‘Tár’, ‘Triangle Of Sadness’ debut Good news for the specialty box office – Deadline

Focus Features’tar Opening in a limited edition to solid results with $160,000 in four locations in New York and Los Angeles for an average of $40,000 per theater, it’s one of the best PTAs since Covid and not bad for a two hour and 38 minute movie before the pandemic.

By solid reviews, Todd Field’s Cate Blanchett-starrer wasn’t. 1 in three of its four theaters — Lincoln Square and The Angelika in New York, and The Grove in Los Angeles — and plans to add 30 locations in 10 additional markets this week. It’s 97% with critics, and 80% with audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.

“It’s a big deal” that Tarr was the highest earner on Saturday for AMC’s multiple complexes, The Grove and Lincoln Square, said Focus Features Distribution President Lisa Bonnell. “We need to look at those signs as encouraging as bringing these adults to theaters again.” Bonnell noted that from anecdotal evidence, pending official polling data, the demo of the two-and-a-half hour PIC “appears not to who – which Old. It sounds like a great mix of female and male, over 50 and under. ”

Weekend looks like Friday – $64,000; Saturday – $53,000; Sunday – $43,000.

Focus said the $40,000 PSA ad is the second highest this year for a limited edition (A24 juggernaut). Everything everywhere at once It opened at an average of $50,000 per theater on ten screens in late March).

From producer, writer, and director Todd Field After a long hiatus, the film won Blanchett for Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival as lead Lydia Tarr, a brilliant musician who rose to the height of fame but offended her position in exploring a changing nature. Strength, impact and endurance in our modern world.

Tár opened alongside Cannes Palme d’Or winner Robin Ostlund sadness trianglefrom Neon, in 10 locations to debut $210,074 for a $21,007 PTA.

“It’s good news for niche films when you have two reputable films on the market doing business, and it’s a step in the right direction,” Bonnell said. “As we go into awards season, every week you will have niche films coming in and they will all perform at different levels. But the fact that we get people to watch these films is really important.”

sadness triangle A scathing comedy about the goofy relationship between strength and beauty as the famous couple, Carl (Harris Dickinson) and Yaya (Charlby Dean), are invited on a luxury cruise for the wealthy, led by a deranged boat captain (Woody Harrelson).

Alamo Brooklyn and AMC Burbank lead the way with 24.4K and 22.2K respectively in the weekend so far. The film, 73% talk with critics, 88% with viewers on Rotten Tomatoes clocks in at 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Opening too, new horror version, terrifying 2 From Iconic Events $825,000 gross and $1.23 million on 886 screens for the weekend valued at $931 for PSA advertising and no. 10 spot. The film had additional shows last week that were included in the market. The story of Art the Clown who is brought back to life by an evil entity to the shy town of Miles County as he begins targeting a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween.

IFC Films . Opened beautiful problems To debut this weekend at $7,500 on 27 screens for $278. The group comedy tells the story of a couple on the rocks who are dragged by absurdly wealthy strangers on a wine country vacation.

The career of Indian films on: Sarigama Cinemas Bonnin Sylvain: Part One They earned $910,000 on 500 screens for $1,820 and $2 per week for $5.7 million. The Telegu, or PS-1, hit was no. 9 at the domestic box office.

Prime Media opens Mojan Raja Telugu political crime thriller movie Spiritual father at 350 locations to a total of $540,000 in the local public weekend through Sunday, valued at $1.12 million, according to Comscore.

White Hill Studios opened Bib Bhangra Pound NE at 100 locations to debut this weekend with $520,000 for local consumption through Sunday at $674,351. This is an Indian Punjabi family comedy led by Pakistani actor Sohail Ahmed and directed by Amarjeet Singh Sarun.

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