The best Drag Race so far seems to be ranked

Cause of death? Raja’s veil look

All Stars 7 is RuPaul’s Drag Race at its best for many reasons, but one of the most important is that week after week we’re getting the best fashion moments we’ve ever seen in show business history. Period. The look was stunning and the queens clearly invested a lot of time, creativity and, um, MONEY, to make this season as disgusting as possible. Here are my 12 favorite fashion moments from All Stars 7 so far, ranked.

12. “Veiled It” by Jinkx Monsoon

Purple is the color of Jinkx, a registered trademark. I love that this look is so ethereal – the butterflies holding up the veil are such a gorgeous detail. And it’s not a saloon-ready outfit, so bye! Let’s celebrate it! Exquisite.

11. “Realness of Fortune Elegance” by Trinity the Tuck

The garments Trinity has created in the Werk Room are genuinely stunning. This look, inspired by Moscow’s Red Square, has the most symmetrically finished laser cutouts imaginable. The huge hair down to the ankles? Oh come on, honey!

10. “I’m Crowning” by Raja

Raja’s maximalist approach to her fashion moments in All Stars 7 demonstrates exactly why she is still the fashion queen to beat. The original is the best. I gasped when she walked away in this episode one – probably the first time this season I realized just how much the queens would carry it. Violet and Gottmik start this was pure bad!

9. “I’m Crowning” by Trinity the Tuck

Daphne Blake goes to the Met Gala. Purple and orange are a lethal combination for murder, I’m afraid. This is simply magnificent. It’s huge. I have no idea how Trinity moves in her dress. The sleeve sections are my favorite part.

8. Raja’s “skin principle”

This has a wild Comme De Garçon vibe which I love. I also like the way Raja implements her hair in her skirt most of the time, she just wears something really rooted in his fantasies. I could talk about these shoes for six months if you let me.

7. “Veiled It” by Trinity the Tuck

Trinity the Train has brought its mark here, once again, and it’s beautiful. It is high strength. Breathtaking. I always think of Bob that he says that she is the drag queen of a drag queen, why does her stamina just HURT? It is so grand and opulent. It always pushes.

6. The entrance of Raja

“Has anyone called for an EYE-CON?” Yes, we absolutely did! God, this is spotless. So interesting. I love all the different layers. I can’t think of another queen who would have invented this dress, and I love the fact that for once she’s wearing a décolleté and not the stripper heels she favored on the runway. Gagged. Many people should be afraid here!

5. The “principle of the skin” by Jaida Essence Hall

All Stars 7 fashion moments

All Stars 7 fashion moments

Oh, she’s TAKING it! This couldn’t be more to my taste. It’s Buffy, it’s Blade, it’s The Matrix. I love the choice of coloring it in shades of brown and brown and not just black vinyl leatherette. Jaida has never looked so beautiful. I would die to wear this.

4. Monet X Change’s “Pleather Principle”

All Stars 7 fashion moments

All Stars 7 fashion moments

The best Monet has ever watched. Never. I actually gasped when she came out in this one. I think it’s one of the coolest outfits she’s ever seen, not just in the realm of drag, but including the Met Gala, EVERYTHING. Feminine glamor with the masculinity of the abs? Monochromatic brown? Perfection. So gorgeous.

3. ‘Aim on the catwalk’ by Vivienne

All Stars 7 fashion moments

All Stars 7 fashion moments

I could talk about my love for this look all day. First of all, I love the color choice of a pastel blue, because I feel that for this Catwoman style ensemble it is an unconventional choice. It goes so well with gold. The Catholic opulence of the gold-tipped headdress makes it look rebellious and a bit demonic. Isn’t the heel really a heel? Oh.

2. “Veiled It” by Raja

All Stars 7 fashion moments

All Stars 7 fashion moments

Raja is an innovator. I’ve never seen it before, and it’s just gorgeous. I loved the images that surfaced of her sketching the concept on Instagram years ago and now it’s here fully realized. A first Drag Race, and one of the fashion moments of All Stars 7 that will be imitated for years.

1. “I’m Crowning” by Shea Couleé

All Stars 7 fashion moments

All Stars 7 fashion moments

There’s a level of royal excellence on Shea Couleé’s week one runway that other queens could only dream of achieving. It is so detailed, so well thought out, so impressive. It is simply beautiful to look at, no matter where your eyes fall. Earrings? Hair? It’s the way to let everyone know that when it comes to fashion, you are the queen to beat. Immaculate.

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