Rail shutdown: Congress prepares to act after Biden calls on Capitol Hill to pass legislation ‘immediately’ to avert a strike

CNN – Democratic leaders say they may act as soon as this week after President Joe Biden on Monday called on Congress to pass legislation “immediately” to avoid rail shutdowns by adopting a preliminary agreement in September that labor and administration leaders agreed to. In a statement, Biden said, “I am calling on Congress to … Read more

Senator Markey explains why he will support Biden in 2024


OTR: Sen. Markey explains why he’ll support Biden in 2024 Updated: 1:35 PM EST on November 27, 2022 Hide text Show version ED: We’re back on the record with Senator Markey, kind of the lighting room. This round. If Joe Biden isn’t running, which Democrat would you like to see run? >> I’m with Joe … Read more

Biden continues to ignore Europe. It’s time for EU leaders to get the message out – POLITICO

Former US President Donald Trump was a useful bogeyman to Europe. His successor, Joe Biden, has proven to be even more sophisticated — a friend who says all the right things but leaves you on the hook when it counts. From Washington’s abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan to the blowout across the Atlantic over submarine sales … Read more

Biden’s Democratic education official claims, fear of obesity is based on white supremacy


The deputy director of the US Department of Education, who was appointed under President Biden, mocked evangelical Christians and claimed that democracy is based on “white supremacy,” according to her Twitter profile. Christina Ismail’s Twitter account went private on Monday, but not before Fox News Digital documented dozens of her claims about alleged ties between … Read more

The wedding of Biden’s granddaughter offers a youthful spin for the 80-year-old president

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attend the wedding of Peter Neal and Naomi Biden Neal, Saturday, November 19, 2022 on the South Lawn.

CNN – President Joe Biden will turn 80 this weekend, but the big party at the White House was for an entirely different, more youthful occasion. Biden’s great-granddaughter, Naomi Biden, married Peter Neal at the South Lawn White House on Saturday. One day after the wedding, Biden will mark his place in American history as … Read more

Biden’s 80th place, Pelosi’s exit and Trump’s return have highlighted future leaders

CNN – On Sunday, America will witness a unique moment in its history – when the current president turns 80. Administration aides would certainly like the other big family celebration at the White House this weekend — the wedding of President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi — to grab most of the headlines. The political sensitivities … Read more

Among the mangroves, Biden cultivates diplomacy

Bali, Indonesia CNN – President Joe Biden capped off a straight week of meetings with his foreign counterparts abroad—discussions centered on Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, the existential threat of climate change to the ground, and a pandemic that has unleashed food, energy, and economic crises around the world—with a final symbolic gesture in Bali. … Read more

Biden discusses Taiwan issue with China’s Xi Jinping, trying to avoid ‘conflict’

Indonesia - United States - China - G20 - Summit

Nusa Dua, Indonesia – The White House said President Joe Biden objected to China’s “increasingly aggressive and coercive measures” toward Taiwan and raised human rights concerns about Beijing’s behavior in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong during his first in-person meeting Monday with President Xi Jinping. At a press conference after the meeting, Biden reiterated the … Read more

Basement benefit: Biden knows when to get out of the way and Trump doesn’t

Give President Joe Biden credit for this much, especially in contrast to former President Donald Trump. He knows where he doesn’t want to be and when it’s time to go. This is why the Democrats outperformed in the midterm elections, and the Republicans look more like Trump’s circular firing squad than a confident ruling majority, … Read more

The computer chip ban signals a new era where Biden and Xi meet

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration’s move to block the export of advanced computer chips to China signals a new phase in relations between the world’s two largest economies — one where trade matters less than an increasingly intensified competition to be the world’s technological and economic leader. Military force. The aggressive move, announced last … Read more