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It’s been nearly 30 years since a scientist Mario It has been adapted to the big screen. This is about to change later this year. New animation excellent Mario brothers. The movie is set to hit theaters this December from Universal and Illumination, in partnership with Nintendo. He arrived nearly three decades after the critically panned 1993 Super Mario Bros.The currently untitled film will offer a fresh look at the video game franchise beloved by audiences around the world for nearly forty years. Many story and plot details are still under wraps, so it’s up to audiences to speculate what this new movie might have to offer.

Today’s movie

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at everything we know so far about the future Mario Movie. What can we expect from the plot? How will you further the adventures of everyone’s favorite plumber siblings? Who has been confirmed for the crew? When and where can audiences expect to see the film? Finally, what else should potential viewers know while we wait for the highly anticipated release?

Land: what we know

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As of this time, there is no specific information about the plot of the movie. Those who watched the 1993 film may remember that it featured Mario (Bob Hoskins) and Luigi (John Leguizamo) teaming up to rescue Princess Daisy (Samantha Mathis) from President Cuba (Dennis Hopper), who wanted to merge the human world with his own. Universe. The video games have usually featured similar story structures, with the brothers frequently fighting creatures from sewers or rescuing a princess in distress. With each of these potential storylines explored in great detail in the past, the new movie may want to take the story in a different direction, one more relevant to the modern era.

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Even if the story is changed, the new movie will likely try to stay faithful to the original game series, which is where many of its fans grew up. More plot information may be released in the coming months as we get closer to the release date, but for now, everyone will have to settle their own fan theories. When you have a movie based on a featured property like MarioFans will inevitably be divided over the story, no matter how closely it attempts to stay on the source material.

Staff: What we know

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While we do not yet know what kinds of adventures Mario You will face the gang, we know who will bring them back to life. Chris Pratt leads the voice cast, taking on the role of Mario himself. Charlie Day will be alongside Pratt, bringing the voice of Luigi to life. The rest of the star-studded cast includes Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Keegan Michael Key as Todd, Jack Black as Chariot, Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamik, Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong, Sebastian Maniscalco as Foreman Spike, and Seth Rogen. Like Donkey Kong. In addition, Charles Martinet, longtime video game voice actor from Mario and Luigi and Wario and Luigi, will appear in various roles.

With this casting announced, fans can begin to form theories about each character’s role in the franchise. It is noticeable that prominent characters are missing from the list such as Wario, Yoshi and Goombas. It is possible that they will appear, but not yet sent. She also may not appear at all, but given how integral these characters are to the video game series, it might seem like a missed opportunity if they were left out.

release date

The movie is currently set to hit theaters on December 21, 2022. It’s clear that Universal wants to set the movie up for box office success by taking advantage of the holiday release window. After the 2021 NBCUniversal deal, the Mario The films and other Universal releases will become available to stream on Peacock as soon as 45 days after their theatrical releases.

Everything else we know

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While we’re still months away from release with little plot information available, Universal has already announced plans to tweak more Nintendo properties just in case. Mario The release will be successful. No specific titles for the adaptations have been revealed, but the move marks a huge shift for Nintendo. The video game giant has been known to fret about adapting its games for the big screen ever since the popular 1993 original live-action movie. The remake may offer some kind of redemption for that original movie, potentially translating the source material into smoother animation than the live-action effects.

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We may have just gotten a hint about what one of Nintendo’s future movies could be. In November 2021, it was reported that Seth Rogen will reprise his role of Donkey Kong in an upcoming standalone film based on the character. Again, while nothing is confirmed, A.J Donkey Kong The movie could be a real possibility if this Mario The movie is successful. Charlie Day, the voice of Luigi, has stated that he would be interested in reprising his role in the 2001 game adaptation. Luigi’s Palace.

In any case, all the audience can do is wait and see. If this movie proves successful, it could mark the beginning of Nintendo’s Renaissance or even Nintendo’s own “Cinematic Universe”.

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