Snap and Vogue to bring virtual fashion trials to Cannes – WWD

Snap, in partnership with Vogue, is about to unveil a wave of augmented reality lenses at Cannes Lions that projects some of the latest high-fashion show looks in virtual form, the company told WWD in a new exclusive.

The exhibition, entitled “Vogue x Snapchat: Redefine the Body “, will present a new virtual fashion trial experience with select pieces from Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci, Kenneth Ize, Stella McCartney, Richard Quinn, Stella McCartney and Versace. The tech firm has worked with design houses on goals and plans to make them available to visitors of the Center d’art La Malmaison, as well as Snapchatters from around the world. The experience will be accessible in the mobile app via the Cannes map marker in the Snap Map tab or Dress Up in Lens Explorer.

The exhibition curated by Vogue’s European editorial director, Edward Enninful.

One of the tests offered by Richard Quinn
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The project is “a truly creative collaboration,” Betsy Kenny Lack, Snap’s vice president of global brand strategy, told WWD with teams working to translate physical garments into digital wearables. The effort highlights the work of top designers – to “push the boundaries of the changing form of fashion,” added Vanessa Kingori, British Vogue’s chief business officer – but for Snap, the show was also meant to show something. other: its AR technology. The company wanted to show “how expressive and engaging it is [it] it may be for the fashion industry, ”Lack explained.

Fashion and technology often come together in ways that can vary widely, from gimmicky to artistic. “Redefining” is clearly targeting the higher end of the spectrum, framing itself as an exploration of how technology transforms people’s experience of culture, creativity and fashion.

For the physical exhibition, all six rooms at La Malmaison will house bespoke environments designed to highlight each designer’s display, with the physical pieces on display alongside the AR experience. Goals will include virtual fashion, as well as an AR room experience, allowing work to extend beyond Cannes to Snapchat users everywhere. In total, seven trial and in-room experiences will be available.

The exhibition starts on Monday and will run until 24 June.

The Center d’art La Malmaison will host the “Redefining the Body” exhibition at the Cannes Lion, starting on Monday.
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As for what visitors will see, below are the detailed descriptions, developed by the maison themselves.


  • The exhibition hall of the French fashion house is shrouded in opaque darkness. Dense black curtains line the space, which houses two illuminated looks from Balenciaga’s 50th Couture Collection, and winks at the design of a historic dressing room.
  • The pieces are part of Balenciaga’s first Couture collection since 1968, the year in which the founder of the house retired.
  • Attendees can scan the room’s Snapcode to instigate different perspectives of the monochrome environment.
  • There will also be a Balenciaga custom AR experience, with trial lenses available for wearing the hot pink opera coat shown in the exhibit.


  • In the courtyard of the Center d’Art La Malmaison, a three-meter-high statue of a model wearing the revolutionary 1947 Dior New Look welcomes the guests of “Redefining the Body”.
  • Standing on a five-pointed star – a symbol of divine providence that inspired the superstitious founding designer to open his house in 1946 – he holds the iconic Lady Dior bag, an emblem of elegance for nearly three decades.
  • The Snapcode Snapchat reveals details of Dior Petites hand-stitching onto this statue as it descends from its star-shaped pedestal, blending ancient craftsmanship with digital technology.


  • In its exhibition hall, the Florentine house replicates the white grid and the illusionistic scenography of the funhouse mirror from the Exquisite Gucci show.
  • On the podiums, the mannequins exhibit the looks of this collection of exploration of masculinity, which imagined the dress as a suggestion of tailoring.
  • Using the Snapchat lens, Snapchatters can use the phone’s screen to warp its size, bringing to light colorful portals in a palette that reflects the atmosphere of the Exquisite Gucci show.
  • Snapchatters will be able to wear the tailoring, Gucci faux fur, aviator-style sunglasses and cap, revealed by moving mosaic grids.

Kenneth Ize

  • Kenneth Ize, whose brand founded in 2013 supports West African craftsmanship, has collaborated with Nigerian multimedia artist Jelili Atiku in an exhibition space featuring vivid reproductions of her paintings and public performances.
  • Inside this exhibition hall, colorful tapestries and upholstery are created using Aso oke, a hand-woven Nigerian fabric essential to Ize’s projects.
  • The mannequins display vibrant unique clothing, reflecting Ize’s commitment to craftsmanship.
  • Through the Snapchat AR experience, viewers can experience Ize’s West African story, brought to life through sound, and wear her tactile creations, which will ripple and unfold before their eyes.

Richard Quinn

  • A geometric grid of flowers and polka dots, the showroom of British designer and winner of this year’s BFC / Vogue Designer Fashion Fund Richard Quinn is enveloped in the idiosyncratic prints of his brand founded in 2016.
  • The lenses will reveal a magical garden, where blue roses magnify through a mist, growing before your eyes and giving Snapchatter the opportunity to watch as Quinn’s opera cloak and wide-brimmed balaclava appear on their bodies in a interactive twinkle vortex.

Stella McCartney

  • The exhibition hall of the British house founded in 2001 is transformed into a cave of gigantic colored mushrooms, where mannequins display cascading dresses with ruffles from the brand’s spring / summer 2010 collection.
  • The space is rooted in Stella McCartney’s spring / summer 2022 collection and campaign theme, “Mushrooms are the future of fashion and our planet”, with the designer being inspired by the potential of these incredible organisms to offer more solutions. sustainable from medicine to materials innovation.
  • The Big Mushroom will transform to show digital bees pollinating mushroom spores using Scan technology, and the test AR feature will unveil a mushroom-garlanded headdress along with a dress growing from fantastic mushrooms.


  • Golden tiles, Baroque columns, and Versace’s Medusa capture the Italian brand’s feeling of modern opulence within its exhibition hall.
  • On display are bondage-inspired pieces from the brand’s now legendary fall / winter 1992 collection, ‘Miss S&M’.
  • Snapchat brings the experience to life, letting Snapchatters wear buckle looks that transform into writhing snakes as the mythological Medusa comes to life and transforms into the viewer himself.