Man-Thing was a 2005 movie, but was it any good?

Thanks to the recent Marvel Studios special werewolf at night On Disney+, fans are introduced to a whole host of new characters. Although the title character has garnered a lot of attention, the breakout star is without a doubt the Man-Thing also known as Ted. The giant plant-like character has captivated audiences and many are wondering when this beloved monster will appear in the MCU next.

However, this isn’t the first time the character has been adapted into live action. Man-Thing was actually the star of his own movie in 2005, titled Simply man thing. However, unlike Spider-Man or The X-Men, Man-Thing was seen by few and quickly forgotten. This low-budget movie was originally set to be part of Marvel’s interconnected plan years before the MCU, but eventually became the Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie (before it was renamed SyFy). But is a man something that bad? How did this cult hero get his own horror movie and how would it change the course of Marvel’s future forever?

Today’s movie

Yes, man the thing is that bad

Man-Thing 2005 movie 2
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No need to pull this out, man thing It’s a bad movie. The film is clearly a low-budget work and doesn’t care much about the original comics other than pulling some minor elements from the comics. He makes his own monster movie and the guy slaps the thing on top of him. It belonged to other Marvel direct-to-video productions in the ’90s such as 1990 captain America Movie, Nick Fury: SHIELD AgentAnd the tenth generation.

Man-Thing comics were largely inspired by B-horror films of the 50s and 60s, so on a technical level, it’s somewhat appropriate to imagine the character in a direct-to-video horror movie aired on Sci-Fi famous for its cheap originals. However, this combination of comic book and realistic cinematic inspiration still doesn’t make for a good movie overall or even an entertaining bad movie.

There were a number of reasons mentioned why man thing It turned out the way I did. Former Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad said it was because they weren’t close enough to production while filming in Australia. While they may have been a factor in the film, and likely inspiring Marvel Studios to take a more hands-on approach with their characters, the movie was actually the result of an early attempt to launch the Marvel movie universe with a studio that paints a more stellar picture.

Artisan and Marvel seal a deal

Thomas Jane as Punisher with a Pistol
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In 2000, shortly before the release of X-MenMarvel Entertainment has entered into a joint venture with Artisan Entertainment to create 15 projects through film and television based on Marvel superheroes. These were supposed to be low-budget productions as the superhero movies at the time didn’t guarantee the box office as they would be two years later. Spider Man.

Artisan Entertainment is known for having smaller films that have critical acclaim such as tank dogsAnd the The Blair Witch ProjectAnd the with me. But at the turn of the twenty-first century, they were eyeing a major breakthrough and the library of Marvel characters seemed to be their ticket. It even appears that they planned to show crossovers with their various heroes, which is an early sign of what Marvel would be doing when they set up their own studio and created the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The deal includes characters like Deadpool, Black Widow, Ant-Man (this was when director Edgar Wright first started spinning around the project), and Iron Fist which was originally supposed to be the first Artisan Entertainment Marvel movie with Ray Park from Set to play the starring role. However, those plans fell through with the first and only theatrical project truly out of this deal with 2004 the punisher.

The Punisher comics drew their roots from the urban crime films of the ’70s, so it felt like the perfect low-budget superhero to launch this new partnership. Unfortunately the punisher It performed poorly at the box office (it opened on the same weekend as Kill Bill Bean. 2). Before the punisher Opened, Artisan was purchased by Lionsgate Pictures which acquired the rights the punisher and any Marvel projects in development under the original agreement. This means that Lionsgate got the second movie that Artisan was in production: man thing.

The man goes from theaters to live video

Man-Thing 2005 movie
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Marvel Entertainment’s direct-to-video deal with Artisan Entertainment was originally intended, but after box office success in codeAnd the X-MenAnd the Spider Man They have been updated for theatrical releases. man thing It started as a direct-to-video plan, and was upgraded to theatrical, only to be pushed back into a home video release. man thing It entered production in 2003 and it was the second movie that Artisan Entertainment planned after that the punisher. By the time production ended, Lionsgate had acquired the film.

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man thing It was originally supposed to open in theaters on August 27, 2004, making it the third film based on Marvel Comic that year after Lionsgate. the punisher Sony spider man 2. The film was later delayed to be shown in theaters on Halloween in 2004 but was subsequently pushed back to 2005 with no release date specified. It is said that the test screenings for the film were so poor that many people walked out before it was over, so it was decided to release it live on video as it would be the only financially viable way to make any money from it. It then premiered on Sci-Fi as an original science fiction movie on April 30, 2005. man thing It was one of three major hit Marvel movies released that year, and it was released between electra And the The Fantastic Four.

man’s future thing

werewolf man at night
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While the first Man-Thing was ripped off by critics, the fact that it was a live-action movie meant that not many people had seen it, so the character’s legacy hasn’t really been tarnished other than being the only live-action adaptation of the hero for years.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was launched in 2008 with dual versions of Iron Man And the Incredible Hulkand helped realize the idea that Marvel Entertainment and Artisan Pictures were taking obscure Marvel characters and turning them into huge franchises. Soon after Marvel Studios acquired the rights to Man-Thing and began planting references to him in films such as iron man 3 And the Motorcycle rental Also in the TV series Shield Agents With his last appearance in werewolf at night It definitely looks like Man-Thing is back in a big way and will be stuck for years to come with his first movie being nothing more than a minor footnote in his history.

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