Moon Knight’s latest combat highlights just how much he’s changed since his debut

warning! spoilers ahead Crypt of Shadows #1Moon KnightHis last fight is a rematch against his first opponent, confirming how far he has come since his introduction to the comics. When Moon Knight First appearing in the pages of Marvel Comics, he’s not yet the vehicle for all things Egyptian mythology, and he’s not head to head with a trio of voices that aren’t Marc Spector. Moon Knight was a simpler man for her time, a mercenary willing to get his hands dirty for the right price. Before he became a superhero battling mental illness, Moon Knight was just a guy looking to get paid to punch a werewolf.

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Moon Knight is a very different character today than he was in his first appearance nearly half a century ago. Much of what he now knew was either part of his original conception under various circumstances, or was completely absent. Moon Knight’s quest regularly brings him into conflict with things that go bump in the night, and his recent battles have brought him back to the mash-up monsters that started it all.

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Marvel Crypt of Shadows is an anthology of short horror stories, much like Tales from the Crypt or Twilight Zone. Among the tales is “Werewolf by Moon Knight” by Rebecca Raunhorse and Jeff Shaw, which references the roots of the squabbling moon wolf. Moon Knight first appeared in 1975 Werewolf by Night #32 by Doug Munch and Gil Kane, as Spector is hired by the mysterious Committee to capture a werewolf by Knight Jack Russell. Here the Moon Knight got his first outfit, its shimmering white color as a result of the silver interwoven into it. On his “first” mission as the Moon Knight, Spector was specially equipped to act as a physical curse on a werewolf: simply touching the Mark would cause the werewolf agonizing pain. Moon Knight manages (repeatedly) to subdue the werewolf in a series of brawls over the next two issues, but upon handing in his prize, is disgusted to learn that the Committee intends to use Russell as their chain-link killer. Spector freed Russell under the light of a full moon, and former adversaries united to brutalize the commission members and influence Russell’s escape into the night.

Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night’s match is very different from their first encounter

While this is the first time Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night have crossed paths, their fates often remain intertwined. Marc Spector and Jack Russell have been running into each other for decades, as allies and enemies (and once as part of a three-way fight with the X-Men Gambit), and recent years have revealed Khonshu’s relationship with werewolves. Werewolves are associated with the full moon, monstrous berserkers that the Egyptian moon god fashioned as his own tools. Their slavery to Khonshu is personified during the 2020 “Age of Khonshu” storyline in The Avengers (vol. 8) #33-37 Written by Jason Aaron and Javier Jarron, where monsters serve as part of God’s globe-spanning army.

Moon Knight’s relationship with werewolves is a long-running one, and Crypt of Shadows Completes how it all began. Most of Moon Knight’s interactions were with the original Werewolf of the Night, Jack Russell, though this encounter brought him into brief conflict and contact with the other man to take up the mantle, Jake Gomez. Gomez and his cousin, Molly, quickly discover that the Halloween party they are invited to is a trap set by a mysterious werewolf figure and his minions in an attempt to recruit Gomez. Instead, the werewolf followers decide to challenge Gomez in a misguided attempt to impress his master. After some inhuman brawling, Moon Knight crashes the party, discerning a werewolf is the one who needs a beating, and proceeds to give Jake and Molly a chance to escape the spooky mansion. What stands apart from Moon Knight’s first appearance, however, is that this time he fights the Werewolf by Night to fulfill his duty to protect travelers in the night, rather than money.

Moon Knight and werewolves have been linked since Moon Knight first appeared in 1975. As the moon-powered protector of those who travel by night, it should come as no surprise that creatures that derive their existence from the lunar cycle are a constant in his life. Perhaps with his brief encounter with Jake Gomez Moon Knight He took his first step towards a new, healthier relationship with Werewolf by Night.

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