Kendall Hinton’s journey to becoming a Bronco-based WR

Eleven something about the Broncos as they travel to Carolina to take on the Panthers on Sunday.

1. Broncos wide receiver Kendall Hinton started the season on the team’s practice squad and wasn’t signed to the 53-man roster until October 10. No. 2 receiver for the previous two matches without Jerry Judy. He stepped into Jeudy’s spot for the first game against Tennessee and played that spot without any reps working out there. He had been in the field for 135 of 144 snaps in the previous two games and had seven catches for 119 yards over that distance. He probably should have gotten two touchdowns – one on a 32-yard snap that was ruled a score and then flipped, and then his only light touchdown of the day, a touchdown from what was almost a long free-play touchdown in the third quarter.

2. “It was so dynamic there,” Hackett said. “He’s been able to win on single routes. He’s got a lot of turning to him. Then when you add his intelligence in there, because of his experience as a quarterback, he’s been good for us.”

3. Hinton played quarterback in a game in 2020, and at one point was relegated to line up as a cornerback on the scout team. “Last year they put me in a nickel for a week,” the former Wake Forest star said with a laugh. “I think I touched a little bit of everything.”

4. THAT CAN GIVE A THIRD-YEAR PLAYER PERSPECTIVE FAST. “During the season, shots fly and there’s a lot that happens, but there are definitely moments where I sit back and I’m just grateful for how far I’ve come, the opportunities I’ve had and where I’m at,” Mat. the trip.”

5. The team’s MVP, Cortlandt Sutton, has seen something of a resurgence in the past couple of weeks. Since Denver’s bye week, Sutton has 11 catches on 18 targets for 144 yards. In the three weeks leading up to that, the fifth-year player had just six goals on 16 goals. He does the job despite the fact that Denver is playing without receivers Jerry Goody (ankle) and KJ Hamler (hamstring).

6. “(The defenses) challenge our room to come out and make plays,” said Sutton. “We have a lot of guys who haven’t established themselves in the league yet. We know what they can go and do, and they have to go out and play some plays so the defenses can play us honestly.”

7. Quarterback Russell Wilson said Wednesday that he recognizes the fact that the Broncos have to do much better in the third quarter over the remainder of the season. Denver’s offense scored just 10 third-quarter totals this year, three of which came after three points despite good field position after an interception. Overall, they scored four touchdowns in the first, second, and fourth quarters each, and scored just one goal in the third quarter.

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