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Back in 2016, audiences were introduced to the motiveless mass murder of The Art of the Clown horrifying. Probably The scariest clown in the history of horror (Sorry Pennywise), art doesn’t speak a word as it terrorizes and maims party-goers on Halloween night. Six years later, the movie maker Damien LyonHe, along with his crew and loyal fans, has put together a sequel to what may be an even bigger, scarier, and more terrifying story than he previously imagined.

After the release of the first horrifying The film’s writer/director Damien Leone was under pressure to sell the rights to his Art the Clown character and scale back his increasingly ambitious script for Terrifying 2. Rather than agree to the larger studios’ terms, Leone sought funding from private investors and started an Indiegogo campaign where fans donated to make the second film, making it possible for Leone to still stick to his vision; Vision beyond the sequel, with Leon stating that he has enough material for the Terrifying 3and perhaps a Terrifying 4. In fact, fans raised nearly three times the target during the first week, totaling more than $250,000 by the end of the campaign. With that funding and public support, Leon and the team are behind it Terrifying 2 I set out to do something new. The new protagonist of horrifying Story seems to be a potential next star horrifying Film Series, Meaning Terrifying 2 It would be the first step towards his fans’ greatest dreams or nightmares.

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Watch Terrifier 2 Trailer

in charge Terrifying 2 The trailer, which was released on August 24, 2022, sees viewers look at a reanimated killer clown stalking a young woman and her little brother in the days leading up to Halloween in what promises to be an even bigger and bloodier production. Art, dressed in his signature black and white outfit, with a beanie and a mouth of rotting teeth, can be seen dancing, laughing maniacally, and pursuing the protagonist while drenched in blood. whose blood? You will have to watch to find out for yourself.

This wasn’t the first look fans got of the sequel, however, as Leone released a trailer on his personal YouTube page in July 2020, around the time this production took place. Also available on the filmmakers’ personal channel are raw footage from the sequel, A Look At horrifying the comic book version, and the heavily seen time lapse of Art the Clown’s full prosthetic and make-up transformation.

When does Terrifier 2 come out?

After years spent talking to studios, raising money, and pausing production in 2020, Leon and horrifying The crew announced the official release date. in time for HalloweenAnd the Terrifying 2 It will hit screens October 6, 2022, after its world premiere at FrightFest in late August.

Where can you watch Terrifier 2?

Terrifying 2 It will have a theatrical run for a limited time Before it was made available to view exclusively on Screambox streaming platform. Screambox and Bloody Disgusting media brand’s manager Brad Miska He previously noted his excitement for slasher finding its home on the platform and stated that fans aren’t ready for what’s to come.

What is Terrifier 2 about?

in Terrifying 2It’s been a year since Art the Clown went on a killing spree this Halloween, and as the holiday approaches once again, a reanimated killer is hunting for his next victims. Sienna and her younger brother Jonathan discuss their Halloween and costume plans with their mother, who becomes concerned when Jonathan states that he wants to dress up as a killer clown. The same clown who later turns up covered in blood on their doorstep, sneaking quietly behind Sienna at a local costume store, or on stage at a children’s show. Sienna and her friends prepare for a stress-free night out, but when Sienna gets a call from Jonathan, she knows something is wrong. Will Sienna be able to save her little brother, or will she end up as a classic tragic final girl?

Leone faced criticism for his debut film’s lack of narration in the first film horrifying The movie, although some might say this made the movie scarier, like Gabe in US office Who famously said that in horror movies, even the narrative is a relief. Either way, the filmmaker set out to make a character-oriented script for the sequel. As a result, most of this new story will revolve around Sienna Shaw, a teenaged main character, who was conceived early in Leone’s career for a project that was eventually cancelled. Now the heroic character, donning her angel costume, is finally getting a starring role in what may be the first in a future multiverse horrifying projects.

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Will any of the cast members return for the first movie?

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Samantha Scafidi She reprises her role as Victoria Hayes from the first film, who narrowly escaped Art the Clown, though it can be hard to recognize her behind her new prosthetics. In the first film, the final girl Vicki narrowly escapes her encounter with Finn, who ate the flesh from her face as she lay helpless on the floor. Vicki’s updated appearance shows the damage the Clown was able to inflict before his apparent death. In addition, the two police officers who were on the scene will appear, as they will Michael Levythe headless exterminator of the first horrifyingwho takes on the role of club announcer in the sequel.

Who’s in the Cast of Terrifier 2?

David Howard Thornton He will reprise his role as Shrewd the Clown. Primarily known for his role as Limitless, Thornton is also a voice actor and has appeared as another crazy clown, the Joker (Yes, this one) at Nightwing: Step up.

The protagonist Sienna Shaw will be represented by Lauren Lavera Who became famous for the role of Ciara in 2017 Netflix Marvel series Iron fist. Jonathan, a homicidal maniac, will be cast Elliott Follmana rising actor who started his career in 2018, appearing in the TV series Instinct. Recently, Follman has been lending his voice to the children’s series Get rolling with Otis.

Where did you see the first scary movie?

the first horrifying The movie is available to stream on Prime Video using Screambox. Prime Video costs $8.99 per month after a 30-day free trial and the Screambox add-on will cost you another $4.99 per month after trial. Alternatively, the 2016 slasher flick can be purchased on YouTube or Google Play for $2.99, or through Apple TV for $5.99.

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