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In this week’s roundup of the best board games, we’ve got some pretty addicting games for you. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or a die-hard fan of card games, there is a game that will transport you here.

Immersive board games always amaze us with their attention to detail. Whether it’s intricate gameplay elements, a gripping storyline, or intense gameplay, these components create depth. It is what attracts players and keeps them playing for hours.

In this week’s roundup of the best board games, we feature engaging board games that have everything from creative dairies to 3D globes. So let’s go ahead and check them out.


Cheese Factory Kickstarter Video

Do you like cheese? Discover Dairy. It is an engine building game where you create strange varieties of cheese in a custom factory. You will follow unique recipes and select 1 of the 4 main chefs to help you, each with a unique skill. And sometimes, even light the cheese fire!

The goal of the game is to win 20 points, which you earn by inventing strange cheeses. In each turn, you get 3 actions. You can use any combination of actions to create your own cheese which earns points.

Meanwhile, you can build machines that give you stackable powers throughout the game. To move forward, you can even start fires that destroy your opponents’ cars. It is a game of strategy, luck and creative recipes that will appeal to anyone over the age of 14.

You can pre-order Cheese Factory for around $ 25 on Kickstarter.


Skyrise game pieces

A game focused on artistic ego and auction sales, Skyrise tasks you with creating a magnificent city in the sky inspired by science, art and beauty. You are a creative visionary, you build buildings of your own design as well as those inspired by the art of your native land.

Although the gameplay is simple and easy to understand, it is actually quite complex as you make tough decisions while playing. To get started, you will participate in an auction to win your construction rights using a limited supply of facilities.

So when you construct a building, you gain a faction disc in that district. Each record increases the value of your facilities with Philosophers, Artists, Naturalists or Inventors. As your properties gain prestige, you can win the title of greatest visionary in the city. It’s one of our favorite immersive board games this week.

Do you want to see this game come to life? Promise around $ 49 for his Kickstarter campaign.


Globetrotter during the game

If you love Canvas and Crypt, check out Globetrotting. It’s from the same publishers and lets you plan epic vacations by drawing routes across your globe. The game includes everything you need to plan an unforgettable trip, including 36 beautifully illustrated destination cards, 4 passports and 10 travel reward cards.

During the game, you will plan 3 trips in the spring, fall and summer. At each round, add trips to your itineraries and record the cost of the airfare in your passport. The idea is to earn points by deleting destinations from your wish list and catch up with friends while planning a convenient trip.

Like real-life vacations, this isn’t an easy feat, but that’s the fun. Globetrotting has won awards for best replay value, theme, marketability, and more. If you love travel and board games, this is for you.

Do you want to experience the fun? Promise $ 53 for his Kickstarter campaign.

Thrones of Death

Thrones of Death
Deathly Thrones game books

For those afternoons when your friends’ schedules don’t line up with yours, look for the Thrones of Death. It’s a single player print game that uses cards and a story booklet. It takes less than a minute to set up and 15-20 minutes to play.

You need a standard 52 playing card deck. It is divided in a new way to help you on a mission. Choose your hero and then choose from the missions which throne you want for yourself. Each mission consists of 40 steps.

The game is based on card battles, deceptions and self-chosen adventures. Defeat the boss on the 40th step to win the game. Overall, if you love playing card games, this is great for beating boredom.

This game is back for about $ 1 on Kickstarter.

Tsuro: Limited Luxury Edition

The best board games of the week: Cheese factory, Globetrotting and Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition
Tsuro: luxury limited edition game pieces

If you’ve played Tsuro, the trail game, you know it’s easy to learn but hard to master. You can learn the rules in under a minute, but the game takes practice.

This luxurious limited edition enhances your gaming experience. Start with the beautifully designed wooden play box featuring sculpted scenes from Tsuro’s past. Then, the game’s plastic pawns are replaced by 8 intricate metal dragons.

There are other interesting details as well, such as the rules sheet written on a bamboo parchment and the stone-textured resin tiles with their path configurations. Finally, a playing surface in edged fabric echoes the design of the box. These details make it one of the most addicting board games we’ve seen this week.

Do you want to take your Tsuro game to the next level? Support the luxury limited edition for $ 350 on Kickstarter.

Transport yourself this summer

Games like Cheese Factory, Globetrotter and Skyrise transport you to new worlds and competitive situations. These addicting board games are great ways to get everyone off their devices and play with each other this summer.

Is there a game you would like to see in this weekly roundup? Let us know in the comments.

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