STMicroelectronics, in collaboration with Thales, powers

STMicroelectronics, in collaboration with Thales, brings the secure, contactless convenience of the Google Pixel 7 to life

The ST54K single-chip NFC controller and secure element are integrated with the Thales secure operating system for superior performance in embedded SIM, transit ticketing and digital car key applications

Geneva, November 9th2022 – STMicroelectronics Inc. (NYSE: STM)The leading global semiconductor company serving customers across a variety of electronic applications has revealed that its ST54K IC handles control and security for NFC contactless communications in the newly launched Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

Chosen by Google designers, the ST device combines NFC control and certified secure element into a single chip that saves space and simplifies phone design. Incorporating proprietary technologies that enhance the sensitivity of contactless NFC, the ST54K was selected to ensure the most reliable communication, deliver excellent contactless user experiences, and ensure the highest level of security for contactless transactions.

For Google’s Pixel 7, ST has bundled the ST54K with Thales’ secure mobile operating system (OS). The operating system meets the highest security industry standards and supports embedded SIM (eSIM) convergence with other secure NFC applications on the same ST54K secure element.

Marie-France Le Sau-Florentine, Vice President, Integrated Digital and Microcontroller Group, General Manager, Secure Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics, Inc. “Google selected the ST54K for its excellent performance, low power, and robust security that meets the highest CC EAL5+ guarantee. As a result, it ensures the best possible user experience and protection for contactless transactions.”

Emmanuel Angouran, Senior Vice President, Mobile Connectivity Solutions, Thales, added, “The combination of the ST54K with our secure operating system and customization capabilities provides a certified, advanced smartphone solution to support diverse digital services. These include an embedded SIM card for instant calling and digital wallet services, such as transit tickets and digital car keys. It is also the first in the Android ecosystem to support eSIM Multiple profiles possible.

Google Pixel 7 hit the market on October 7th. The ST54K single-chip NFC controller and secure element, together with the secure operating system from Thales, now represent a proven solution for reliable, high-performance contactless functionality in Android phones and are available to all OEMs without restrictions.

Technical notes for editors:

The solution jointly developed by ST and Thales enables the Google Pixel 7 to support the Car Delivery Consortium (CCC) Digital Car Key Stage 3 specification. Thus, the phone provides the functionality needed for users to securely transfer their car key to the phone, protected by the ST54K Secure Element. In addition, ticketing standards such as FeliCa™ allow Pixel 7 users to access public transportation using their phones.

Support for multiple enabled eSIM profiles enables convenient dual network connection, alleviating dependence on cumbersome physical SIM cards. With this, users can streamline the management of two mobile network operator subscriptions to separate billing for personal and business calls on the same phone, for example, or make it easier to access services while traveling.

Meeting the requirements for Android Ready SE (Secure Element), the combination of ST54K and Thales Secure OS will also provide Android phone designers with a StrongBox ready solution available from early 2023.

ST54K complies with all NFC standards, including ISO/IEC 18092 peer-to-peer active and passive mode, reader/writer mode according to NFC Forum™ tag specification, ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 14443 Type A & Type B card emulation mode . For more information, please contact your local ST sales office.

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