The 10 best horror movies of 2022, according to Rotten Tomatoes

It’s not often that a movie director recommends his favorite movies, but Scott Derrickson did just that. Successful horror film director black phone Give fans of the horror genre our top five picks for viewers to watch this Halloween season and beyond.

Halloween 2022 may have passed recently, but that doesn’t mean the fest of horrors has to end. This year saw a lot of good horror movies, and Rotten Tomatoes offers some great recommendations to add to the list that Derrickson has made.

Today display

10/10 pig – 90%

Sarah holds the statue.

Bullying affects millions of people around the world every day, and unfortunately, there are many times when the act goes unpunished. the film finger It not only depicts violent bullying, but shows bullies receiving brutal punishment.

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While the film has a 67% audience score, many critics praised the film for its intriguing storyline that deals with themes of bullying and self-esteem. The cast also received positive feedback, with critics saying their performances were good considering the challenging storyline and how dark the film was in places.

9/10 Pearl – 90%

Promotional photo for Pearl.

Ti West’s movies have a lot of great dialogue between the characters as well as very engaging monologues. One of the best monologues to occur in any horror film is from most of West’s films Pearl.

Pearl is the origin story of the intriguing villain from West’s movie X, which is as bloody and unsettling as the first movie. Most viewers will find common ground with the critics, as they currently have a score of 80%. Both critics and fans praise actress Mia Goth for her role as Pearl, the film’s spooky atmosphere, and gritty art direction.

8/10 Deadstream – 91%

A character named Chrissie from Deadstream.

B movies are a treasure trove for fans of the genre. While the concept of “B movies” may be more commonly associated with older films, there are plenty of B-movie gems being made today, including Joseph Winter’s directorial debut, death stream.

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death stream It addresses something that afflicts many internet personalities: public controversy that leads to the person being demonized and the number of followers dropping dramatically. The movie combines the real-life horror with the supernatural in a haunted house found footage movie. The found footage movie was praised by critics as it was entertaining with a protagonist that is fun to watch. Many fans will share similar sentiments, as the film has an 81% audience score.

7/10 werewolf by night 91%

Werewolf transformation scene.

The MCU has a lot of entertaining content to offer its viewers, including some pretty scary content. Among the many MCU movies and TV shows that will give you goose bumps is a recent TV special werewolf at night.

The special impressed both critics and fans alike, as the black and white film gives off classic, old horror movie vibes that many people still enjoy. Many were surprised at the different direction the MCU took here. Viewers and critics alike were very pleased with the results, with a 91% rating in both categories on Rotten Tomatoes.

6/10 hatchability – 92%

Alli is pinned by Sophia.

There are a lot of weird but awesome horror movies out there like hatching There for fans to enjoy. Given the story of a girl who finds a human-sized bird destroying her life, hatching It is one of the many horror films that are worth watching.

The film gives a bloody and brutal look at a not-so-perfect family who likes to pretend to be a bird-human hybrid who won’t hesitate to rip someone to shreds. In this case, most critics enjoyed this more than the general audience, with an audience score of 61%. However, it is still being praised for its story, which offers an interesting metaphor and terrifying monsters.

5/10 Barbary – 92%

Tess is on the stairs.

Bill Skarsgård has starred in several great films, such as the 2017 horror film Giant He. She. This year, he worked in tandem He. She Producer Roy Lee, starring in the intriguing and disturbing film, barbaric.

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barbaric It gives viewers a look at what some people fear most: the thought of being alone while someone lurks in the shadows. Critics and viewers, who assigned an audience score of 70%, enjoyed what many called an unconventional approach to a familiar track with plenty of plot twists and turns that keep viewers on their toes.

4/10 You will never be alone – 92%

Noomi Rapace as Bosilka

about magic in the nineteenth century, You will not be alone Not only is it an intriguing movie with an engaging plot but a disturbing story that deserves recognition as one of the best horror movies of 2022.

The film is about a young girl who is kidnapped and transformed into a witch by an ancient spirit. The film’s content is dark and deals with themes such as identity and destiny. Its highly original story leads to a satisfying ending. While the film has yet to earn an audience score, there are still plenty of rave reviews, with critics praising it for offering a fresh take on tired horror tropes.

3/10 prey – 93%

Naru is hiding behind a tree.

predator It is among the many horror films to receive both prequels and sequels. While some of the entries in the series have bombed both fans and critics alike, there have been a few gems that have drawn the highest praise, and the latter victim It is one of these titles.

victim It takes a different approach than before predator The films in terms of setting, choosing to delve into the past rather than the future this time around. This gamble paid off as critics had a lot of great things to say about its style and originality. Although the audience score is lower, currently at 73%, many fans of the original film agreed with critics that this is a promising new direction for the series. Both sides commented on the acting, atmosphere, and buildup to the intense, action-packed sequences.

2/10 X – 94%

Maxine is sitting at a desk.

Since her debut in 2013, Mia Goth has had a promising career thus far. One of the best films in which Mia starred was enjoyed by many fans and critics alike X.

X It has an impressive audience score of 75% but that’s nothing compared to the Tomatometer’s 94%. Many critics enjoyed the film’s call back to the old grindhouse films of the ’70s, but Goth’s dual performance as Maxine and Pearl caught the attention of those who saw the film, with her performance almost universally praised.

1/10 CC – 97%

A glitter mask is worn.

Comedy horror offers something different for fans of the genre. One of the films under this sub-genre of horror that left a lasting impression is Sisi.

Sisi Another movie about a social media influencer who has many followers and eventually reunites with her old friend. However, not everything is sunny and rainbows, and things take a turn for the worse. Critics loved the movie because it tells a tale of morality and the dangers of bullying while also sprinkled with comic graphics. While the audience score was 73%, the movie still gets a lot of love and attention and is well worth a watch for anyone who enjoys black comedy.

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