Mario’s 7 strangest powers

Super Mario And his brother Luigi Mario hit the platform scene for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985 with Super Mario Bros. This was a follow-up to the 1983 arcade title Mario brotherswhich was a completely different show from the plumbing-based adventures that went viral Super Mario. becomes the official mascot of Nintendo, Mario It has grown from strength to strength with each iteration of Nintendo Home Consoles. Featuring multiple cartoons, he wrote the 1993 classic live-action film and the CGI film Illumination released in 2023.

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Mario’s origins have changed over the years, but he starts out as an Italian plumber who ends up in the mysterious mushroom kingdom on a quest to save Princess Daisy. This strange mushroom-based land was filled with Koopa Troopers, Goombas, Bullet Bills, Piranha Plants, and many more deadly creatures. A simple plumber won’t be able to defeat them without some help. After smashing blocks floating in the air, within some of them Mario discovers strange items that will give him some really weird powers.

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7/7 bee mushroom

Super Mario

Super Mario Galaxy 2 It was a beloved entry to the series and a follow-up to Wii Super Mario Galaxy. It is set across an entire galaxy rather than a world or land giving players an incredible amount of exploration and variety to experience.

This bee mushroom gave Mario the powers of a bee, quite literally. Once Mario has one of these mushrooms, it gives him the ability to fly, he can walk on clouds, and he can also stick to honeycombs in levels. Being a bee was one of the most ridiculous powers in the entire Mario franchise.

6/7 carrot

Super Mario

In the world of Mario Land in Super Mario Land 2 For GameBoy, carrots weren’t just a healthy snack. Picking one of the carrots will turn Mario into the rabbit Mario, one of the transformations if not the best in the entire game.

Little rabbit ears would stick out of Mario’s hat, and would allow him to slowly descend by flapping or even hovering for a short period of time. Super Mario Land 2 It is also where an angry enemy known as Wario first appeared.

5/7 double cherry

Super Mario

This strange transformation first appeared in Super Mario 3D World. When those cherries are eaten, you’ll create a version of Mario that can be used in clever ways to bypass some of the puzzles seen throughout the game.

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On top of solving puzzles, having a version of Mario gives players an edge. As long as they controlled both Marius well, they effectively provided additional life, as long as the clones were still alive. If an enemy clone attacks it will disappear leaving Mario less clone again.

4/7 mega mushroom

Super Mario

Players will likely see the first power-up in any Mario title in the Mushroom Kingdom as the Super Mushroom. This mushroom doubles Mario’s size and allows him to deal extra damage. Instead of dying, Mario will shrink back to normal size.

Mega Mushroom was introduced in New Super Mario Bros Much larger than the fancy mushrooms. This is because when they are consumed they transform into a giant Mario for a short period of time. While he’s gigantic, Mario can crush enemies, blocks, and pipes without causing any damage at all.

Super Mario

Super Mario 64 It was the first 3D jump made by the world’s favorite plumber. It was a smash hit, and is still considered one of, if not the greatest 3D platformer titles ever. in Super Mario 64 Power-ups were given in the form of different hats.

The strangest of them all, the metal cap turned Mario into pure metal for a limited time. Together with Indomitable, this cover allowed Mario to sink to the bottom of the water to press keys and roam the land under water. Mario also doesn’t need to go out to breathe while wearing the underwater metallic cap.

2/7 Super Bell

Super Mario

in Super Mario 3D World The main transformation is given by the collection of these miraculous bells. Grabbing one of the bells will turn Mario into a cat. Featured on the art chest as well as receiving her own amiibo, Jack’s character, Cat Mario is a really weird force.

Using his cat powers, Mario can climb walls that weren’t available before, he can perform a mid-air recoil attack and he can also slam enemies with his claws to take them out. Climbing speed has also been greatly improved while using the super bell to become Cat Mario.

1/7 tanuki suit

Super Mario

Perhaps the most famous Mario transformation outside of Fire Mario is the Tanooki suit. Find one of these at Super Mario Bros. 3 He will turn Mario into a raccoon. Not to be confused with Raccoon Mario, the Tanooki suit grants additional powers.

Like Mario’s raccoon, the Tanooki suit allows Mario to use raccoon powers. He can increase speed and use the tail to take off in the sky, the tail can also be used to slow his descent as well as pass blocks to break them. Mario like this can also use the power of Mario’s statue, which provides him with invincibility but he can’t move like that.

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