Tenoch Huerta’s Top 10 Movies and TV Shows, According to IMDb

Mexican actor Tinoc Huerta will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Namor in the highly anticipated film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While the role is bound to introduce him to more audiences around the world, his previous work has been diverse enough for viewers to recognize him from both American and Mexican productions.

Huerta has been a regular cast member in some of the acclaimed dramas from his native country, and also has a global reach in productions such as Narcos: Mexico, Purge ForeverAnd the Get Gringo.

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The Purge Forever (2021) – 5.4

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Tenoch Huerta holding a gun in The Forever Purge

wretch disinfection The movies started with the concept of hosting one annual day when all violence and mayhem would be justified, creating a bloodstained America that only gets as violent as more installments. Chapter V Forever cleanse In the midst of a new government that spreads chaos and hatred even after the purge is over.

Thrown in the center are migrant workers who realize that the American dream is now a farce that is too violent. One such character is the protagonist Juan, a horse trainer who aims to build a new life in Texas to escape a Mexican drug cartel, only to survive in a divided America. While describing his character’s behind-the-scenes vocal bite, Huerta sums up his character’s arc, “[Juan] He’s having a really bad time trying to adjust to the new language and new culture… and suddenly the purging happens. For him, this is the first purge.

Bel Canto (2018) – 5.4

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Tinoc Huerta holding a gun in Bel Canto

Starring Julianne Moore and Ken Watanabe, bel canto It is a dialogue-driven drama that begins with a soprano singer (Moore) visiting the mansion of a wealthy industrialist (Watanabe) in Peru. But chaos ensues when a local guerrilla leader and his forces hold the palace’s dignitaries hostage.

Huerta steps in as Commander Benjamin, the leader of the rebel forces who has his fair share of gray areas as a character. As the plot progresses, confrontations between the kidnappers and the hostages cause them to find common ground. The actor believes his role is a metaphor for the morality of political violence and even offers a justification. As he told elEconomista America, “Resorting to violence is horrible, but sometimes it’s the only option left for a lot of people. It’s sad, because with violence, no one wins; everyone loses.”

Son of Kings (2020) – 6.2

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Tenoch Huerta lying in bed with butterflies on his body in the son of kings photo cropped (1)

“Kings” in son of kings Refers to the monarch butterflies that dominate the biologist’s Mexican birthplace. However, the native American suffers from an identity crisis balancing his two cultures, a spiritual struggle that only intensifies when he must return home after the death of his grandmother.

Giving one of his most moving performances, Huerta brilliantly plays the title role, capturing a character transformation that is in keeping with the film’s themes of magical realism. Playing a science character wasn’t much of a challenge for him as he himself is very interested in science. “Most of the YouTube channels I follow are almost science related,” he told the Golden Globes about the film’s debut at Sundance.

Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014) – 6.5

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Poster for Escobar Paradise Lost (1)

Benicio del Toro is no stranger to playing complex characters, one such character being his brawler turn against notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar in the 2014 romantic thriller. Escobar: Paradise Lost. Josh Hutcherson plays a surfer in Colombia who appears to fall in love with Escobar’s niece which leads to an affair with disastrous consequences.

While Huerta has a brief role as a member of Meddelin Carter, where he is credited as the Roldano Brother, Escobar: Paradise Lost Do you predict the future of the actor. Of course, this was not his first attempt at stories about the drug trade, as he gained more popularity as a Mexican drug lord in Narcos: Mexico.

33 (2015) – 6.8

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The miners stand together and get trapped in The 33

In 2010, more than 33 Chilean miners were trapped in an underground mine for more than two months. Join the list of survival stories based on true stories, 33 Their daring quest to fight against all odds covers as well as the rescue team’s efforts. The multiracial cast includes not only Huerta, but also major names like Antonio Banderas, Juliette Binoche, and Lou Diamond Phillips.

While Banderas stars as one of the 33 miners, Huerta joins the cast as a Bolivian miner named Carlos Mamani who moves to Chile a few years before the disaster. Ironically, Huerta played a character trapped underground here while appearing in his latest role as Namor, the valiant king of his underwater kingdom.

Get Gringo (2012) – 6.9

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Carlos looks sideways at Get The Gringo Cropped

One of the later films of Mel Gibson’s career, Get Gringo It finds him playing a gringo, a hardened American criminal in a Mexican prison who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a 10-year-old boy.

Much of the film’s world-building actually takes place within the prison, which is characterized by its bustling economy and society, and Huerta Carlos’ character is one such character who operates within this ecosystem, extorting money from other inmates. As Huerta told the Mexican Personal Film Blog pulley story“He’s a very funny character and I really enjoyed it. He’s a very funny character and I really enjoyed it.”

Here on Earth (2018) – 6.9

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A poster for Here on Earth featuring the main cast members

Created by actor Gil García Bernal (who stars alongside Huerta and other actors), the Mexican drama series here on earth Covers the exploits of one of Mexico’s most influential and controversial families. The murders, power struggles, and economic challenges not only affect the family, but the whole of Mexico in the process.

With a cast that includes some of the biggest names from Mexican film and television, Huerta plays one starring role. The diversity of the cast also ensures that he crosses paths with frequent collaborators. English audiences are already familiar with Bernal (who recently joined the MCU with Werewolf by night) of his musical comedy series Mozart on the Jungle with Huerta guest-starred in two episodes of the original Prime Video. similarly, here on earth It also includes Isabella Bautista, who will play a member of the cartel alongside Huerta V Narcos: Mexico.

Blue Devil (2016-17) – 7.6

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The blue devil is standing with his arms crossed

Alejandro Muñoz Moreno, also known as the Blue Demon, was a legendary Mexican wrestler who made the sport of lucha libre more mainstream, and his legacy extends beyond just Mexico. A larger-than-life character like his deserves an over-the-top biopic treatment and that’s what happens blue devil as a fictional biographical series.

Huerta plays the masked wrestler, a role that allows him to show his emotional and comedic prowess. And with enough shirtless scenes in the ring, it’s a good setup for a more empowered role like Namor in his MCU feature! Dedicated to his art, Huerta chose wrestling for his performance.

Cine No. (2009) – 7.9

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Tenoch Huerta poses with gang members at Sin Nombre (1)

before writing He. She and guidance no time to die, Cary Joji Fukunaga broke out with his stunning Mexican-American appearance, sen number. This action-adventure film follows the journeys of a Honduran girl who dreams of immigrating to America and a boy caught up in a web of violence.

Like many of his roles, Huerta again plays a morally complex criminal. As a ruthless mob boss named Lil’ Magoo, Huerta erupted with his supporting act, drawing rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. “This character was very difficult but beautiful for me.” Those were Huerta’s words while describing Mago during the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Narcos: Mexico (2018-20) – 8.4

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Rafael Caro Quintero walks into a party in Narcos: Mexico

Rated as one of the best TV shows by Huerta and Diego Luna, The Mexican Show Narcos It gave Huerta some much-needed international presence alongside other famous Mexican stars like the aforementioned Diego Luna and Michael Peña. The narrative primarily involves the Guadalajara Cartel’s operations in Mexico as it operated in the 1980s and its dealings with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Mexican government.

Huerta landed a major role as drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero, a business partner of Luna’s Félix Gallardo. The actor anyway has plenty of experience in crime dramas, and he’s paying off in one of his most popular roles to date. While Quintero is one of the many villains he has played, it sheds light on how he tries to be different. Quoting his recent interview with Vice, “They [Mexicam film industry and Hollywood] They always call me to present the same character. He’s the bad guy – always. But I always make a different version.”

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