Jana Kramer Reveals First Bittersweet Thanksgiving After Grandpa’s Grieving Death—Exclusive

The country star shares a cute way to honor her late grandfather

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Jana Kramer a statement Thanksgiving She will be really special this year as she will spend it making memories with her children.

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In an exclusive interview with Hello! Our Thanksgiving digital issueAnd the Pro Leith Championship on coverMum-of-two Jana spoke heartily about her family and her plans to spend the holidays this year with her children, jolly And the Jesswhich she shares with her ex-husband Mike Kosin.

Sadly, Jana also revealed that her grandfather passed away recently, but shared the heartwarming way she plans to honor him this Thanksgiving. It’s been a very busy time for the star, 38, but her focus on Thanksgiving will be on her family.

“I get to get my kids for Thanksgiving, so I’m really excited about that,” Jana said. Hello! “I’m just going to have fun with them. The movie premieres the day after Thanksgiving, so I’m trying to see how we line that up.”

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The day after the holiday, her latest film about the vacation of a lifetime, Step by step into the holiday, the first show. The country singer and actress is the stars in an upcoming Lifetime movie Step by step into the holiday Reverse Mario Lopez. The movie, which is part of the network’s annual “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” programming event, sees Jana play Ray, the owner of a local dance studio, and Mario the role of former Broadway star Billie Holiday. Sparks fly between the pair after Billy volunteers to help Ray at a dance fundraiser.

Jana, who participated in the 23rd season of Dancing with the starsShe had to improve her dancing skills and learn choreography for the holiday movie. “The only dance like the dance I’ve done is from Dancing with the starsBut there is dance in it, Jana said [she and Mario] Do a small number together.”

Jana Kramer movie for life

“And then, of course, there’s a little cat-and-mouse romance,” she added.

The One Tree Hill The alum admitted that she considers herself a hopeless romantic. “I think we all, you know, to some degree, but I think especially around the holidays you just want to feel that love and the story and the kind of arc at the end of the year. It all ties together really well in an arc. I feel like that’s what those movies do,” she said. . “They make you feel really good. And I think it can be tough around the holidays, so I think it’s nice to have some kind of outlet to go to and feel totally comfortable.”

Jana, who partnered with Unisom For daylight savings time, I’ve talked about every bit of it Thanksgiving Plans and traditions On to her beauty products and new holiday movie…

Did she help you on Dancing With the Stars past [your Steppin’ Into the Holiday] Function?

A little bit, but I had already forgotten a lot. But I mean, it was really fun to be able to do something like, you know, dance is so fun and to be able to incorporate it into a movie that was cool.

What was it like starring in the movie and acting as an executive producer?

it’s great. I really loved getting into the production house just being able to get my hands on there and help shape the movie, make suggestions on different sets and that and again having like voice in editing was really cool and it’s definitely something I want to step into more.

How was her existence [Mario Lopez] As a leading man in this movie?

It is a nice. I mean, it’s very charming. His dimples are just as good. He’s a great guy. He’s a really hard-working guy, and I really look up to him because, you know, he’s a great husband, a great father, and he’s a great friend, too. He has a very close group of friends and it was really fun working with them.

Is there something you look forward to each holiday season?

I think just to see the excitement with my kids like just seeing them get so excited and the traditions and like, you know, getting ready for Santa and all that stuff. It’s just really sweet.

How do you like to make [Thanksgiving] Special for you and your kids?

I get them this year, so I guess it’s just about creating memories… It’s just another day, but really just being intentional about the days I have them, and yeah, I mean just enjoying my time with them because work isn’t it wasn’t crazy then, just like If you were present.

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

My grandfather, he passed away recently, but he’s got the best filling known to man, so I’m going to try to remake that this year.

Are there any traditions your kids would love to participate in?

They’re still kind of young, but with Thanksgiving I mean, I think the show will be one yeah we’ll watch, and then again with the family.

What are you most grateful for this year and why?

I mean, I feel like a broken record, but so is my family. I mean my kids are my life. I work hard for them. I just want them to have a good childhood and I give them that and they look the best I can and I think, you know, the best way I can do is make sure I sleep.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be very stressful, so how do you balance it all? Do you have any mom tricks?

I feel like for me, it’s like never skipping your self-care. So, exercising, meditating, writing, reading, and then just taking it, looking at it just like today and not going, “Oh my God tomorrow I have this and the next day.” I focus on what today is because we never know if tomorrow is promising. We know she’s not, so she’s just focused on today.

Jana Kramer

Since self-care is so important, what does your nighttime routine look like?

I’m very organized with my kids, and so the dinners, the baths, the prayers, the night, you know, sing some songs, read some books, and for me after that it’s like I’m going to have an hour or two just doing something, that involves either watching TV show or meditation or writing or reading or journaling and on nights when I can’t stop my mind from traveling to other places and I really need a night’s sleep like this when I take my little Unisom slumber because, again, I’d like to know I’m going to wake up feeling With freshness which is very important to me, especially in the season when I live with my young children.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

Dry shampoo because sometimes I don’t have time to get ready… I’m going to throw some dry shampoo in there and pray it looks just as good from the night before. For me, I don’t really like wearing makeup, so I like to just have lashes on, like extensions that way I can just wake up feeling refreshed. Throw on a little red lip and like you’re out for the day, you look good. And then I think bronzer goes a long way, too. This helps…especially as the sun fades a bit. Only kindness gives you a little life on the cheeks. So I use Bobbi Brown bronzer and I love it.

Do you have any sleeping beauty tips you can share?

Oh silk pillowcase, yeah that’s good. I use a silk pillowcase. I also, like, have a lavender spray that I spray on my pillow as well every night and that kind of helps me settle down too.

What’s his brand?

Oh my God, I honestly have no idea! …then I have [Unisom] Simple sleep by my bed too, and I’m like, well, when I need a good night’s sleep, this is my go-to, a little lavender and a little simple sleep.

Is there something to look forward to in 2023?

Just new opportunities, honestly. Like I’m always looking to see what I can help get my hands on, what I can grow, what I can learn. Well, I think that’s exciting. There are so many things I still love to do and I just hope to see the opportunities that come her way and what I can learn about myself through the process.

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