PROVEN Skincare awarded for best use of technology at Glossy Beauty Awards 2022 –

Glossy Beauty Awards recognize brands and influencers who set the standard for marketing and business innovation in the beauty industry

SAN FRANCISCO– (BUSINESS WIRE) –PROVEN, the expert in personalized skincare, was awarded Best Use of Technology at the Glossy Beauty Awards 2022 for its Skin Genome Project ™. Founded in 2017 by Ming Zhao and Dr. Amy Yuan, PROVEN creates customized skincare products that fit you as you move through life. PROVEN’s Skin Genome Project ™, the largest beauty database in the world, enables PROVEN to understand the individual needs and concerns of its skincare customers and create customized skincare products as unique as they are.

“Amy and I founded PROVEN to bring personalized skin care to women around the world through the development and use of innovative and revolutionary technologies,” said Ming Zhao, co-founder and CEO of PROVEN. “Being recognized by the amazing Glossy team for our use of technology is humbling for the entire PROVEN team. Since our founding in 2017, we’ve built industry-leading technology that allows us to create custom products unlike anything ever available to the public. We thank our dedicated and growing customer base, our fantastic team and all the people who have supported us along the way. There are many exciting things coming to PROVEN and we couldn’t be more excited about this honor. ”

Speaking of PROVEN being honored for best use of technology, Glossy said, “Traditionally, finding new skin care products has been a game of trial and error, but the Skin Genome Project has eliminated the guesswork. The company has taken inspired by the experience of a dermatologist’s visit, with the client quiz designed to mimic professional advice, and its products are designed to adapt to different needs over time. Two years after its launch, PROVEN achieved an annual turnover of 22 million dollars and customers are becoming loyal and genuine fans of the brand. When its first new products were announced, amassing a waiting list of over 6,000, 80% of new customers chose to subscribe to the products rather than take a one-time purchase “.

PROVEN was founded in 2017 by Ming Zhao and Dr. Amy Yuan. Ming was in the midst of a career in private equity, working long hours when she began to notice that her skin quality was suffering. She went on a personal mission to find products to solve her problems, but she found that most were expensive, didn’t work consistently, and the trial and error of trying to find something that worked took a long time.

She talked about it with her friend Amy, who happened to be a computational physicist at Stanford, who was tackling her skin problems. Recognizing that the beauty industry lacked a brand that offered personalized and effective solutions, the two joined forces to create a holistic and personalized approach to skincare that is fully supported by technology. The result was PROVEN, which harnesses the power of big data and artificial intelligence to create customized skincare products.

PROVEN creates simple, personalized and clinically proven skincare products on a large scale thanks to its patented Skin Genome Project ™, the largest beauty database in the world. The Skin Genome project takes the following data into consideration in order to create customized products for consumers:

  • The effectiveness of over 20,238 skin care ingredients.
  • Information on over 100,000 individual products (luxury, prescription, generic).
  • Over 20 million testimonials from real people.
  • Over 4,000 scientific publications.
  • The hardness of the water, the level of humidity and the UV index a customer is in.

PROVEN currently offers five products tailored to customers’ unique needs. Products include custom cleanser, custom day moisturizer, custom night cream, custom day eye cream, and custom night eye cream. The products can be conveniently purchased as systems or purchased separately.

PROVEN is an alumnus of Y Combinator, the American tech startup accelerator, and the recipient of the 2018 MIT Artificial Intelligence Technology Award. The company has achieved over $ 20 million in revenue in less than two years.


PROVEN is a technology company that harnesses the power of big data and artificial intelligence to create customized skincare products. At PROVEN we are building a global self-care movement based on technology and personalization. Through our patented Skin Genome Project ™, the largest beauty database in the world, we have analyzed over 25 million consumer testimonials and 4,000 scientific articles related to skin to create simple, personalized and clinically tested skincare products. PROVEN is a Y Combinator alum and winner of the 2018 MIT AI Technology Award. Learn more at


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