Biden’s 80th place, Pelosi’s exit and Trump’s return have highlighted future leaders

CNN – On Sunday, America will witness a unique moment in its history – when the current president turns 80. Administration aides would certainly like the other big family celebration at the White House this weekend — the wedding of President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi — to grab most of the headlines. The political sensitivities … Read more

Basement benefit: Biden knows when to get out of the way and Trump doesn’t

Give President Joe Biden credit for this much, especially in contrast to former President Donald Trump. He knows where he doesn’t want to be and when it’s time to go. This is why the Democrats outperformed in the midterm elections, and the Republicans look more like Trump’s circular firing squad than a confident ruling majority, … Read more

America just ignored Biden’s big climate law

Perhaps the best day for climate action in American political history was August 7, 2022, when the Senate overcame 30 years of sclerosis and passed the Reducing Inflation Act, the nation’s first comprehensive climate law. After that day, it was confirmed that the bill had been passed into law, passed through the House of Representatives … Read more

Inside Joe Biden’s Cautiously Optimistic Election Night

CNN – The story of President Joe Biden’s election night can be told by the two congratulatory messages he sent about four hours apart. The first went to Representative Abigail Spannberger of Virginia, and the second went to Pennsylvania Governor John Fetterman. Taken together, the messages are an initial signal to voters who seem bent … Read more

Biden’s agenda is on the line, as racy midterm elections don’t immediately reveal control of Congress.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – The 2022 midterm elections – nationally framed as a struggle between voters more interested in high inflation or eroding abortion rights – Democrats and Republicans are still wondering late Tuesday (November 8) who will take control Take control of the energy congress for the next two years. With several major races … Read more