Pixel 7 should be on your Black Friday wish list, if your vacation is like mine

If your vacation is like mine, you need help. Although I like to call my family and loved ones during the holidays, I often just hang with my phone. When I think about what kind of help I need during the holidays, I’m glad Google sent me Pixel 7 for the test, because it is one of the Best Pixel Phones Absolutely, and it should definitely be on your wish list, especially with Black Friday deals fast approaching.

Usually two holidays include celebration, whether it is parties at work or parties with friends: there will be a feast. I’d like to travel to see my family abroad, but if I can’t, I’ll just video calls in my pajamas. We’ll reveal gifts and review all we have. In the end, we will leave memories, perhaps some pain and exhaustion, and sales receipts to remind us of everything.

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