The 18 best new beauty products of June 2022, according to the editors

I have a love-hate relationship with the summer beauty. On the one hand, it’s time for bright colors, understated looks, and it gives me an excuse to preach about the importance of sunscreen. Seriously, lather. Then, there is the not so good part. The frizz, the pimples caused by sweat, the melting mascara. Oh, what a joy heat and humidity can be. Thankfully, beauty brands are around when it comes to the pros and cons of summer beauty.

The new launches hitting the shelves this month have ranged in range – from bold eyeshadow palettes and indulgent hair scents to acne-fighting LED devices and groundbreaking blurring powders. And let me just say: these new products are good. For example, my entire makeup routine has undergone a makeover, fine. I’m not even the only one. All of Marie Claire publishers have managed to find new summer staples in recent weeks.