic fun is here.

The only thing I’d like to introduce is that it’s about a young woman named Tess (excellent Georgina Campbell) who travels to Detroit for a job interview and books an Airbnb rental, only to discover someone else (Keith, also excellently played by Bill Skarsgård) actually lives there.

From now on, it’s a series of one dangerous/bad decision after another that the characters make, especially after discovering a hidden room in the basement, and where Cregger takes us next (very expertly, if I may say so), I’ll leave it up to you to discover.

One of the horror highlights of the year for me.

stream of death

We all know/follow an annoying scammer on the Internet/YouTube, right? Well, this meticulously found footage movie is about one of those characters, who got scrapped due to a scandal he seems to refuse to address directly.

The hilariously annoying Shawn is played to perfection by co-director Joseph Winter, and in an effort to make a comeback, he foolishly decides to live-stream himself staying at a reportedly haunted house for one night, and to make things more interesting. (And to please his patrons, of course), he promises to run into any danger and provoke any ghosts/spirits if he encounters them.

It takes a special kind of skill to create an annoying character that’s fun to watch try various forms of encounters, but also not annoying enough to make us want to turn off the movie in the first place, and the movie manages to pull this off with flying colors.

A wildly funny hit on Internet fame and a surprisingly effective found footage horror piece rolled into one, Deadstream will delight fans of the Evil Dead movies.

The filmmakers don’t skimp on the adorable gooey practical effects, which makes this game a very entertaining ghost ride from start to finish.

Just don’t take the movie too seriously, and you’ll be fine.

*This is the columnist’s personal opinion.


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