Super Mario Bros.: Release Date, Actors, and Other Things We Know About the Nintendo-Illumination Animation

Video game franchises like vampireAnd the the silent Hilleven Pokemon It has been made into feature films a number of times since each game’s release, while perhaps being the biggest game series ever – Super Mario Bros. – He had one approach and did the big screen edits. Well, that will change in the very near future with Nintendo and Illumination’s Super Mario Bros moviewhich we hope will correct errors Live predecessor in 1993 and introducing the iconic plumber with an affinity for mushrooms to a new generation.

With a voice cast that includes the likes of Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, and one of the top talents, not to mention some great producers including the man who created Mario, there’s a very good chance he’ll get the signature Nintendo character. Quite the story of redemption When the movie hits theaters in the spring of 2023.

(Image credit: Lighting/Nintendo/Universal)

Super Mario Bros. movie will be shown. Theatrically in April 2023

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