Mindfulness exercises if meditation isn’t your thing

The point of meditation is to surrender and give up control, says Tamarin Oblowitz, MA Clinical Psych, spiritual and holistic therapist and founder of EmpowHER Healing. Raise your hand if the thought of giving up control sounds terrifying. For those of us who aren’t big fans of meditation, that’s fine – there are other modes of mindfulness we can try that offer similar benefits (think: decreased anxiety, higher self-awareness, more creativity). Below, Tamarin shares three mindfulness exercises for you to try if you’re not a fan of meditation.

1. A grounding exercise

“Sit upright in a chair with the soles of your feet flat on the ground beneath you. Gently close your eyes. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Now, vividly imagine a grounding cable attached to the coccyx of the spine. Imagine this ground wire anchored in the rich, fertile soil beneath you. It is helpful to make the “connection” at least as wide as the hips. This ground wire can be any color and can be the look you want. It can be anything that attracts you and helps you feel connected (e.g. a large tree, a waterfall, a ship’s anchor, a pillar of light, crystals cascading into the center of the earth, a certain color, etc. ) This ground wire helps you feel calm, grounded, grounded and connected to your body and yourself.

Visualize, feel or feel a connection drop from the coccyx area into this special region in the center of the earth. Sit back and feel the connection with the earth. Notice how you feel two minutes after connecting to the ground wire and internalize the grounding feeling / energy that emanates from this exercise.

2. Being in your body exercises and clears blockages

“The following exercise allows you to connect with all areas and energy centers in your body, allowing you to be and feel more aware and grounded in times of heightened anxiety and stress.

Start with your attention at the top of your head. Notice a beautiful white light entering the top of your head. As this white light enters the top of your head, it clears and purifies the thoughts that are causing you worry or anxiety. Now follow this white light as it dances downward between your third eye, the point between the eyebrows. Notice how it clears any energy that prevents you from connecting to your intuition. Now allow this white light to move to every part of your body, moving through your throat and purifying any energy that prevents you from speaking and communicating / expressing how you feel.

This white light then moves gently through your heart center, clearing and purifying any energy that prevents you from loving and forgiving yourself and loving and forgiving others. Now feel the white light moving rapidly through the stomach area, clearing and sweeping the stomach of any energy that is preventing you from feeling more confident, powerful and worthy.

This white light continues to descend through your body, then dance around your pelvic area, freeing and purifying this area of ​​any energy that prevents you from feeling creative. Finally, this bright, powerful and luminous light moves through the coccyx of the spine, clearing and purifying any fear-based and anxious energy. Once this energy has been purified in your tailbone, you can even go back to the top of your head and start all over again if you wish.

3. Focus on the breath: 4-4-8

“Breathing is completely underestimated and it is scientifically proven that when we are connected to our breath, we can calm our nervous system, especially when it is activated. One of the magical recipes for breathing, which I often use with my clients (and with myself when I feel tense or anxious), is the 4-4-8 method: inhale or inhale for four counts, hold the breath for four counts , and exhaling for eight counts. Repeat several times until you feel grounded, calm, centered and aligned and until you feel your heart rate slow.

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