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I try to watch a wide variety of movies, which is how I came to see Some Like It Hot, one of the greatest comedies ever, on the same day I watched Playmobil: The Movie, which it isn’t. I doubt I have much to say about Some Like It Hot that hasn’t been said before, while I think I might have something new to introduce on Playmobil: The Movie, mostly because I don’t think anyone has ever said anything about Playmobil: movie at all. But after watching it, I think it gives us major reason to be optimistic about the Mario movie.

Playmobil is one of those animated films that are rarely found. There are animated films with cross-generational appeal, like the genre Pixar specializes in with the likes of Turning Red and Up, and then there are films aimed squarely at kids while also good enough to entertain adults watching, which is what the upcoming DC League of Super-Pets aims to do. to be. Then there are the studio-imposed cash acquisitions, which disappear without a trace. We all know Zendaya is a Meechee, but do any of you remember that she was the Meechee in the Storks? Probably not, because she was actually the early man’s Meechee. No, he cheated on you again, he was in Smallfoot. Yes, really this time. Playmobil: Film falls neatly into this latter category.

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A lot of people say that Playmobil: The Movie is just copies of The Lego Movie (a cool flick with cross-generational appeal), but I suspect these folks haven’t seen Playmobil and are based on the idea that Playmobil itself is a bit of a Lego rip. The two do not have anything in common – in Lego, real Lego figures, while in Playmobil, the two stars are real people trapped in Playmobil. The Lego story, about encouraging free and creative play and thinking of Lego as a toy rather than an untouched collector’s item, is also not like Playmobil, which is basically sure, your parents are dead, but you look so much nicer when you smile! ‘.


Playmobil: The movie is not a Lego movie, nor is it very good. So why write about it at all? One reason, three words: Anya Taylor-Joy. I know Taylor Joy is hyphenated and thus only one word, but three sounds better. Anyway, Taylor-Joy is a Playmobil star, and one of the few things in her favor. It’s stuffed with the worst kind of celebrities we associate with these cash-grab movies, but given that this came out before The Queen’s Gambit, ATJ isn’t one of them. Her star power probably made her choose the role of Princess Peach in Mario, but at least Playmobil offers a sliver of hope she won’t relate to.

We’ve heard that Mario will be a musical, and while that might be a concern based on the rest of the cast’s credentials, Taylor Joy has a proven track record. She sang on the soundtrack for Last Night in Soho, and the movie’s promotional trailer even released an uptempo and downtempo version of her song Downtown. But she also has the opening (and best, even in a movie with Adam Lambert and Megan Trainor) number of Playmobil, and she understands the sense of bouncy fun needed for a movie like this — and thus a movie like Mario. While Lambert and Trainor sing well, as you’d expect from professional singers known for their lively voice, they simply sing, while Taylor Joy performs. It doesn’t have Trainor tubes but it has exactly what a movie like this needs.

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It’s about 15 minutes into Playmobil and the entire movie goes downhill (although the title should have given it away), but it maintains that fun Mario would need. Pratt will do Pratt’s usual work as he does in every movie, and the other stars are all comedians booked to play themselves. Taylor Joy is the only one who will play the character instead of just playing in the room, and if nothing else, Playmobil has shown us that she can do it, the only thing keeping the action afloat. It’s possible that she may need to do the same trick again next year.

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