The survey shows that quite a few people have had major issues with the Pixel 7 series

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Shortly after Google launched the Pixel 6 series, customers started noticing a lot of problems with the phones. They were mostly software-related issues which Google fixed in a timely manner, but it’s safe to say that the Pixel 6 series didn’t have the best launches. Since it’s been a few weeks since the launch of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, we thought about asking people if they’ve seen any major issues with Google’s latest flagship. Here’s how users voted in our poll.

Did you run into any major issues with your Pixel 7?


We received over 4,800 votes in our poll about potential major issues with the Pixel 7 series. We can only assume in good faith that most of these votes came from actual Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users. However, the results of the survey are completely one-sided in favor of Google.

Let’s take a look at some of the comments that shed more light on the issues users are facing with the Pixel 7 line.

your comments

ConnectedOne: The fingerprint scanner works less than 50% of the time. I don’t have a windshield on it. I’m just going to mess with it for the duration, but this will probably be my last pixel. I had three before the seven.

Fontaine: The fingerprint scanner is completely useless. I have to unlock my phone with a password, PIN, or pattern because it always fails to work. It’s a problem especially at night because face unlock doesn’t work in the dark. Something is wrong with Google Wallet on this phone, and I can’t add any of my credit cards to it anymore. I’ve never had this problem before I tried to use Wallet on my Pixel 7. Google support confirmed that it’s a known issue with the phone. Unbelievable that Google can’t make a first party app work with a first party phone. Tap, Tap (back tap shortcut) is completely broken and never worked on this phone. Hold For Me and Call Assist are great when they work. Which is about 10% of the time I place an automated call. On the other 90% of the calls I make to an automated line, the Hold For Me button and the Call Assist user interface never appear on the screen. Why we can’t run Hold For Me at will is beyond me.

If I didn’t rate camera quality so highly, I would have returned this phone in the first week. I also know I made a mistake that I have to live with for the time being. For the first time, I’m thinking of switching to an iPhone, so I can have a great camera and the first-party software features will actually work.

Kevin Johnston (cdnk3v): When the phone crashes it’s just a black screen and no matter what I do I can’t turn it back on or turn it back on (I’m not even sure if it’s off). This has happened twice already. I basically give it 30 minutes, after which i can turn the phone on. Frustrating to say the least. Both times I was closing an app at that time.

Leo Kanelopoulos: I live in a big metropolis and from the beginning the reception was very bad and I didn’t get calls. I ended up going back to the OnePlus 8T. The internet was also so bad that I wanted to cry. Oneplus 8T downloaded at 268Mbps while the Pixel 7 Pro got up to 17Mbps at most. Returned it for a full refund and check out other options now.

Blaize19: I only had one problem, but it was sloppy. I received my Hazel Pro on the day of release. About three weeks later, out of nowhere, the screen started flashing green neon lightning. This was held for 15 seconds, then paused, and then repeated. Huge areas of the screen are completely damaged. Luckily, I was inside the return window, so I took it back and bought a new one. Replaced within 2 days, and so far, so good. I will be very comfortable once I get past the 3 weeks. I think this was just a defective unit, not a defect in the line as a whole.

Thretosix: Editing video in the Photos app on the Pixel 7 Pro isn’t helpful. Unusable even after resetting the phone. Nothing but freezing and crashing for me. Google has no customer support. I’m to the point where I’d rather deal with Genius Bar just to get support for my device.

Raven: The fingerprint scanner is kind of hit or miss. Sometimes it works the first time other times it doesn’t. I don’t have to have perfect finger positioning for it to work

Armando Estrada: I live in New York City. But for some strange reason for the past 2 weeks my reception has been throwing out an exclamation mark all the way or randomly switching to the EDGE network and it will remain stable unless I turn Airplane mode on and off again. I was thinking the november patch would fix the problem but it’s still there

James Guy: YouTube keeps losing screen rotation until I restart the app. Makes me angry. Google’s proprietary applications must be free of defects.

Insid: I’ve been having trouble focusing my camera, and my rocker came out a few times because of the mount I use in my car. The rubber on the sides sticks to the volume rocker and pulls it out. It’s really weird that it comes off so easily. Fortunately, he snaps again.

KB: Sometimes the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work (10% of the time?) and sometimes apps stop responding to taps temporarily. Other than that very happy with it.

Luke H: My Bluetooth drops my Garmin Fenix ​​regularly. Toggling Airplane Mode will reconnect it. My smart home lock is not unlocking automatically because the bluetooth is not detecting the lock. The phone as a key is also very spotty, and my car often doesn’t even detect it unless I unlock my phone and open the car app. I’ve tried unrestricting apps battery settings, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes Google search shows a blank or flickering screen. Rebooting fixes it. My fingertips are often quite cumbersome and peel off, so the in-screen fingerprint reader rarely works. It worked fine with the Pixel 3 and 5. I want to love this phone, but I struggle.

Rob A: 7 Pro – No problems and the FP scanner works fine, and it’s very fast. Face unlock is also fast. I can’t say anything bad about this phone.

Eric Musselman: Every time I restart my Pixel 7 it forgets the battery optimization settings. Any apps you previously restricted for background battery revert to the default, optimized, unrestricted mode.

Michael Schaap: Yes: Wireless charging stopped working after two weeks on my Pixel Pro 7. (Probably won’t bring it back, too much trouble.)

Stanley Kubrick: No problems at all for me. Sorry to those who have problems. Every phone brand from top to bottom has a few buggy and/or defective ones.

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