Terrifying 2 Is Over, Explained: Will Sienna Defeat The Clown Art? How is the “Terrifier 3” credits scene set up?

Written and directed by Damien Lyon, Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) stalks two girls, Tara (Gina Cannell) and Don (Catherine Corcoran), on Halloween night. At about 45 minutes, Leon gave his primary development: not only was the film survivor Tara, a character we’ve been following since the beginning, but her younger sister Vicki (Samantha Scavide). He then proceeded to throw another twist by revealing that Art was not just a clown-obsessed person but a supernatural being who couldn’t be killed even after a bullet was fired into his brain. Terrifier 2 finds him on another rampage the other Halloween night. While most of his victims are random, he sets his sights on the Shaw family, which includes Sienna (Lauren Lavera), Jonathan (Elite Fulham), and Barbara (Sarah Voigt).

Major spoilers ahead

Are the Shu siblings related to clown art in any way?

With the gay (and supernatural) cat out of the bag, Leon doubled down on other aspects of the franchise in “Terrifier 2,” beginning with The Little Pale Girl/Emily Crane (Amelie McLain), who appears in the sink as the art gets his costume cleaned up. Two things should be mentioned here. First, for the most part, Leon makes it seem that Crane is a figment of the imagination of art. But in the end it became more than that. Second, given how terrifying and unconstrained Leon is in his approach to horror, I was afraid for a few hot seconds that the movie was about to imply that there was a forbidden and corrupting relationship between Art and Crane. Fortunately, this is not the case. Revealing a masterpiece is much more than doodling and vomiting. Anyway, before we get to all that, we get to know Shaws. Barbara works in customer care. Sienna is a master costume designer and has a Wonder Woman/Hawkgirl/Xena dress ready for Halloween. Then there’s Jonathan, who wants to be a trick-or-treat artist.

Jonathan’s obsession with the clown is understandably annoying because he wants to dress up as a real-life killer in the movie. But it’s not an inaccurate observation given the popularity of true crime documentaries and people who overlook actors who play real-life serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, thus implicitly staring at the aforementioned serial killers. Fortunately, while repairing part of his costume, Sienne was able to make some sense of it as he complimented her for being a character their deceased father once drew in his diary. This happy moment doesn’t last long as art seems to haunt Sienna in her dreams and destroy the wings of her costume by somehow lighting candles around it. Incidentally, it was later revealed that the massacre at Clown Cafe wasn’t just a bad nightmare Sienna had, but something really happened. It is entirely up to your interpretation of whether the Clown Cafe is a real place or a different world where art commits all kinds of crimes and draws its power from it. My vote for the latter.

Now, in the opening scene of “Terrifier,” we see Art watching Vicky’s interview on TV and then getting ready to go on his rampage. But, if it wasn’t already obvious, Terrifier 2 makes it clear that this is actually the setting for his second round of frenzy. And it seems that this time, Art has developed the ability to be in two places at once. Because he and Crane appear as semi-physical appearances to chase Jonathan with this dead possum and then appear in flesh at the store to scare Sienna (then brutally murder the receptionist and show his severed head to an innocent child). Or maybe he went to school to get to Jonathan and then showed up at Sienna’s store. Or these two events occur at very different times of the day. However, when Art’s hunt is combined with the knowledge that Sienna and Jonathan’s father painted art and murders (and even predicted the demise of art), it proves Shaws is uncannyly connected to Art’s journey into carnage.

Has Sienna been able to locate the art where Jonathan is being held?

Despite all the red flags in everyone’s faces, Sienna decided to dress up and go out to celebrate Halloween. Art does what it does best by killing random people and those in Sienna’s circle of friends, starting with Ally (Casey Hartnett). I don’t think it is possible to properly describe what art does to her and then her mother after she finds Ally in that state. It is better to see it for yourself. What I can say, though, is that the entire sequence is a great showcase of practical effects, acting, directing, sound design, and cinematography. Because I can’t even imagine the logistics of doing everything practically and resetting the scene every time something goes marginally wrong. This is the primary reason a lot of horror movies (or movies in general) go for CGI blood or other visual effects. But Leon and his team have gone the extra mile and are doing practically everything possible, and the results are there for all to see. This is why the moment Art gives candy from Allie’s mother’s head feels disgusting and anxious rather than silly.

Going back to the narrative, Sienna is out to party with Brooke (Kylie Heyman) and Jeff (Charlie McKelvin). Brooke sneaks medication into Sienna’s drink, and this mixes with the medication she’s taking for her anxiety, causing her to see glimpses of Crane at the party. This led to a panic attack, essentially forcing both Brooke and Jeff to take her home. So here’s where the supernatural connections become more apparent as Crane appears in front of Jonathan, while Art appears inside Shaw’s house to blow Barbara’s head. After a disgusting scene at the dinner table and a fight with Jonathan, Art kidnaps the child and takes him to the old carnival venue. And Crane (or Crane’s ghost, if we’re specific) speaks to Sienna in Jonathan’s voice and asks her to come to the carnival because he’s been “abandoned” by his friends there. Naturally, Sienna forces Brock and Jeff to go to the carnival because she is afraid of him. When Sienna goes there to find Jonathan, Art Brooke and Jeff attack. Brooke puts up a good fight, but it’s the art we’re talking about here that totally kills her.

Sienna discovers Brock’s body with Art and Jonathan stands near her. She told him to run and decided to engage in art. But this goes horribly wrong as art overcame the living hell of Siena. This scene alone makes “Terrifier 2” one of the best films of the year. First of all, there is the specific design and attention to detail. Don’t you feel like you’re in this dirty, bloody, sticky bathroom and you can basically smell the heat from the corpses? Have you ever felt this way while watching any other movie this year? I was not. Secondly, the kinetic choreography. Kudos to LaVera and Thornton for doing so much of the stunts. But the sexy actors, especially Lea Voise (who is LaVera’s stunt double), deserve all the applause for their work. It’s so brutal that I hope there aren’t any behind-the-scenes stories of stunt artists being seriously injured. And third, there’s Leon’s directing and editing, as well as George Steuber’s cinematography, which takes the rigors of the scene to the next level. They manage to evoke the perfect blend of desperation and anger toward Art the Clown, along with hope that Sienna will emerge victorious.

“The Terrifying 2” Ending Explained: Will Sienna Defeat The Clown Art? How do you set up a mid-credits scene for ‘Horror 3’?

While searching for the exit, Art bounced back to Sienna and Jonathan and used his bladed whip to hurt Sienna. It’s shocking and emotional because you can see the kind of pain Sienna is in. Meanwhile, it shows how willing Sienna is to go as a sister in order to prevent her brother (and the only surviving member of her family) from getting murdered. Sienna managed to counteract the art and apparently removed it. But Art jumps in again and proceeds to strangle Sienna. Jonathan grabs an ART gun at the ankle and lowers it (yes, again). When Sienna comes, she sees her mother wake up. However, it turns out that it was an illusion created by art so that he could ambush Sienna to witness her mother’s death. Sienna’s shock gives Art enough time to hit Jonathan and take him to a secluded place, stabbing Sienna with the sword he got from her house, then throwing her into a hole. But instead of falling onto another floor, you fall into a water tank at the aforementioned Clown Café.

The art of chewing on Jonathan can be taken literally because he’s that kind of whimsy. But Sienna’s subsequent recovery from the stab and her ascent from the water tank can be seen in a metaphorical sense. In fact, you may still have the wound. We just don’t see him because she doesn’t feel pain. You could say that her autobiographical novel has reached its limit. Having said that, Sienna restoring her sword and beheading Art seems very real again. The same applies to Crane’s ghost appearing in front of Shaw’s siblings to take Art’s head and disappear away. Either way, Sienna’s entire ordeal is a wonderful subversion of the “last girl” metaphor. We’ve seen characters like Laurie Strode (from the “Halloween” franchise), Sally (from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”), or Nancy (from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) barely make it out alive or die at the hands of their executioners because this It is their destiny. However, Sienna gets a beating from the monster that haunts her and her family, and (partially) defeats her as well, making her one of the other best girls in the horror genre.

The reason I said “partial defeats” is because art isn’t actually dead. Come on, did you really think Damien Lyon wouldn’t make the “Terrifier” trilogy after successfully making a sequel (that’s incredibly good at the box office)? What you can expect from “Terrifier 3,” is hinted at in the film’s mid-credits scene, where we see Vicky vomiting her guts at Miles County Psychiatric Hospital. She then uses the blood coming out of her genitals to write all kinds of abuse on the wall, along with the words “Vicky + Art,” with a heart drawn around it. Amidst all the chaos, we get a cameo Chris Jericho (WWE fans know who he is). When the system comes to check on Vicki, she discovers that the patient has pulled Art’s head from her stomach while cuddling him like a baby. As the organizer screams in horror, Art breaks his signature smile while Vicky’s eyes begin to glow like Crane’s. So, I don’t know the logistics of this particular pregnancy. But my best guess is that Crane’s ghost somehow transferred the head of art to Vicky and facilitated his rebirth. Will art meet his old body or will his body grow out of his head? Only Leon and Terrier 3 can answer that. I will root the occurrence of the latter so that we can watch art, with the body of a child and the head of an adult, come up with new ways to terrorize its victims.

“Terrifier 2” is a 2022 action-drama film directed by Damien Lyon.

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