opinion | Biden and Harris should withdraw from the 2024 election


During a torrent of political news this fall, she bounced off a massive, barely noticeable boulder. He has made clear why Joe Biden is not seeking another term. Democrats must confront this fact immediately, and this fact: Evidence from Mount Everest shows that Vice President Harris is completely unfit to be considered his successor.

The Rock: During a recent meeting with some progressive activists, Biden said his $426 billion student loan forgiveness was done through a “law” he had “just signed”: “I went through a vote or two.” No Him. she did. no.

Biden wasn’t just beautifying his accomplishments again. This is not just one of his verbal binaries. There is no less than terrifying explanation for his complete confusion. What vote? Who voted?

After repeated unilateral extensions of the loan moratorium until election season, Biden unilaterally implemented the windfall gains for millions of voters. Congress was not involved in this jar of money from the Treasury, in violation of the Appropriations Clause of the Constitution.

It’s scary that Biden doesn’t know or remember what he’s done recently regarding a very important policy. It should be assumed that he is prone to similar bouts of bewilderment in the future. It should leave the public theater on January 20, 2025.

Jonathan Kephart: Biden will run again

So should cum. Woodrow Wilson’s Vice President Thomas R. Marshall joked, “Once there were two brothers. One ran into the sea. The other was elected Vice President of the United States. Never heard of either of them again.” I’ve heard Kamala Harris enough.

Verbal meander texts cannot convey their frightening weirdness. A must watch for their videos. Meanwhile, here are her Prussian thoughts on broadband in Louisiana: “The governor and I were taking a library tour here and talking about the importance of the passage of time. Right? The importance of the passage of time. So, when you think about it, there is a lot of importance to the passage of time in terms of what has to be We have to do to stretch these wires, and what we have to do to create these jobs. And the passage of time is so important when we think about a day in the lives of our children…”

What made her most excited about the inflation reduction law? “I have a special fondness, I have to tell you, about electric school buses. I love electric school buses. I really do… I have been to these electric school buses… 25 million children in our country, every day, go to school in those… Diesel school buses. And hundreds of thousands of school bus drivers drive those buses. And so they are, these people—these kids, these adults—breathing toxic air.”

Harris at an international conference: “We will work together, and we will continue to work together, to address these issues, to address these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work with the new standards, rules and agreements, that we will work on coming together to work together.” “We will work together,” she added.

Harris in Poland: “I’m standing here on the north side, on the east side, talking about what we have as far as the east side and our NATO allies…”

Harris in Space: “Space – it affects us all, it connects us all.” On whether Democrats have “failed” by not legalizing abortion rights in federal law: “I think that, to be honest with you, I think we should have gotten it right, but we certainly think some issues have just been settled.” On fairness: “Fair treatment means we all end up in the same place.” On the border: “We have secure borders in that that is a priority for any country, including our own and our administration.”

enough. It looks, as did the critic He saidLike someone giving a book report about a book you haven’t read. Her style is self-satisfied, exaggerating her abilities. Lacking natural talent, she needs to be prepared, but she clearly does not. Complacency and arrogance make a destructive compound.

Regarding Biden and Harris, the NDP faces two leadership tests: its pass cannot be granted again for either. Biden is not just past the height of his reign. Even enough in his past. This is Prime Harris.

In 2024, the Republican Party may present the nation with a presidential candidate who proves unfit. After next Tuesday’s election results, Democrats must not insult and endanger the nation by doing the same.

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