Super Mario Bros (2023) movie

Split image showing Pauline and Bowser Jr. in the Mario franchise, and Mario in the Mario 2023 movie

11 must-have characters in Super Mario Bros.

The Super Mario Bros. movie is set to be released. In the year 2023, there are a lot of characters from fans of the franchise who would like to see them appear.

Anya Taylor Joy Princess Beach

Anya Taylor-Joy brings her Princess Peach to life in new pics

Super Mario Bros. star Anya Taylor-Joy brings the role of Princess Peach to life in new images, showing her love for the character.

King penguin looking mine

Super Mario Bros. Movie Star Defends Chris Pratt’s Voice

With the internet split over Mario’s voice over Chris Pratt, co-star Harry Payton steps in to defend him and explains that there’s more.

Super Mario Bros wario and waluigi movie

Wario and Waluigi may be missing from the Mario movie (and that’s fine)

It will make the Super Mario Bros. movie. Nintendo’s most iconic characters come to life on the big screen, but Wario and Waluigi shouldn’t be involved.

Keegan Michael Key Toad Mario

Super Mario Bros. movie Includes an impromptu Toad song, as a star says

Star Keegan-Michael Key reveals that Super Mario Bros. It will include an impromptu Toad song and explain how to find the character’s voice.

Princess Peach and Mario in promotional footage and a meme showing Peach

Super Mario: 8 Memes that perfectly sum up Princess Peach as a character

Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros. has a long history of kidnapping, but these memes show they’re capable of much more than most people realize.

Lighting Super Mario Bros. Chris Pratt as Mario

A linguist explains the actual problem with the voice of Mario to Chris Pratt

A language expert has broken down Chris Pratt’s infamous Mario voice, which has been a hot topic since the release of the trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie.

mario sonic movie

Super Mario Bros movie struggle is great news for Sonic 3

Super Mario Bros. movie On the way, that means Sonic the Hedgehog may finally have some worthy competition in the video game movie space.

Super Mario Bros. Donkey Kong movie

Mario’s voice isn’t the movie’s biggest challenge, it’s Donkey Kong

Despite the interest surrounding Chris Pratt’s Mario voice, getting Donkey Kong right is actually Super Mario Bros. the biggest challenge.

Super Mario Bros. Penguin Toad

Every character in Super Mario Bros

It will feature the Super Mario Bros. The most famous Nintendo characters fighting for the Mushroom Kingdom. Here are all the confirmed characters so far.

Super Mario Bros. Tara Miss Minute

A Super Mario movie should have an original voice actor, says Tara Strong

Prolific voice actor Tara Strong says Super Mario Bros. He should have had the original voice actor for the titular character in place of Chris Pratt.

Super Mario Bros. Penguins

The penguins in Super Mario Bros. reveal something great about the movie

The trailer for Super Mario Bros. features penguins in a central role, but leaves out popular Nintendo characters — but that might be a good thing.

Super Mario Bros. Mario and Bowser

The buggy is really the best thing about the Super Mario Bros. movie.

The trailer for The Super Mario Bros. to scattered audiences, but many people would agree that Bowser is indeed the highlight of a Nintendo movie.

Scared Super Mario Bros. Luigi

Why is Luigi afraid in the Super Mario Bros. trailer?

Luigi’s spooky scene in the trailer for Super Mario Bros. to the parts of the video game Luigi’s Mansion that are being adapted.

Bowser and Mario in Super Mario Bros. movie

Super Mario Bros. Movie: Every Character Confirmed

Chris Pratt stars as the plumber and legendary hero, Mario, in The Super Mario Bros. But who else will appear from the Mushroom Kingdom?

Super Mario Bros movie

Super Mario fans prefer the French movie title over Chris Pratt’s origin

Fans are taking to social media to express their preference for the French dubbing of Super Mario Bros. after hearing Chris Pratt’s voice over Mario.

Chris Pratt Super Mario Bros. Mario Voice

Is Mario’s voice for Chris Pratt…bad? Does it work for the movie?

Mario’s voice to Chris Pratt is completely disappointing in the brief moments he heard in the trailer for Universal Pictures’ Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros Chris Pratt movie

Yes, Universal knows you might hate the Super Mario Bros. movie.

Universal Pictures and Illumination was ready for your negative reactions to the first trailer for Super Mario Bros.

Mario looks anxious in the Mushroom Kingdom, while Bowser holds hands with the Indomitable Star.

Top 10 Twitter reactions to the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer.

Twitter, in particular, is particularly excited about the film’s first trailer, which brings to life the plumber’s exhilarating adventures.

Lighting Super Mario Bros. Chris Pratt as Mario

Super Mario Bros. fans disappointed with Mario’s voice for Chris Pratt

Video game fans are taking to social media to share their disappointing reactions to Mario’s voice over Chris Pratt in Super Mario Bros.

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