These tags were only in Singapore for one generation, Lifestyle News

A significant amount of time and money goes into the development of each individual car, even for different models that share the same platform. As such, the existence of each license plate must be justifiable from a financial point of view. In today’s era of SUV cult, the most commonly boxed victims therefore tend to be sedans and minivans.

On the other hand, however, selling a particular model sometimes doesn’t make sense in a particular market. Take Singapore, for example, whose market is small and skews expensive. Having similar offers could lead to self-cannibalization, while cars targeting customers with thinner wallets are invariably crowded.

In the process of navigating the dilemma, in the decision making process and, in one specific case, we will get into pure marketing speech, some nameplates are sadly broken despite our love for them. For whatever reason mentioned above, we put the spotlight on some who have fallen victim to this fate.

Subaru Exiga