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HAPPY TGIF EVERYONE! Lee Sanders here and man oh man we got a double dose of AEW on Friday! I’ll be with you at AEW RAMPAGE while my AEW BATTLE teammates tackle the belts as soon as we’re done! Two hours of AEW programming on Friday? are you excited? I know I am! Nothing to promote this week unless you haven’t heard of it, WWE Tough Enough contestant Sarah Lee unexpectedly lost her life. GofundMe was created to cover funeral expenses so whatever you guys can give for the three kids you left behind is greatly appreciated. Donate by clicking here

Commentators: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Chris Jericho

W Morrissey, Stokely Hathaway, and Lee Moriarity in the crowd section were apparently enjoying a piece of cake as they looked at this opener. Claudio and Mark Quinn of the Private Party get things started while Claudio delivers one keynote as he ticks off in Yuta. Double Team Quen comes in the form of a Quinn face boot! Cassidy gets the card as he faces Utah. Nice series of arm removals on both legs. Utah applies side suspension to Cassidy in the center of the ring. Merge is attempted while Quen exits to mark in RUSH. RUSH spits in Moxley’s direction while Moxley wants a sign. Mox gets his wish while he and RUSH talk trash before returning and fourth in flying fists. A tall boot hits RUSH’s jawline while RUSH comes back with his own high boot. Nice move from Moxley as he communicates with the suplex who is driving the stall as we head to a commercial break. We are now back as RUSH is putting the chops on Moxley who is in the corner where Quen is now marked. RUSH called himself to hold Moxley so that Quen could attack on the cheap. Moxley managed to get out of the way in time while Quinn was kicking RUSH instead. It’s the amazing opening Moxley needs as Claudio is tagged. Claudio comes with a chain of caps and a boot on the face and he’s calling SWING! Cassidy tries to intervene but gets caught in the crossfire as Claudio somehow manages to SWING while Cassidy is on his shoulders! Great feature to force! Utah gets the cross body dive, followed by spray snorkeling. Utah is looking for a PIN attempt but is rejected because RUSH breaks it! Moxley enters and gives RUSH a lariat followed by a dive between the ropes to hit RUSH. Utah manages to fight the private party as Claudio enters to deliver a grand poem to Cassidy! Yuta connects to a bottom hook while moving to a biceps slide on Quen for a BPCC victory!

winner:Utah, Moxley and Claudio (12:00)
evaluation: ***
A great editorial for this RAMPAGE, here in the Capital of Nations in Washington, DC, everyone was able to get a fair amount of attack and seemed pretty good at doing it. No complaints about this as it has done its job of setting the tone for the overall action to come tonight.

Bellman does a great job keeping Nese isolated as Woods has had enough and comes to take out Griff Garrison after getting the mark. Wait – what just happened??? This match is over and it wasn’t even two minutes!

winner:Ness and Woods (1:15)
evaluation: Unavailable
Squash… Squash… Squash!!!

Smart Mark Sterling for the post match reinforces how easy it was to match the mark to his clients. He reveals that he trademarks the word “varsity” as Ness and Woods are now known as Team Athletes. Blondes can no longer use Varsity again or else they will be sued. The acclaimed came out for Sterling County because they quickly got tired of Stirling and the crew.

The video bundle is now showing because Eddie Kingston is not sorry for what he did to Sami Guevara last week. What week for Sami huh? shish!!! In fact, Eddie is annoyed by the fact that he only gets 30 seconds while MJF gets 15 minutes of the clip. Eddie tell them!

Anna Jay and Madison kicked us into this while Anna bumps her elbow. Anna follows up by grabbing Madison’s hair by the back, pressing it back against the fabric. Lots of reviews now by Anna Jay as Madison makes her pay for it by getting a bunch of updates for a quick fall soon. Ty gets the mark now as Madison enters a side lock while transitioning to a wrist lock. Sky Blue is now getting the mark on a nice ride and the Dropkick combo lands Tay for two counts. Anna gets the mark while Sky Blue gets a pump kick from Tay from the side apron as we head to another commercial break. We’re back with Sky’s arrival in Madison which comes in hot white and is in a gorgeous setting with a bridge over Anna for a nearby fall. Sky enters a blind sign to deliver a diving corpse to Anna for another nearby fall. The far leg hook follows closely and this is also the near fall for Sky Blue as Ty breaks the pin attempt. Ty plants the sky in a heap river while Madison enters there to plant Ty with a crucifix! Anna presents a reverse spider web face on Madison as the blue sky enters there now. Elbow a beautiful back from Sky as Ty comes out of nowhere with a knee kick to face the sky while Anna applies the Queen Killer to victory!

winner:Ty and Anna (7:00)
evaluation: **
Ty and Anna have strong chemistry as a tag team. Sky Blue and Madison worked decently, too. With the amount of time the girls are given, they are fine. Unfortunately I can see most people don’t care about this match as there is not much story here. I think there could have been if it was done right from the angle of Madison’s turn to sky blue. we will see…

All six men fight in the ring with each other. Judgment hardly factored here in maintaining control early here. Fenix ​​and 10 seemed to get things started while 10 got the best of him. Reynolds gets on the mark now that Reynolds delivers a nice elbow drop. A cover was attempted with the Fenix ​​launch. Reynolds tries to capture the Fenix ​​but gets a jawbreaker on Reynolds! It just needed a Fenix ​​editorial as shown in the Penta! Push kick on Penta’s face as Silver is tagged as we see a nice leg sweep combination of Silver and Reynolds on Penta. Silver went to try to cover but it is close to falling as we approach our last trade break. Now back as Fenix ​​fights on his own against Silver and Reynolds by hitting Silver at Reynolds, followed by an impressive series of kicks to Reynolds. 10 tries to get in but gets removed to pull the arm, followed by poking on 10’s chest while he makes a mark at the Penta! Penta delivers a large crossover to all three members of the Dark Order. Silver got into a firefighter’s wagon as he was sent smashed to a 10, while delivering a stabbing back to Reynolds. It’s another close fall where Reynolds and PAC are now going for it. Nice shot of a German suplex from PAC for a close fall as the Death Triangle delivers an attack of kicks to Alex Reynolds’ body! Give this guy a card, please, because he’s dying here! PAC delivers suplex at the back side and follows with a clothesline. A sign is submitted to Fenix ​​where Reynolds gets a spinebuster while Penta delivers a kick to Reynold’s groin area! Fenix ​​applies the straight-jacket transmission where the Penta is currently marked. Penta kicks Reynolds’ arms using a single arm lock. Reynolds is now tangled in ropes as he gets a cut on the body as the PAC is flagged as the attack on Reynolds continues. Looks like we have one last trading break here because I was wrong before. We’re back and it looks like we’re finally seeing some fighting spirit from Reynolds telegraphing a back-drop object from the PAC! Reynolds marks 10 marks as Lucha Bros wears a double before him. 10 delivers a spinebuster to Fenix ​​while the crowd cheers him on. Kick to the back of the head 10 as well as kicks to the back of the head as well. The Triangle of Death offers multiple kicks to 10 as the referee allows this carnage to continue. Fenix ​​with the cap on but no leg hanging as kicks 10. Fenx hits the back of a 10 while the number 10 reverses a suplex attempt at the back! The tag was presented to Silver during his strikes with the PAC and near the fall. Great mental exercise by Silver because it got him trying to cover 2.9. The Fenix ​​is ​​now marked where he gets the silver clothes. 10 and Reynolds try to get Fenix ​​into the pendulum bomb but Fenix ​​fights it the first time. Fenix ​​wasn’t so lucky the second time the Dark Order called but he’s another relative. Penta is getting in there now and he’s communicating with someone who has been stabbed in the back on Silver! Penta gets an amazing hand, a right hand, an Inguri, a German suplex, and a gift from the Dark Order because the wrap is made… and he gets fired! RUSH goes out while the referee is distracted and PAC hands a hammer as he takes it to Reynolds’ head. PAC gets the tag from Penta as he applies the brutal to retain their triple titles.

winner:Triangle of Death (17:00)
evaluation: ***
Now that’s what I call a tag match! Some might have felt like it was close to falling but I was fine. I like the way Death Triangle spent most of the match beating Reynolds but it got too much. Fortunately they switched gears in time. Death Triangle should be on AEW TV and have more action because it is really entertaining. Some good moments in this match where you thought the Dark Order would win and I’d be fine with it honestly. Truth be told though, Death Triangle just started out as Triangles champions and it was the right move to continue having champions. I mean after all that was their first official title defense since they won titles at ALL OUT.

the end of the show

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