The best cases to use with your Pixel 7 Pro [Video]

If you’ve picked up a Google Pixel 7 Pro, you’ll need to protect your prized possession. Since launch, we have tested a number of cases and they are some of the best cases for the Pixel 7 Pro.

We tested a range of cases at different price points to determine some of our most recommended cases. Each case in our selection is fully compatible with most Pixel 7 Pro screen protectors (tested with Whitestone Dome Glass). Here is our complete set.

Video – Best Pixel 7 Pro cases

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Peak condition every day

Best standard case

If you want the best quality modular case for your Pixel 7 Pro, it’s hard to argue with the Peak Design Everyday Case. This is definitely near the upper end of the accessory price spectrum but the benefit is almost unparalleled. Unfortunately, if you want a colorful option, this won’t be for you. Still a stylish bag in a blend of soft-touch nylon fabric and an almost solid rubber construction. The buttons are tactile though covered, and the cutouts are comfortable.

Protection is guaranteed, but it’s in scalability where the Peak Design Case for the Pixel 7 Pro beats the competition. You’ll notice a small metal slot in the back, which although it can feel sharp, enables several accessories to be attached and most importantly, the MagSafe function.

You can add a slim wallet, a tripod, or even mount the Pixel 7 Pro to the exceptional Peak Design tripod with this included case. The company makes some of the best everyday carry products and the Everday Bag is no exception.

Spigen Liquid Air

Best value case

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My personal carry-on bag with the Pixel 7 Pro was Spigen Liquid Air. It’s fairly cheap, adds a layer of grip and all without changing things drastically. Most important for a slippery curved phone like the Pixel 7 Pro is the rubbery waffle texture that resembles the grooved tires and side rails. It does all this without making the Pixel feel bulky.

One of the main reasons I love the Spigen Liquid Air case is the extended coverage of the camera strap. Changing to metal on the Pixel 7’s camera strap can mean scratches and nicks are easier to get. The lint should not press here and scratch the polished metal. Button covers don’t prevent or detract from the Pixel 7 Pro’s natural, careless clicking feel, but the etched power button is one of those extra touches Spigen usually has.

Mous Limitless 3.0.0 Update

The best premium portfolio

Noisy marketing aside, the Pixel 7 Pro’s Mous Limitless 3.0 case is undoubtedly one of the best premium options you can check out and buy. The design hasn’t changed at all since its launch with the Pixel 4 series. This is the perfect choice if you want a combination of top-notch protection, modular expandability, and a bit of style.

Mous is also one of the few Google products approved for the Pixel 7 series and that means every case fits like a glove. The design adds a little extra weight. The Pixel 7 Pro will feel a bit like a boxer, but the raised lips and curved front case sides are snug making sure you can use every part of the curved screen.

The magnetic section on the back allows you to attach MagSafe accessories such as wallets, chargers, and more. The main backboard comes in a number of finishes including classic aramid fibre, but the resistance piece is walnut.

Speck Impact Hero

The best soft-touch case

Speck Impact Hero is one of the best soft touch cases for Pixel 7 Pro. This case appears to have been made directly by Google. Complementary round-style cutouts will catch the cam strap without leaving the metal strap fully exposed.

While the Pixel 7 Pro lacks a matte finish, this case offers some great color and has no glossy parts. Flexible without being completely mushy, it should provide great protection against drips. The button covers are soft and stretchy while the raised lips around each section of the curved screen should help deflect potential damage if you’re not lucky and drop your phone.

UAG Scout

best durable case

The Urban Armor Gear Scout looks like a relic of the Halo series and earns points for its military-box-inspired aesthetic. One of the few cases that come with a MIL-STD-810G rating, this is a military grade case but comes with thoughtful modifications. Screen corner cover protection is a really excellent touch that should perfectly protect the curved edges of the screen.

The Sie button covers have icons engraved so you can tell which button you’re trying to press without looking, while there’s also a lanyard attachment one of the lower left and right corners. Herringbone side panels are complemented by a soft, firm back panel. However, the biggest draw here is the badly named “Olive Drab” color. It’s a great color option that looks great on any Pixel 7 Pro color.

Kisology Atlex

best grippy case

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Several cases are sold based on grip capabilities. In our testing, the Caseology Athlex is the best we’ve tried with the Pixel 7 Pro. The texture of sandstone feels like asphalt or tarmac mixed with raw rubber. This is one of the best cases to use with the Pixel 7 Pro in the gym or when working out.

The short dotted side panels and grooved back panel make it easy to hold your phone in portrait orientation too. The fully raised lip of the camera strap protects this section as well, while the button covers are clickable with a sandstone texture that helps compress and energize.

Todia Dual Shield

Best 2-piece case

Tudia’s DualShield 2-Piece Case for Pixel 7 Pro is a great cheap option that combines a soft inner TPU material with a firm plastic shell that provides extra protection. This makes the case lightweight and the softer inner section won’t sag or become loose like some silicone cases.

What’s interesting about Tudia’s Pixel 7 lineup this year is that each case has a 5G mmWave antenna slot along the top edge. This should mean that the signal is not affected and that we have yet to see another case maker doing anything similar to the new hardware. You can also mix and match colors to suit your device.

Ringke Fusion

best clear case

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The ultra-cheap clear case is a great option if you want to like the design of your phone while adding a little extra protection. Ringke’s ultra-cheap, clear cases offer two stylish options. First, the ultra-high-definition camera strap cutouts ensure complete protection. Secondly, you can choose a crystal clear or matte option with a crystal back panel.

You’ll find the lanyard loop on the lower left side with full side button covers on the right of the case. By no means this is the most secure. Despite this, we think Ringke Fusion cases are perfect for the Pixel 7 Pro if you want a completely neutral design that is slim and lightweight without breaking the bank.

What are your favorite Pixel 7 Pro cases?

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Everyone has different tastes in device protection – do you have a favorite brand or case? Just tell us in the comments section below what you’re rocking your device and why.

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