Why Los Angeles’ ban on homeless camps near schools, nurseries has become a hot election issue | dad

LOS ANGELES – Echo Park resident Stan Gale was seriously considering moving from Los Angeles The 66-year-old chiropractor used to hear screaming and gunfire in the middle of the night on Glendale Boulevard, where a homeless camp occupied both sides of the street. He said thieves broke into his car, ripped off his mailbox and … Read more

South Korea opens investigation into deadly Halloween crowds in Seoul | dad

South Korean President Yun Seok-yeol visited an altar erected near Seoul City Hall to mourn the 154 people killed in a crowd, as his government launched an investigation into one of the country’s deadliest incidents in years. Yoon and his wife laid flowers and bowed their heads on Monday to remember the people who were … Read more

Russian missile strikes cut off Ukraine’s energy and water supplies | dad

Ukraine has warned of widespread power outages after a massive wave of Russian missile attacks on Monday destroyed electricity and water supplies across the country, including the capital, Kyiv. Meanwhile, the Kremlin has warned that grain shipments will be “more dangerous and more dangerous” after it pulled out of a deal allowing Ukrainian exports from … Read more

Does adversity make you stronger? Scientists say not always | dad

There is an old saying that adversity makes you stronger. Real life shows that this is not always true, but the adage highlights the evolving debate among scholars about resilience. After traumatic events and crises such as child abuse, gun violence, or a pandemic, what explains why some people are returning to normal, while others … Read more

Salary transparency laws aim to combat wage disparity | dad

NEW YORK (Associated Press) — Starting this week, New York City job seekers will have access to a key piece of information: how much money they can expect to earn for an advertised opening. New York will require employers starting November 1 to disclose the “good faith salary range for each advertised job, promotion and … Read more

Democrats boost Hoochul in tight race for New York governor | dad

New York (AFP) – Democrats have set up a super PAC in New York to bolster incumbent Cathy Hochhol, a sign of the party’s growing fears that, at a late stage, her Republican opponent Lee Zelden will create a blue-chip turmoil. condition. The panel set up by the Democratic Governors Association comes Friday as both … Read more