Marvel officially ranks each of the Avengers heroes by force

Fans have long debated which The Avengers And the X-Men They are Marvel’s true mightiest heroes, with each new rematch between Thor and Hulk, Namor and the Thing, Captain America and Black Panther providing new fodder for speculation. While the correct answer to any ‘versus’ question will always be that the person the creative team wants to win will find a way, superhero stories traditionally present some form of logical conundrum – how does a hero with X-powers confront a villain (or fellow hero) who has the power of Y.

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Because of this, fans are always looking for reliable sources to compare heroes’ abilities, and there are few more reliable sources than Marvel themselves. While the stories tended to add some twists to the hero vs. hero fights so fans could never be sure they saw the final projection, other resources were much more frank, and one picture of The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15 It’s the holy grail when it comes to any of them “Who is the strongest?” A question.

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In a massive ‘infographic’ by Mark Greenwald and Bob Layton – and narrated by Spider-Man himself – Marvel runs through each of its main heroes, dividing them into super-heavyweights, heavyweights, super-middleweights, and human-level powers. It’s a surprisingly comprehensive list, and even though it came out in 1981, it’ll be a gift to anyone trying to understand just how different the X-Men and Avengers heroes are in terms of raw physical strength. The menu is even clear about what to do with physical Strength, not full strength, which means some heroes are cornered more thoroughly than anywhere else.

Captain America leads Marvel’s heroes on a human level

Marvel's Mightiest Heroes Captain America

Spider-Man lists Falcon, Ka-Zar, Iron Fist, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Moon Knight, Daredevil, the Shroud, Wolverine, and Hawkeye at their highest levels of human strength. These are people who, through artificial means or training, have reached the “Peak of Human” level, To become as strong and agile as the human body while not going beyond those limits. Despite Captain America and Black Panther’s immense strength and skills, it’s worth noting that neither of them technically have “super” strength, since they’re well within human limits – which is a big part of what makes them so awesome. Some heroes like Ka-Zar and Moon Knight have evolved in power since then – Marc Spector sometimes gets stronger according to the phases of the moon, and Ka-Zar can draw on the strength of animals – but that status quo remains largely reliable.

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She-Hulk & Colossus are powerful, but not the strongest

Colossus is the Hulk

The middleweight roster consists of Tigra, Nighthawk (During the Night), Spider-Woman, X-Men Beast, Werewolf by Night, Captain Britain, and forgotten hero Aquarian. While Captain Britain’s powers have changed dramatically since this period, and it is likely that he will collide in at least two categories, again these classifications remain largely accurate, although the Werewolf by Night and Beast occasionally adopts different guises that may increase of its strength.

Here are the super-heavyweights, made up of Valkyrie, She-Hulk, Luke Cage, Goliath, Colossus, Ghost Rider, and – shockingly – the Silver Surfer. While the Surfer is one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes, note that his true strength lies in commanding the Power Cosmic, and the ranking only applies to physical strength. Colossus argues that at this point in time he is still a teenager, and will be stronger as he gets older. Arguably, gigantic she has He’s gotten stronger over time, but Marvel recently made it clear that he’s still a lot weaker than Thing, which means he stays in that category. Spider-Man also assigns himself to this class, although he notes that his speed and agility can help him compete against much stronger opponents. Most objectionable here is She-Hulk, who has battled the next-ranked champions on equal footing, but the list was created only a year after her debut, and Jennifer Walters’ steady evolution in power was an admittedly part. superhero trip.

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Mightiest Marvel Heroes Ever

Marvel heavyweights are given the second rank like the Thing, Namor, Doc Samson, Sasquatch, Vision, Thundra, and Black Bolt. It should be noted that many of these heroes derive their abilities from gamma radiation, showing how Hulk lore defines Marvel’s most powerful heroes. Namor notes that he is much stronger underwater, and is perhaps the hero whose strength fluctuates the most between stories. Some fans would be surprised to see Black Bolt miss out on the first category – since his voice is capable of destroying the heavens – but as with the Silver Surfer, this is due to his energy projection, not his physical strength.

Marvel's Most Powerful Heroes Ever

Finally, Marvel gives the super heavyweight bracket the Hulk, Thor, Hercules, Wonder Man, and Iron Man, with Hulk rightly arguing that he should really be in a power class of his own. Iron Man is the surprising inclusion here, but he does note that this is his maximum possible strength, and that with a strong enough energy source, he can boost his armor to that level in order to “About two seconds.” The gods Hercules and Thor continue their traditional banter about who is the strongest, though Thor’s recent ascension to All-Father currently holds the top spot.

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Missing names

Captain Marvel's vigilante is the most powerful superhero ever

This list came out in 1981, and it didn’t leave out a couple of famous heroes who either didn’t exist yet or weren’t as prominent as they are today, but the comic continuity here provides the answer. For example, in Second Civil WarCaptain Marvel defeated Iron Man in a straight fight when Tony Stark was trying as hard as he ever did, and World War Hulk Watch the Hulk vigilante match hit-for-hit, placing both in the super heavyweight bracket. Likewise Rogue, whose strength is double that of Captain Marvel or Wonder Man, depending on the era. While Venom may be stronger than Spider-Man, he traditionally isn’t much, which makes him a very comfortable middleweight. With so many heroes covered in the official photo, it’s almost easy to break down those few whose fame has grown ever since.

The fun of the Marvel stories is that strength isn’t the deciding factor in combat – one of Spider-Man’s most famous victories was tricking Juggernaut onto wet cement and burying him underground – but having some understanding of these categorizations makes it more so. Impressive when Captain America finds a way to take on the Hulk, or Colossus is able to hold his own against Thor. when it comes to The AvengersThey may be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but it’s skill, intelligence, and determination that usually win the day.

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