Rio Viera-Newton’s Zoom Skin Care Consultancy is the future of beauty

If the famous double-barreled moniker isn’t ringing many bells already, then Rio Viera-Newton’s now infamous Google doc for skin care might. A beauty writer and beautician, Viera-Newton’s career peaked when her Google Doc containing her skincare routine she created for close friends went viral. In fact, she types “Rio Viera-Newton” into Google, and four of the most frequent searches are variations of people looking for that very document. One of the others? “How does Rio Viera-Newton get her skin so beautiful?”

That’s a great question. One that led to her launching her Zoom-based skincare consultancy, helping people make their beauty budgets and closets work. So, for those of us who want to know how it does it – and how we can too – you can schedule a Zoom session with Viera-Newton itself. Which is exactly what I did.

My first thought? That glowing skin isn’t an Instagram filter. It is so radiant, in fact, that if he had told me it was the result of making homemade masks with custard and cat food, I probably would have tried. However, Viera-Newton didn’t always have “perfect” skin. In fact, she went through her teens swinging between eczema and acne, experiencing greasiness, dryness and back. Fed up with yo-yoing between the two, the Let’s face it: the secrets of a skincare obsession the author hit the internet and dove into product review forums and videos until she came across K-beauty. Her focus on soothing products with minimal ingredients worked and she fine-tuned her routine accordingly.


Today he’s helping me perfect mine. Let’s discuss my main areas of interest: hyperpigmentation, oily spots And dry spots and white spots. Above all, though, we focus on my dermatillomania, an obsessive-compulsive skin-picking habit that Viera-Newton knows well. I discuss some of the techniques I used to try to control it and look at what worked and what didn’t. Based on my experiences, he makes some recommendations. Two stand out for me: low light and frosting.

The former makes it more difficult to see perceived imperfections. Since I’m prone to picking in the evening, this is achievable and the more subdued glow means I don’t see my face immediately and feel disgusted. The second is brilliant. The act of icing (wrapping an ice cube in a clean cloth and gently pressing it on the points) is soothing and causes my brain to think it has “attacked” my skin, calming what is actually a desire. Regarding my beauty routine, I fill out a form before our Zoom chat stating what I tend to use morning and night, what I like and what I don’t like and what has traditionally worked for me or made me pop spots or a ‘rash .

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As someone who is guilty of craving for new products, I tell her I float among all kinds of lotions and potions and send a photo of my bathroom shelf in case it helps. It turns out that it is. Rio points out that I am slathering on a lot of active ingredients – AHA, BHA, Vitamin C … sometimes I make a commitment to take one for a while, other nights I throw them all into my hands and hope my nightly cocktail will work wonders. But there is no miracle overnight. Instead, I’m putting my skin barrier at risk. Rio asks me which of the products I like the feel of and why, so we decide to keep my Vitamin C Serum (Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop) as well as my BHA and AHA (both from my beloved COSRX) used twice a week and only on specific areas of my face. The rest takes the cut, at least for now.

The beauty of the advice is that it is tailor-made. I don’t need to drop everything and buy new things. I just need to really think about it Why I bought a few things and if they really work myself. Sure, I may have heard that Alexa Chung loves Augustinus Bader Rich Cream but as I have been remembering for years now, they are Not Alexa Chung. It might work for her, but I’d fool myself if I pretended my skin likes it too.

rio viera newton zoom skin care advice


Among the products I have, we keep Beauty Pie’s JapanFusion Pure Transforming Cleanser (a milk oil gel facial cleanser), my Etude House Collagen night cream and my favorite Thanks Farmer SPF 50 sunscreen. keep a common favorite: COSRX’s Snail Mucin. Yes, snail. So, not really custard and cat food, but not for the faint of heart either. I add an eye cream and take off a couple of new daytime moisturizer tips but overall, joy of joys, I can spend more time in bed because now I’m just splashing water on my face in the morning.

Till now? I am thrilled. For a few reasons:

  • I am no longer afraid of the contents of my bathroom cabinet. I’m going to reintroduce a product or two shortly, see how my skin reacts to them, and keep them or give them to a friend if they’re not for me.
  • My skin seems to be looking better. Maybe it’s the routine, but I think it’s the new skin pick prevention techniques too.
  • In part, it’s just talking to someone who gets it. There is no judgment when I reveal that I spent hours in the bathroom pitting my pores like I was looking for potatoes. There is kindness, empathy and humor. And for that alone, it is a winning service.

    The hour ticks by. I feel like I’m meeting a good friend rather than chatting with a consultant. And I barely have time to ask some questions in Rio …

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    What is your absolute skin care?

    ‘Tretinoin. I use a prescription. It has a gel-like formula and is very blendable, which makes uniform dispersion easier and reduces potential irritation. ‘

    How do you start incorporating it?

    ‘Retinoids are a marathon, not a sprint. You really have to be intentional about when you integrate it into your routine. There are many different ways you can use tretinoin depending on your skin type. Many people like to start with over-the-counter ones, build a tolerance, and then move on to trying stronger ones. Other people might dive in and place it between two moisturizers to dilute the formula. I recommend asking a lot of questions about the different ways you can use it [when prescribed it by a doctor] because I tried using it when I was much younger, and applied it like I would a regular moisturizer and my skin went crazy. While now I know how to best use it. ‘

    What new products are you getting excited about right now?

    ‘I just finished the Then I Met You moisturizer which I thought was great, a really elegant formula. It’s light weight and non-greasy, but it offers a great wave of moisture which I really appreciate.

    “Another thing I have tried that I think is great is The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Serum. Dark circles are a big problem for me and I have a lot of shadows under my eyes. Caffeine helps to narrow the blood vessels under the eyes and can break free. temporarily of that shadow. Before a Zoom chat, like this one, where I want to look a little cuter and a little livelier, I’ll apply it. It’s also so convenient. ”

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    You’re going on vacation – what do you get?

    ‘I’m actually going to New York next week, so let me think! Traveling is always the most annoying thing about skincare because, as I said before, skincare does its best when you are consistent with what you are using. I used to just throw samples in my bag and then blow up when I was on vacation.

    ‘I love a moisturizer in a tube when I’m on the go. And I’ll always carry some moisturizing toner with me. I usually transfer or buy samples of a product I already own due to the size limits. The Tatcha one, for example. Pat McGrath just launched an essence that is fabulous. So I have small samples. And I usually bring a cleaner. Probably the Neogen Green Tea Cleaning Stick. ‘

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