The director of Terrifier 2 reacts to reports that the horror sequel is making people vomit and pass out

slasher movie sequel terrifying 2 Proving to be the little blood fest it might have last weekend, it hit the top 10 box office with an initial take of nearly $1 million despite costing less than $250,000. Writer and director Damien Lyon describes the days since the film’s release as “fantastic, overwhelming. I wake up every morning, it’s like Christmas morning. Since it’s been shown in theaters, the hype has started to grow, so it’s really exciting.”

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Leon’s movie, which features a silent but highly expressive frenzy called Art the Clown, has also gained a degree of shame thanks to social media posts claiming that members of the audience faint and vomit at film screenings. “My friend fainted and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended,” One Twitter user wroteAbout his experience watching the movie. Watch another cinema describe it How in the movie show, “The guy behind me fainted with cold and crashed into my seat, someone else left because he didn’t feel good, I heard him say and out the theater door I heard a man vomit loudly and badly in the bathroom.”

Leon explains that he has mixed feelings about such reports.

“Listen, I would have loved to get two terms, I think that’s kind of a Medal of Honor because it’s such an intense movie,” he says. “I don’t want people to faint or get injured during the movie. But it’s surreal. That’s the thing, it’s called terrifying 2Maybe you should see terrifying 1 before you jump into this. If you see terrifying 1You’ll know what you’re getting into. There is a now infamous murder scene, a hacksaw scene, in the first part everyone walks away and talks about it. We tried to compete with this scene [in the new film] Because the really supportive fan base that we’ve had all this time, that’s really starting to put art on a pedestal, I mean, these are the things that they really want. I think this movie is more accessible, but we still make these movies for them, and if other people want to join in, the more fun it is.”

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radiator 2

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New York-based Leon initially dreamed up the character of Art the Clown about a decade and a half ago.

“I had the idea that a clown is terrorizing a woman on a city bus,” says the director. “She’s alone, coming home from work or whatever, in the middle of the night, and then this clown comes and sits across from her, and starts staring at her and playing with her. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, maybe even funny, but then it gets even more horrifying and aggressive. Gradually. I thought it was just an interesting and weird idea. When it came to making my first short film, I said, ‘You know, I’m going to use that, be the opening.’

Leon eventually developed the feature length horrifyingreleased in 2016 and starring David Howard Thornton as the killer clown.

“When I took the auditions, he was only the sixth person who showed up, and as soon as I saw him I shut him down after that,” says Leon of the actor, who also plays the lead role in the upcoming movie. killjoy– Slasher movie simulator means one. “He has this amazing, almost muted quality in his acting, and he was influenced by Mr. Bean and the Marx Brothers. When I saw him perform, I said, Wow, this would really allow me to turn art into a real clown clown.”

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radiator 2

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In addition to Thornton, the cast horrifying Includes Lauren Lavera and wrestler Chris Jericho.

“It turns out he’s a huge fan,” says Leon from Jericho. “My friends, the wrestling fanatics, were calling me and saying, ‘Dude, I was just listening Talk is Jerichohis podcast, talking about Art the Clown and horrifyingHe reached out to David Howard Thornton and made it to his podcast, and then he called me, and said, ‘Hey man, if I could ever join in.’ Part 2 In a way, I like it. “

Leone explains that he added a supernatural clown shoe-sized item to the franchise terrifying 2.

“In most of these horrific franchises, the killer usually ends up being killed, and then it’s supernatural, but the filmmakers cover up for it,” says Lyon. “I really wanted to explore this supernatural evil as a character, which is actually a physical manifestation in this movie, fortunately we haven’t spoiled it yet. This power with art goes back to the city where the murders took place. [in the first film] And for our heroine Sienna, performed by Lorraine Lavera. At the same time there is this kind of strange, mystical, supernatural element making its way into her life as she begins to realize that she may be destined to become an enemy of art.”

Once terrifying 2 Audience members have, quite literally, chosen themselves off the ground, and they can look forward to the third Leon movie planned in the series.

“Not giving up spoilers, but we really have a nice twisty ramp at the end Part 2, says the director. There is a lot to explore with Art the Clown for sure. “

terrifying 2 Now showing in cinemas. watch the movie itense and annoying Trailer below.

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