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Marvel Studios Werewolf by night It surprised us all by showing what a true horror story would look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we can’t wait to get more of its amazing characters. Besides diving deep into the B-horror tradition of Werewolf by nightboss Michael Giacchino He also brought in a group of very talented stars to elevate his monster movie. One of these stars is at least one Kirk Thatchera Hollywood legend involved in major franchises such as dummies And the Star Trek. Therefore, when the collider has Steve Weintraub We sat down to chat with Thatcher about his legendary career, and used the opportunity to ask what went on behind the scenes of Marvel Studios’ first Halloween special.

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Werewolf by night It follows a group of monster hunters who are responsible for killing a dangerous creature to prove they are worthy of using the power of the Bloodstone, a legendary artifact capable of repelling monsters. One of those hunters is Govan (Thatcher), a bloodthirsty Scottish beast who soon becomes the real monster of the movie. While there are many featured characters in Werewolf by nightas Jack Russell (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Elsa’s Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), Govan became a fan favorite thanks to Thatcher’s stunning performance. However, the star reveals that he didn’t know what he was in for when Giacchino asked him to take part in the project. In fact, Thatcher didn’t even know he was doing more than a cameo. As the star tells us:

When Michael asked if I wanted to be in the movie and I said, “Yeah,” he said, “Well, work on your Scottish accent and grow your hair and beard.” ‘I said okay.’ Then while the script was developing, I said, “Do I have any good scenes?” He says, “You have a really good death.” I didn’t know what that meant. He said, “You’re going to have a really great death scene.” I said, “Okay, okay, If I’m going to kill as long as it’s good.” He said, “No, no, it’s really good.” I’m like, “Okay.”

For a long time, all Thatcher knew about his character was that he was Scottish. Says Thatcher, “I knew enough not to ask because I didn’t want to know what things I might accidentally spill.” Marvel Studios is keen on its secrets, and being a Hollywood veteran helped Thatcher accept that he would only learn the details when he was on set. However, little by little, Thatcher began to learn more about his personality. As he explains to us:

“About a year ago I went to the wardrobe and didn’t know anything about my figure, so I showed up, and then there was a black skirt and a black leather jacket covered with belts. There were earrings, nose rings, rings, and gloves. (…) So there I was, and that’s all. I know him. I was holding an axe. So I said, ‘Well, I’m kind of a bad-ass Scottish Viking attached to letters.’ But I didn’t know anything until two days before I got on the plane to fly to Atlanta, and that’s when he sent me the text.”

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Even two days before filming, Thatcher was left in the dark about some of the film’s key secrets because his version of the script did not reveal the full picture. Thatcher was very oblivious to what was happening Werewolf by night That he does not even know that he will be part of some kind of competition. The first scene he filmed was at Ulysses Bloodstone’s funeral, and Thatcher thought the atmosphere of the moment was meant to be happy. As he explains it:

“We knew we were there to honor Ulysses’ death, but I thought that was it. I didn’t know there was a monster hunt going on, and I didn’t know we were going to kill each other. (…) I thought it was basically a funeral and a wake. We’d all drink and have a good time.” , So I’m kind of playful. Then, when we’re sitting there, they’re like, ‘Oh no, you’re all fair game, and you’re going to go hunt this monster, and whoever gets the bloodstone…’, ‘Okay.’ Then I turned into a villain.”

Since Thatcher was kept in the dark until the last possible second, he didn’t know he was supposed to play a bad guy until he was on set. This may explain why Yuvan is so charismatic and why people like him so much. Thatcher’s magnetic personality, however, caused some production hiccups, as the crew did a day of reshoots, which basically had my character as more of a monster than him. Thatcher explains this choice by saying, “I think what they realized is that I’m more lovable than wild, so they had to force me to smash Elsa’s head against the stone wall three times, so you’re like, ‘Well, we want this guy to die’.”

Ignoring the script also led to a lot of extra work behind the cameras, as Thatcher tried to learn the stunts he needed to perform during his battle with the other hunters. For Thatcher, “A lot of my time, when I wasn’t on set, was stunt rehearsals, learning how to swing an axe, so that it looked good on camera, how to shove someone’s head into a wall without actually smashing their head into a stone wall.” Although it was a messy experience for the uninitiated, Thatcher says it was “fun” to work on Werewolf by night And that he’s really proud of the movie he helped build.

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When did you become a fan of Thatcher? Werewolf by night?

After all his hard work playing Govan, Thatcher was excited to see her Werewolf by night for the first time. As the star tells us, his first movie premiere “isn’t over yet, the ending he’s got now, the last shot or the last little scene.” And much of the post-production wasn’t ready, including some great original tracks by Giacchino. The first time I saw Thatcher Werewolf by night “She didn’t have that beautiful song [at the ending], but you knew it was good, and you knew the performances were great, but everyone asked you, “Did you know it was great?” I knew it was good, but it got so much better in the notation with the re-edits.” In fact, the film was so incomplete that Thatcher didn’t even know the final version would be in black and white. “I thought they were showing black and white,” says the star. So they weren’t doing color correction or anything.”

After this first examination Werewolf by nightThatcher would only see the film again in its final form during its premiere in Los Angeles. It was then that Thatcher said, “Wow, that’s really interesting.” Thatcher was already convinced Werewolf by night It was fine, but the Los Angeles premiere proved him right. In Thatcher’s words, “The cinematography was so wonderful. You just knew it was a good movie, but you never know. I worked on things that I thought were going to be really good and people are just like, ‘Okay, that’s fine. ‘ It tickles the audience with the way it works.” It was amazing. And it’s really cool to see him with a live audience.”

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During our exclusive interview, Thatcher also discussed Marvel Studios’ success, saying it comes from a place of love since the product Kevin Feige And all the people involved in the MCU are really passionate about what they do. According to Thatcher:

That’s why everyone’s like, ‘Why is Marvel doing so well? Why is Pixar doing so well? Because it’s under the umbrella of a company, but it’s run by people who get it and love it. They’re not like, ‘I’m an MBA, I have an MBA from Harvard and I run a software company or a shoe company, and now I’m taking over the movie because they know how to Marketing and selling. “They know their audience because they are the audience. I think that was a big part of it.”

Werewolf by night Streaming now on Disney+. Look out for more of our exclusive interview with Thatcher soon.

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