The Denver Broncos’ offensive woes are as much about Russell Wilson’s blunder as Nathaniel Hackett’s

The Denver Broncos offense hasn’t been able to hold up with any consistency this season. Instead, the Broncos see flashes of great play, the closest they’ve come to any form of consistency being three drives against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

As a result, offensive-minded Denver coach Nathaniel Hackett has been agonizing over his play calls and playbook in general. However, Denver’s cases there go beyond Hackett’s.

The Broncos lack the personnel to run a packet attack

Hackett is part of the problem, but not the biggest culprit. By studying the Green Bay Packers’ offense and what they did during Hackett’s tenure as offensive coordinator, their NFL playbook can work when you have players to execute. However, the Broncos’ playbook does not reflect what the Packers did, despite Hackett’s statements to the contrary.


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