Joe Biden misses his climax

It’s hard to imagine a greater waste of prime-time television than President Biden’s 7 p.m. speech six days before Election Day. Once again, the president has set out to warn the nation that our democracy is in danger, even as reports come from across the country that early voting has hit record levels and many contests are as tight as a drum.

He called me crazy, but that sounds like a vibrant democracy.

Biden sought to draw a line between the outrageous attack on Paul Pelosi, at the hands of a mentally ill illegal immigrant, and some Republicans’ skepticism about the 2020 election. His politicization of the Pelosi drama was a fool. There have been unreasonable attacks on political leaders from the left and the right – all despicable. Our political rhetoric is more egregious and hateful than ever, but both sides have fueled this decline.

Regarding “election deniers” – both parties have a fair share.

Biden’s concern was not that the Republican giants of MAGA were dragging the Republic down, but rather that his party was self-destructive. Democrats have stuck firmly to their text, focusing on abortion, climate and “the ongoing assault on democracy” rather than addressing voters’ most important concerns. Their hasty clinging to issues that have fallen off the voters’ list of priorities has decimated their prospects, causing them to talk belatedly about problems like crime and the economy, in a dishonest manner.

One of the latest absurd maneuvers has seen Democrats in New York and other dangerous cities tell voters that crime is worse in red states. The message to voters is: Be grateful, and it’s not our fault. The claim is misleading, of course, reflecting data for states like Missouri, where Democratic-run cities like St. Louis — with the highest murder rate in the United States — raise crime statistics.

Biden and others have also used the “it could be worse” approach in an effort to allay voters’ concerns about inflation. They tell Americans that inflation is definitely a problem, but it’s worse in other countries. This is not accurate, but it is also misleading in that the inflation rate in some foreign countries has been boosted by the strong dollar.

Instead of talking about January 6, President Biden could have given voters optimism that their lives were about to get better, that inflation was waning and the job market, even as recession loomed, still tight. He may have declared an all-out attack on the anarchy sweeping our nation or vowed to keep our border crisis under control. He might even have been honored to explain his plan to Ukraine, if he had one.

Perhaps he tried to inspire our country. Instead, he returned to the kind of accusatory criticism expressed by President Carter in his famous “upset” speech, which he often cited as the main reason for Carter’s defeat in 1980.

When 56 percent of the country says inflation is causing their families to suffer “extremely or moderately,” researching “rebellion” concerns will not relate to voters. When Americans have to cut back on their grocery purchases, cancel family vacations and put off buying a home because prices are too high and their incomes haven’t kept up, they don’t want to hear about the “ongoing battle for the soul” of the nation.

Polls show that Republicans are gathering momentum in the closing days of the election cycle, and really, why aren’t they? Democrats have been in charge of Congress and the White House for two years, and what do we have to show for that?

The rampant inflation that the Fed of late pledged to the party to quell by increasing unemployment and likely to push us into recession, increased hostilities around the world, including all-out war in Europe, a frontier overwhelmed, and escalating. Crime in our once-great cities, schools teaching utter rubbish to our children at the expense of helping them learn to read and write, the housing market in free fall, the stock market in decline, and the population increasingly angry at officials.

Voters might be more sympathetic if it weren’t for Biden’s policies driving this bus into the ditch. We have inflation largely because the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion US bailout has put a lot of money on a rapidly recovering economy.

Inflation has been exacerbated by a shortage of workers, which our economic team has failed to address or acknowledge in any way. More than two million people entered the country illegally last year, partying because Biden made a stellar show to reverse President Trump’s actions that have slowed the flow of immigrants.

Oil prices wouldn’t have been so high had the Biden White House not discouraged investment in our oil and gas industries in some misguided effort to appease climate activists. Crime will not rise if left-wing legislators and our law enforcement leaders do not allow wishful thinking to prevail over reality and conclude that even violent criminals deserve a second, third, or fourth chance.

Recently, the White House tweeted, “Older people get biggest increase in their Social Security checks in 10 years with President Biden’s leadership.” True, the required COLA adjustments for retirement program payments are the highest since 1981, but that’s a result of high inflation in four decades, not Joe Biden’s generosity. After being widely ridiculed online, and receiving a welcome “warning note” from Twitter, the tweet was deleted.

Episode is important. It reflects the sheer misfortune and amateurishness of the Biden White House, and the arrogant conviction of officials that voters are too stupid to know better. Alert, Mr. President: As Abraham Lincoln allegedly said, “You can fool some of the people all the time. You can fool some of the people all the time. But you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Stop trying.

Liz Beck is a former partner of the major Wall Street firm Wertheim & Company. Follow her on Twitter @lizpeek.


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