Disney + Unexpectedly Drops Marvel Studios Special Edition 2

Marvel Studios' Special Presentation Intro Logo

Marvel Studios released their second Disney+ special next werewolf at night and before that Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. with the release of werewolf at nightThe MCU has launched an all-new Disney+ umbrella known as the Presentation Special. These one-off specials come with an all-new introductory bang to highlight these unique releases. After the … Read more

Marvel’s Nightly Werewolf & She-Hulk Released – From Specials Next Month

Marvel Studios has worked hard to finish off the list of Phase 4 projects, and after a project has been released, they tend to give us a behind-the-scenes look at their making. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law She recently concluded her first nine-episode season and also released her first special presentation with werewolf at night. The … Read more

Disney+ just broke the MCU Post-Credits Streak streak

werewolf by night, end, end, color

The post-credits scene has always been among the most iconic features of every new Marvel Studios outing — except for 2019 Avengers: Endgame. The trend has moved from blockbuster theatrical blockbusters to Disney+ with these featured picks appearing on all nine streaming series so far. Although there may not be one every week, all nine … Read more

Kevin Feige says Werewolf by Night introduces the main MCU faction

screenshot: Marvel Studios Mike Dougherty makes a file Trick cure sequel. shout 6 His schedule raises after the events of the last movie. The Simpsons Takes on He. She in the next”Treehouse episode of horror. In addition to the following star girl And the Dragon House. Spoilers away! code next Bassam Tarek’s passingBig Screen Leaks … Read more