Super Mario Bros movie. Recreates Mario and Luigi, Captain Todd, Pauline, musical numbers, and more

Alleged details of the Super Mario Bros. movie have been shared. online, giving insight into the film’s general plot and other information.

Source: Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020), Nintendo

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The claims came via Reddit user VelVoxel_Raptor. While it lacks credentials or evidence to prove its authenticity, a DMCA post may indicate that it is legitimate.

Source: Mario Subreddit

“Well I guess it was real then xD,” replied @Voxel_Raptor on his post after it was removed. However, the DMCA could also have been implemented so as not to give a false impression of the final film.

Source: @VelVoxel_Raptor, Reddit

As for the “potential plot of a Mario movie” itself (according to a screenshot from the original post shared on ResetEra), VelVoxel_Raptor opens “I’m just going to preface this with a ‘take everything with a grain of salt’, this is something that has been circulating quite a bit in the past few days, some People who claim to have seen a test or those who have spoken to someone who has seen it.”

“What’s interesting is that some of the different sources were ‘lined up’ with each other,” claimed VelVoxel_Raptor. “Maybe they’re copying from each other or they’re all from the same source but who knows. The last time something similar happened was with No Way Home, before the trailer came out, there were multiple sources lined up with the same details.”

“The only way to know whether or not these details are true is to wait until the trailer comes out, and then we’ll know. If this is real, be damned, big spoilers ahead,” warns VelVoxel_Raptor.

Source: Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020), Nintendo

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Starting with general details, VelVoxel_Raptor claims that “The art style is cartoonish and full of life and colour. It is said to be of a similar art style to Hotel Transylvania but with Mario.”

The humor is a bit mixed, it’s so bad/meta [sic] Not for everyone but no funny jokes or fart jokes, etc.” VelVoxel_Raptor somewhat confirms some of the assumptions made thanks to Illumination’s post, while smashing others.

Source: Despicable Me 2 (2013), Illumination Entertainment

“As for the character designs, Mario and Luigi have a slight redesign, and they also start the movie in more worn and dusty suits with a muted color scheme (Mario has a bluish-purple shirt instead of brown and Luigi has green overalls and a bluish-purple shirt as well),” claims VelVoxel_Raptor.

“They transition into their more iconic colors later in the movie and they have Brooklyn accents.” This would be consistent with the performance presented in the Super Mario Bros. cartoon. Super Show and live skits, other details were also revealed later.

Source: Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (1989), Saban Productions, DIC Enterprises, Nintendo of America

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“As for other characters, DK Jr.Puline and Toadsworth are said to be appearing. Named Daisy (sp?) dropped. There are some female frogs but not sure if any are specifically named Toadette,” claims VelVoxel_Raptor.

“There’s also a non-villainous character referred to as ‘Spike’ who shows up at the beginning and again at the end to congratulate her. He’s a greedy/bossy character.”

This aligns with Sebastian Maniscalco revealing he was voicing Spike, before revealing Chris Pratt (Mario), Anya Taylor-Joy (Peach), Charlie Day (Luigi), Jack Black (Bowser) and others.

Source: Wrecking Crew (1984), Nintendo

“When it comes to enemy types, there are, Goombas, Koopas, Hammer Bros, Bullet Bills (and their turrets), Banzai Bills, Lakitus and a couple of possible new enemy types,” claims VelVoxel_Raptor.

One of them is described as these black, toothy, ink-like things. The other is described as these cute little ninja things.” However, it is likely that these are the enemies of Fuzzy and Ninji – the first is a ball of fur, usually shown with stubble and falling hair or even liquid or filth.

Source: Evolution of – Fuzzy in Super Mario Games, NintenU, YouTube

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So, what about the plot? The film begins with narration by Charles Martinet—“the role of Mario’s famous voice actor who is not revealed in the movie—”as he goes through the various jobs Mario held before joining the Wrecking Crew. This seems to be inspired by the 1984 arcade game and NES game.

“He fights Donkey Kong and saves Mario in the ‘real world’ (still animated from his voice) New Dino City.” The leaker intended to say Mario fights Donkey Kong and saves another person, as “the combat is said to be really well designed and is very fast paced, especially when Mario gets the golden hammer, you can be a miss.” [it]“”.

Source: Super Mario Odyssey (2017), Nintendo

“Mario is famous nowadays. When he hears reports of gorillas and turtles fighting, he goes into the sewers to investigate,” VelVoxel_Raptor posits. “Underground there are tons of gorillas, some partying, others playing the drums.”

“He bumps into an older ‘cranky’ Donkey Kong—”Cranky Kong, canonically, would be the original Donkey Kong from the arcade games, while the Donkey Kong we’re currently seeing is his son—and tries to communicate (but can’t because Mario doesn’t speak gorilla).”

“They end up falling through a pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom.” Again, this would relate to the Super Mario comics after Mario discovers the Mushroom Kingdom via the warp tube.

Source: Super Mario 3D World (2013), Nintendo

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VelVoxel_Raptor says, “At some point in the beginning, we hear the first ‘song’ from the movie, coming from Jack Black.” In this song Bowser sings as we see his younger years and his desire to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Then he kidnaps Princess Peach, blows up the Mushroom Kingdom, and heads for his ship.”

“Mario and Captain Todd” — first seen in Mario Galaxy before gaining its own spin-off game — “go off on a journey to stop the buggy. At some point we get the second ‘song’ about plumbing,” says VelVoxel_Raptor.

Source: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014), Nintendo

“Luigi is concerned that Mario has been gone for a while so he goes into the sewers to investigate and ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom, specifically the ‘Forbidden Forest’ where he meets Yoshi. Mario goes to fight Bowser but is defeated.”

“Kamek drops him off the ship and into the Forbidden Forest where he meets Luigi and Yoshi,” explains VelVoxel_Raptor. “They got new costumes in their most popular colors and headed to the Bowsers’ castle.”

Source: Super Mario Maker 2 (2019), Nintendo

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“At some point they come across these three ‘Bowser Clones.’ They are mostly there to make jokes but once they are defeated they turn into this gross, unspeakable mix of enemies.” This would match how the classic Mario games had Bowsers fake the end of the world, turning into regular enemies upon defeat.

“At the point before the final battle, the last song plays as basically everyone sings. The Frogs sing about saving the princess, Mario and Luigi sing about not giving up hope, while Bowser and Peach argue to the beat of the song.”

Super Mario Bros. (1985), Nintendo

“At the end, Kamek gives Bowser a mushroom that makes him grow” — again, consistent with how the giant Bowser was a staple of Mario Bros. battles. final for managers.

VelVoxel_Raptor claims to “chase Mario and Luigi through this maze of tubes through many different locations”, including but not limited to a desert, an ocean, a jungle, and a cloudy area. Power-ups such as the fire flower and star also appear here (but nowhere else in the movie). “

Source: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (2019), Nintendo

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“Yoshi also fights with Kamik because they have some history. Kamik uses his wand to manipulate Yoshi into changing the environment and what not.” Not only does this match Yoshi’s Island series (where Kamek kidnaps a baby Mario and is thwarted by Yoshi), but how Kamek usually attacks by turning blocks into enemies.

“At the end of ‘The Chase’ they trick Bowser into cutting through the last tube and ending up in his lava pit.” Again, this is seen in the Mario Bros. games. Classic and other selection.

“Mario decides to open a plumbing service in the Mushroom Kingdom and that’s pretty much where the movie ends. The post-credits scene is a Bowsers skeleton.” This is likely a hint at “Dry Bowser” or Bowser’s revival.

Source: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009), Nintendo

VelVoxel_Raptor praises: “If this plot ends up / The way things work, it looks a little better than expected”. “It kind of feels like a Lego movie in a way with plot-themed songs and lots of different characters and locations. Of course some things deviate from the source material, but if you look at things like Sonic, it did pretty well despite not being 1:1” .

Source: @VelVoxel_Raptor, Reddit (via ResetEra)

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And video game journalist Jeff Grubb discussed the leaks, adding further credibility. A frequent source of behind-the-scenes information who recently accurately leaked the Street Fighter 6 reveal, discussed the alleged leaks on the 44 GrubbSnax podcast. (1:02:32)

Grubb called the post “pretty accurate”, but admitted there were “a few things wrong”. After reading through it, he noted, “One of the reasons I thought so [is legitimate]due to the recent delay.

“They were probably putting this out to test audiences, and maybe they weren’t too happy about it. Although it looks good to me. It looks good,” concludes Grubb.

Source: Mario Movie Spoils | GrubbSnax 44, Giant Bomb, YouTube

The aforementioned delay pushed the Super Mario Bros. movie from December 21 this year. “This is Miyamoto” Nintendo of America Twitter announce.

“After consulting with Chris San, my partner at Illumination, about the Super Mario Bros. movie, we have decided to move the global release to Spring 2023 – April 28th in Japan and April 7th in North America. My deepest apologies but I promise it will be worth the wait.”

Source: Nintendo of America, Twitter

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