The Broncos lose 17-10 to the Titans, falling to 3-6 | Bronco

The Denver Broncos return from their bye week and travel to Nashville to take on the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Kick-off is set for 11 am

The fourth quarter

Wilson strives to keep the drive alive.

Fourth down Broncos. This is pretty much the game.

Denver does nothing with turnover and it will jump.

The Broncos start quarterball. Offense did nothing in the second half.

Third quarter

The Broncos go on fourth down and get it. Engine stays alive.

Wilson was fired again. But the Broncos were saved by the Titans with a penalty.

Nothing happens for both teams to start the second half. boats.

Second Quarter

The Broncos kick defense. Great plays by Nick Bonito.

The Broncos attack stalls again. Nothing happens.

First Quarter

Three and out of the Broncos.

The Giants get one first on the second drive but the Denver Defense Force takes a lead after that.

The Broncos get one first but then have to jump.

Denver imposes a penalty. The Broncos take the field inside the 5-yard line after a great kick by Tennessee.

Jacob Martin gets a sack in his first game as a Bronco. But Denver was offside.

before the match


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